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  Asad Nawaz Khan , PMP / CMA (SENIOR PROJECT MANAGER AND BUSINESS CONSULTANT)Mo! # $ %%&''*%+'Land !n#$ -&''..+&&&&E0$ +'%S123#$ asadnanwaz1han OBJECTI4E To develop my career in a dynamic and challenging environment in order to fully utilize personal, professionaland management capabilities and experience for achievement of organization objectives. E5PERIENCE Hassan Misfer Al-Zahrani & Partners Group Dammam, Saudi Arabia ERP P6o7#80 and P6o8#ss#s Mana9#6 April 2011  !resent eporting to #eputy $! % #eputy &'(. !rimarily responsible for !roject )anagement and *usiness !rocesses+mprovement. Additionally supporting management in ne business initiatives on need basis. Actively involvedin *usiness !rocess 'ngineering % Alignment to get along ith best business and mar-et practices. esponsibilities +ncluded)anage !rojects /' ! and *usiness from +dea formulation to +mplementation!lanning and organizing the projects assigned to produce the desired results!rovide interface ith internal teams and external consultants throughout the implementation lifecycle.&ollaborate ith +T and *usiness personnel to manage problem resolution effectively for theirrespective projects!roduce business plans ith detailed scope of or-&arrying out business process engineering and alignmentor- in cross functional domains from both +T and business perspective&ommunicate information to business and +T specific to their needs)anaging $irtual !)( across all business domains so as to provide an effective platform for relatedefforts.#eveloping sense of oner ship among domain usersAssuring change management and process improvement in different operational domains to ensuremaximum benefit of the project'nhance business application usage among group companies+ssue % !roblem % &onflict resolution among and across teams.!eriodic reporting to teering &ommittee esource and &ost )anagement to ensure their timely utilization.3elping 'xecutive managers in understanding process changes in line ith business applications andinitiating changes to meet re4uirements based on best practices. ERP I:3 #:#n0a0!on P6o7#80s  Co:3 #0#dS#80o6Un!0 Na:#B;s!n#ss T23# Trading5ahrani Trading &ompanyhole ale Trade of 3ousehold and 'lectrical6oods /)ore than 7000 89s)anufacturing)ansoor tainless teelteel :abrication 9nit for +ndustrial &ostumers5ahrani )aintenance)aintenance 9nit for mall +ndustrial 9nits and&ustomersTravel and &argoTranspeninsula Travel&orporate and +ndividual customers Travel andTour (perations3ead (ffice5ahrani 3ead (ffice6roup 3( consolidating the activities of all thebusiness ERP I:3 #:#n0a0!on P6o7#80s < In P6o8#ssS#80o6Un!0 Na:#B;s!n#ss T23# &onstriction5ahrani &onstruction6eneral &onstruction &ompany ith !rojectsacross audi ArabiaTrans !eninsula Trading+ndustrial 8itchen and ;aundry !rojects companyserving commercial clientsAl 5ahrani 'ngineering < )aintenanceA ne unit dealing ith focus on '!&) businessTradingTazeez Tradinghole ale Trade of 6oods to 5ahrani Tradingand (ther &ommercial 'ntities3ead (ffice6roup 3 esponsible for 3&) activities at 3( and across  six branches in 8ingdom In ho;s# Cons; 0!n9 Ass!9n:#n0sUn!0 Na:#Ass!9n:#n0 B6!#=  5ahrani &ontracting#evelopment of (rganization tructure for 5ahrani &ontracting5ahrani &ontracting!re=>ualification #ocument for multi billion A )a--ah Tunnel!roject as a part of proposed joint venture ith ST>A  Tur-eyan A M;ha!d!  audi ArabiaTranspeninsula TradingA study on revie of the factors affecting T!T business andrecommendations for improvement5ahrani +nternational Trading evie of the Trade )ar- Assignment contract and co=ordination ith legal attorney for settlement of dispute ith O8a6!na  ?apanTa=Aziz &ontractingAssisting management in framing the @#A and ?