Aryl Rings

Pequeña introduccion a los aryl rings
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  ARYL RINGS GET A FLUORINE FIX By: Guillermo Uriel Serrano Delgadillo Rodrigo Ríos Galván Oswaldo Gutiérrez Peña UNIVERSIDAD AUTÓNOMA DEL ESTADO DE MÉXICO FACULTAD DE QUÍMICA   A mild and effective method for coupling trifluoromethyl groups on to aryl rings has been developed by US chemists. With increasing use of fluorine in drug molecules, the process should be especially useful in medicinal chemistry and agrochemical development.   Fluorination of organic molecules can have drastic effects on their properties, changing their solubility and polarity, and in the case of drug molecules, how well they are absorbed into the body and how resistant they are to metabolism. However, as Stephen Buchwald from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology in Boston, explains, reliable methods to add fluorine - particularly CF 3  groups - to aromatic rings are lacking from the synthetic chemist's toolkit   Buchwald's team has developed a catalytic system that can substitute aryl chlorides for CF 3  groups. The catalyst is based around palladium and one of the group's trademark biaryl phosphine ligands - BrettPhos - along with trifluoromethyl triethylsilane (Et 3 Si-CF 3 ) and potassium fluoride. Using aryl chlorides rather than bromides, iodides or triflates drastically expands the scope of the method, says Buchwald, because there is a much wider range available.
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