ASDA District 8 Articul8or: Fall 2014

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   Before the District 8 annual meeting, my knowledge of ASDA was slim. Other than knowing that ASDA stood for American Student Dental Association, I was unsure of ASDA’s role in dental schools. I applied to go to the conference because I wanted to learn more about the association, network with peers, and learn how other school’s curriculum differed from UMKC. Upon arrival at the Cornhusker hotel I was met by dental students from Creighton, UNMC, Minnesota, and A.T. Still. I saw the Bluejays wearing blue and white beads, I saw the Huskers wearing Go Big Red gear, I loved the Minnesotans’ spin on the lumberjack attire, and A.T. Still’s clever 90’s New Kid on the Block theme. As I was sitting in the lobby wearing a plain UMKC School of Dentistry shirt, I could only help but laugh knowing in a short hour we would be the most ridiculously dressed school at the conference. Even though I could not even see my own shoes, I knew people were looking at us. Who wouldn’t look at a group of people wearing Kangaroo masks? As I was bli ndly hanging on to the person in front of me and stumbling to my seat, I could feel the energy in the room. It was this energy that told me it was going to be a great weekend. The Articul 8 or   The American Student Dental Association is a national student-run organization that protects and advances the rights, interests and welfare of dental students. It introduces students to lifelong involvement in organized dentistry and provides services, information, education, representation and advocacy.   District 8’s Fall Meeting: “ASDAx”   A “first timer’s” experience   Vol . 6: Fall 2014 Bringing District 8 together since 2013 More inside!   District    2 District 8 at ADA Annual Session: “America’s Dental Meeting As a dental student involved in organized dentistry, there is nothing quite like the ADA Annual Meeting. I was privileged to be a part of a delegation of ASDA members that represented each of ASDA’s eleven districts and participate in all that America’s Dental Meeting had to offer. From the very beginning, I knew it was going to be a fantastic week, and San Antonio’s river walk served as a charming backdrop. In my delegation, old and new friends, all of whom share my passion for organized dentistry and a strong vision for the future of our profession, surrounded me, and our incredible ASDA staff, Executive Director Nancy Honeycutt and Senior Coordinator for Governance and Advocacy Stephanie Follett, provided guidance. Our week kicked off with a bang with our keynote speaker, President George W. Bush. During a question and answer session, he provided insight into his life as president, international relations, some of the tough decisions he had to make during his time in office, and how he has been spending his time since his terms ended. This question and answer session demonstrated his experience and integrity and showed a very personable and witty side of President Bush that perhaps isn’t so co mmonly seen. President Bush’s words inspired us to do great work for the association over the week and be strong representatives of the student population. We spent numerous hours together in our caucus discussing resolutions covering topics such as student debt, the New Dentist Conference, and voting requirements for organization’s bylaws. We all also spent time in our respective ADA caucuses. I felt fortunate that I knew many of the members of the ADA’s District 10 caucus prior to the Annual Meeting, and all were welcoming and genuinely interested in the viewpoint of the students. From these caucuses, I gathered plenty of insight and perspectives on resolutions that I was able to bring back to my own caucus to help us decide on how we would vote. After the caucuses were completed, we took all of our hard work to the House floor and spoke on several issues that we felt strongly about. It was invigorating to see more than 600 delegates and alternate delegates participate in this process, a true indication that dentists do care about the health of our profession. Not infrequently, dentists would approach us on the House floor or within our caucus and thank us for being there and speaking up. We definitely had a voice that the ADA wanted to hear! Much like ASDA Annual Session, the other main business conducted during this meeting is the election of new leaders. In the president-elect race, Dr. Summerhays of California and Dr. Gounardes of New York led excellent campaigns that brought them in front of the entire House and to each individual caucus to discuss their key issues, ideas, and how they would move the association forward. Although Dr. Summerhays was elected the ADA’s new president -elect, we all   Continued on pg. 3    3 District 8 : Continued from . 