$ Agreementith 8orean :irm RITCO  for development of proposed companyin A for 'lectro )echanic or-s6eneral evie of ne proposal shared by management /&'( torevie its viability. This include some of the folloing proposals ã ?et :an eplacement !roject ith +T&( ã etail +nvestment !roject in 6ermany ã 'stablishment of Aerogel business ith +T&( /8orean:irm ã &reacoat !aint *usiness ith a ?apanese :irm)ansoor tainless teeland 5ahrani )aintenance3elp in designing a costing model for )anufacturing units toget visibility about job cost and profitabilityhared ervicesActively promoted the idea of shared services in core services.+n this regard procurement services for Trading /core unit asell as :inance has already been brought under this conceptith rest to follo in future.' ! !re=coping Activity&onducted a pre=project scoping exercise to identify the higherlevel scope of or- for phase ++ through a (racle !latinum!artner Ora-Tech Sstems Pri!ate td #st $loor, Soft%are Technolo Par', (onstitution A!enue, )slamabad D#s!9na0!onP#6!od enior !roject )anager )ar 2007 To April 2007!roject )anager % enior &onsultant ep 200B To )ar 2007Team ;eader ?un 2002 To ep 200B&onsultant?ul 2001 To ?un 2002 K#2 R#s3ons!! !0!#s$ )anaging Application #epartment comprising of 20 :unctional and Technical &onsultants fromdifferent domains. upporting ales Team in !re=sale Activity in +slamabad and ;ahore egions. !lanning, estimating and scheduling project tas-s and deliverables.#etermining resource and s-ills re4uirements in consultation ith concerned Account )anager.&onducting *usiness !rocess tudy of clientCs business functions li-e :inance, upply &hain, 3uman esources, )anufacturing, )aintenance and associate business functions. The exercise includesdocumenting existing /As=+s business process, designing future process models, identifying issues,mitigating project ris-s and providing solutions in the form of functional design. eporting and managing issues and project ris-s.&o=ordinating among (T and clientCs projects management team to ensure accomplishment of milestones ith in project schedule and to resolve any issue that may affect the deliverables ithintime frame.#eveloping detailed technical specifications !rototype document, Test cases, Test scenarios, 9seracceptance test /9AT and ystem documentation.#esigning, developing, implementing, and continuously improving +T processes in line ith bestbusiness practices.Advising less experienced project managers and provide necessary direction for successful delivery of the project.&onducting analysis of legacy and existing applications and their integration ith ' ! Applications.  #ata )apping and designing strategy for uploading legacy data into ne ystem using Application+nterfaces.!roviding functional support to end=users.Training &lientCs -ey and end users.!roviding technical support to users. #esigning user manuals for solution. ;iaison ith -ey users and served as a coordinator beteen 9serCs management, end users and (ra=tech implementation team.6iving #emonstration and !resenting (racle Applications to prospective as ell as existing clients.!reparation of !roposals for potential customers Ma*or Pro*ects + have extensive experience of managing ' ! !rojects in different industry verticals li-e Telcos, (il and 6ovt.(ned +nstitutions. + am primarily responsible for all project related activities including re4uirementsdefinition, resources, scheduling, status reporting, and completion of deliverables.   P6o7#80 T!0 # (racle '=*usiness :inancial, upply &hain and &ustom ?oint $enture +mplementation C !#n0O! and Gas D#?# o3:#n0 Co:3an2 L0d@ < Go?0@ Ins0!0;0!onS8o3# Team ;ead for upply &hain Trac- /+nventory < !urchasingupport &onsultant for 6eneral ;edger and &ustom ?oint $enture Application  (il ector P6o7#80 T!0 # (racle '=*usiness :inancial +mplementation C !