1 The morning began with a key note speaker, Stacey Flowers. Everything Stacey said really resonated with me. I felt as though I truly knew Stacey. She was energetic, hard-working, and one heck of a Beyoncé concert story teller. “You cannot have a happy ending by means of an unhappy journey” is Stacey’s life motto. I love this motto because it could not be truer. She also described the five people every person needs in their life: a coach, a mentor, a friend, a cheerleader, and a peer. I believe that everyone in the room that morning took something personal from Stacey’s speech. The ASDA District 8 annual meeting was a huge success. From meeting new people via the number racing activity and through working side by side at the People’s Center to learning about how our chapter can benefit from other chapter’s success strategies and what life is like after dental school. I learned so much about the impact ASDA has in dental schools, networking opportunities, and even in legislature. I would definitely recommend everyone attend an ASDA meeting at least once in their dental school career. Julianna Harman, UMKC ‘18   were confident that either candidate would have served the association well in this position. Dr. Gamba ran unopposed for second vice president. Beyond conducting the business of the association, our delegation took part in numerous receptions hosted by the AAO, AAOMS, universities, districts, and more. I was able to meet and mingle with countless dentists, specialists, and even a few other students from across the country and gain valuable connections on top of having a great time. Our entire delegation also was fortunate to be able to attend the Give Kids a Smile Gala, a dinner and dance fundraiser for the foundation. We had a great time meeting new people over dinner, and we danced the evening away while looking sharp in our dresses and suits, all for a wonderful cause. At the end of the trip, I left exhausted but excited for the future. It was such an honor to be able to take part in our profession’s most influential   meeting as a student, and more than anything, I hope to be able to return in the delegate position again. If there’s anything that I learned, it’s that  ASDA fever does not end with graduation. Hundreds of dentists are still experiencing the excitement of national meetings and the power of organized dentistry. Stephanie Zastrow, Minnesota ‘15      UMKC Welcomes Congressman Cleaver Congressman Emmanuel Cleaver II, 2 time mayor of Kansas City, is in his 5 th  term as Representative of District 5. He has continued the legacy left by late President Harry Truman. Cleaver came to the UMKC School of Dentistry to speak about the Affordable Care Act and how it would affect dentistry. His visit was two weeks from Halloween, and he joked that we are a schizophrenic nation: we are considered mean for giving children apples and oranges instead of candy — ) you can even lose an election!) — yet we give out candy and expect kids- some without proper access to care- to maintain health. Cleaver’s interest in dentistry stems from a young scare suffered in college. He had never missed a down in high school football for injuries. He even had 8 knee operations! But one thing lingers in his memory while at the dorms during his scholarship years playing football in college — one day he was suffering an unbearable pain in his head and told his roommate he was having a stroke and needed to be rushed to the emergency room. The physician took a look and told him he had a massive cavity in a tooth. He had never, not once, been to the dentist. All that pain he felt: headache, mouth, throat, body on the verge of collapse — was related to a tooth infection. We need access to care. Cleaver is one of many who have grown up in modest if not impoverished conditions. He understands that systemic and oral health are interrelated, and there is a population that goes without dental care. In legislation, dental benefits are similar to commercial ones — with a $1400 cap for multiple children, where a $150 deductible can still be difficult for families to afford. “Lobbyists are against us getting money for clinics,” he says. “This was my philosophy as we sat down to do the ACA, as I realized we have a potential health crisis.” Missouri did not approve of the Medicaid expansion. It would mean that 300,000 more individuals would have access some sort of dental care. How much would it cost the state of Missou ri? $0. That’s right, nothing. And we still haven’t approved it. Even after 3 years the cost will remain low. In end, Cleaver supports the ACA and he opened our eyes to the real issue at hand. Tooth decay is the most common chronic illness among children, and overall health is connected inexplicably to oral hygiene. Currently less than 1% of health services are covered by Medicare, and we can provide the ability to improve the health and lives of those who are underprivileged. A big thank you to Congressman Emmanual Cleaver II for his passion and persistence in congress to improve the lives of those in his district and state. Lily Wakim, UMKC 2016

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