#n0A00o81 R#=!n#62 L!:!0#dS8o3# !roject ;ead for :inancial Trac- /6eneral ;edger, !ayables, eceivables, Assets < &ash)anagement P6o7#80 T!0 # (racle '=*usiness :inancial and &ustom ?oint $enture +mplementation C !#n0Pa1!s0an O! >!# ds L!:!0#dS8o3# *usiness Analyst for :inancial Trac- /6eneral ;edger, !ayables, eceivables, Assets < &ash )anagement and &ustom ?oint $enture Application  (il ector P6o7#80 T!0 # (racle '=*usiness :inancial, !urchasing and &ustom Asset )anagement +mplementation. C !#n0 !a-istan )obile &ommunications ;td.  )obilin- /ubsidiary of (rascom 6roup S8o3# Team ;ead /upport for :inancial Trac- /6eneral ;edger, !ayables, Assets < &ash )gmtand upply &hain Trac- /!urchasing P6o7#80 T!0 # (racle '=*usiness 3 ) +mplementation C !#n0 !a-istan )obile &ommunications ;td.  )obilin- /ubsidiary of (rascom 6roup S8o3# !roject )anager for 3 ) Trac- /&ore 3 , elf ervice < i ecruitment P6o7#80 0!0 # +*) )aximo  Asset )anagement /)aintenance ystem +mplementation C !#n0P#06onas Ca6!9a ! Pa1!s0an L0d@ (S;s!d!a62 o= P#06onas, Ma a2s!a)S8o3# !roject )anager for )aintenance )anagement olution /)aintenance, !urchasing,+nventory, esource )anagement and +ntegration ith un :inancial ystem P6o7#80 0!0 # cope tudy of (racle !urchasing and +nventory C !#n0Pa1!s0an O! >!# ds L!:!0#dS8o3# )anager +n=charge for coping tudy P6o7#80 0!0 # *usiness !rocess evie of *udgeting Activity C !#n0 !a-istan )obile &ommunications ;td.  )obilin- /ubsidiary of (rascom 6roup S8o3# )anager +n=charge for evie Activity  P6o7#80 0!0 # (racle '=*usiness :inancial, !urchasing, 3 ) and &ustom ?oint $enture +mplementation C !#n0 !a-istan Telecommunication Authority  Go?0@ Ins0!0;0!onS8o3# !rogram #irector for :inancial, upply &hain, 3 ) % !ayroll and &ustom TelcoApplications. P6o7#80 0!0 # (racle '=*usiness :inancial, upply &hain and &ustom 3 ) Application C !#n0 pecial &ommunication (rganization /&(  Go?0@ Ins0!0;0!onS8o3# !roject #irector for :inancial, upply &hain and &ustom 3 ) < !ayroll Application P6o7#80 0!0 # (racle '=*usiness 3 ) < !ayroll +mplementation C !#n0O! and Gas D#?# o3:#n0 Co:3an2 L0d@  Go?0@ Ins0!0;0!onS8o3# !roject )anager for (racle 3 ) Trac- /&ore 3 ) and !ayroll P6o7#80 0!0 # (racle '=*usiness &orporate 6overnance < !erformance )anagement Applications+mplementation C !#n0O! and Gas D#?# o3:#n0 Co:3an2 L0d@  Go?0@ Co:3an2S8o3# !rogram #irector for +nternal &ontrol /(D, Treasury, *usiness +ntelligence, !ublic ector*udgeting, &ustom *udget &ontrol and 'nterprise !lanning < *udgeting /'!* Application. P6o7#80 0!0 # (racle '=*usiness :inancial and upply &hain +mplementation < +ntegration ith (racle*illing Applications C !#n0 i=Tribe !a-istan ;td /ubsidiary of >atar Telecom S8o3# !roject )anager for :inancial, upply and +ntegration ith * ) Application S2s0#: S0;d2 and P6o0o023#s &arried out ystem tudy and 6A! Analysis of Air eapon &omplex /A&, )unnoo Texitles, @A# A,!a-istan ailays, )r. #enim Textile )ill, 9ch !oer !lant and many other clients. *esides this + alsopresented and demonstrated end to end (racle Application at numerous clientCs site. P6#sa #s &onducted numerous presentations, demonstrations and prepared numerous bidding documents tosupport Account managers and ales team in inning projects for the company. Trainin +perience &onducted Trainings and (rientation essions at multiple client sites including ã (il and 6as #evelopment &ompany ;td ã Attoc- efinery ã !a-istan (il :ields ;imited ã !a-istan )obile &ommunications ;imited ã i=Tribe !a-istan ;imited )n!estment (orporation of Pa'istan  Go!t. )nstitution /th $loor, 0ational 1an' of Pa'istan HO, ).).(hundriar 2oad, 3arachi   D#s!9na0!onP#6!od (fficer +n=charge  :inancial eportection?ul 1EEE To ?un 2001
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