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  SR-917 Comments and Feedback ASM-TGs – John McCulla My comments are focused primarily on Troop Guides, and their preparation. ã The ASM-TG should help select the TGs for the course if possible, along with CD and the ASM-. So, this discussion should start early, and allow for this interaction. o Attributes! Scouting nowledge# enthusiasm# interpersonal s ills# good communicator# long-term commitment to Scouting o A mi$ of age is good, so there are some %seasoned& and some not so seasoned o A mi$ demonstrating in'ol'ement at Council and District le'el is good, too. o A mi$ across (oy Scouts, Cubs, and )enturers, if possible ã ASM-TG should ha'e an early discussion with each TG if possible, at time of selection. o This would help firm up the TG and ASM-TG relationship 'ery early in the course o *t would allow an early sharing of personal goals and interests ã Ma+or TG esponsibilities! o Act as effecti'e TG to their patrol o resent TG presentations istening to earn, Communications, Managing Conflict/ o Guide patrol in preparation of their tic ets o resent Troop resentations as assigned o repare TG ro+ect as a group o repare for and present 'ariety of mini-topics in patrol ea'e no Trace, Sto'e and 0uel, etc./ ã ASM-TG, CD and ASM- should agree early on how they will assess progress of the TGs, and ma e ad+ustments if needed. o CD and ASM- should attend some TG meetings to ma e own obser'ations o General understanding of why and when to replace a TG should be agreed between the three ã Set the TG meeting schedule early and ensure it is a firm, and mandatory, schedule o Get specific commitment from each TG o Address any dates where there is not a critical mass 1 pic another date o Allow for one or two absences, but ensure there is communication to that TG regarding what he2she missed, or will co'er again in a subse3uent meeting ã TG Meeting Schedule to consider! o 4 to 5 meetings, in addition to the normal SDMs meeting as a full course staff  o Meeting 6! *ntroductions and lanning o Meeting 7! TG resentation ractice# lan TG ro+ect o Meeting 8! Discuss Tic ets# More TG ro+ect lanning o Meeting 9! TG resentation ractice# :or on TG ro+ect o Meeting 4! :or on TG ro+ect o Meeting 5! 0inal TG resentation ractice# :al through TG ro+ect ã lan with ASM- when the TG resentations will be practiced and presented to the full :( staff o This wor ed well in SDM-8  (rea full staff into ; groups  TG presents one presentation fully# second one halfway through# third presentation TG summari<es ey points and ta eaways  This seemed to allow enough time for good obser'ation and feedbac from :( staff   SR-917 Comments and Feedback ASM-TGs – John McCulla  (y SDM-8, TGs are owning the material and should be confident in their  presentation approach2style ã =nsure the AS is included in all meetings, if he2she is the bac up TG in case one cannot continue# ensure that the AS sees it the same way. >e2she will need to participate throughout in order to be able to +ump in as a TG without too much issue. ã >a'e another TG candidate in mind early in the process, if another needs to be in'ited onto staff. ã =nsure that the Council staff representati'e on course is included in all TG team communications, andthat he2she is responsible for setting up the meeting space and opening2closing up the Scout Ser'ice Center if that is the TG meeting location/. Consider another meeting location if a'ailable and more central to the group, but the Ser'ice Center is li ely first choice, as other :( staff will also  participate in some of the TG meetings. ã Meeting 6! *ntroductions and lanning 0orming/ o *ntroductions to each other# bac ground o ole and importance of the TG o ole of the ASM-TG o Specific responsibilities of TG o =$pectations for meetings and communications to2from each other   =stablish a clear email path across the group# begin to use immediately o Set the remaining meeting schedule  Consistent time, date, and place  ?nce a month, or more fre3uent if needed o Distribute TG presentation binders and wood stands at this first meeting so, these must be in hand from the ASM-@M to do so/  istening to earn, Communications, Managing Conflict o Ma e first assignments for TG resentation practice in TG Meeting 7. o e'iew Course resources 1 whats on the website# whats in the syllabus# whats in the TG resentation binders# where to get stuff from the Appendi$, etc. o Address any issues or concerns o 0ollow-up this meeting with email and chec -in with each TG o *nclude the AS in this, if he2she is the bac up ã Meeting 7! TG resentation ractice o All TGs should practice presenting the istening to earn presentation o ASM-TG should in'ite a few other :( staff members to help listen to and pro'ide feedbac on this first round of practice. *deally, 7 TGs and 6 or 7 :( staffers per group. o This first round of practice will be rough, so we dont want to o'erwhelm with too many listeners2obser'ers o eassure all TGs they are doing well o eser'e time to discuss TG ro+ect 7B 1 8B minutes/  (rainstorm ideas# ensure it is will model what we want the atrols to prepare  Try to nail down the idea in this first meeting o At close of meeting, summary feedbac to all as a group o 0irm up ne$t meeting and focus# ad+ust if needed.  SR-917 Comments and Feedback ASM-TGs – John McCulla ã Meeting 8! Discuss Tic ets2More TG ro+ect lanning o This meeting should be dedicated to getting the TGs re-familiar with the purpose, intent, format, and construct of a Tic et o TGs should bring their own tic et into this meeting o CD and ASM- should attend this meeting, to ensure all are sharing the same ideas and all lea'e on one page o The intent of this meeting is to ensure the TGs all understand the Tic et, and understand the  perspecti'es of the senior :( course leaders on the Tic et o The Tic et should be discussed in perspecti'e of the o'erall course! when it is addressed# how it fits to mission and 'ision# when course participants will be dealing with it, etc. o ractice as a group de'eloping the outline of a tic et for a hypothetical Scout leader! personalmission and 4 Tic et goals2pro+ects o eser'e time to discuss TG ro+ect 7B 1 8B minutes/   ail down the pro+ect idea  Define general layout and content  Determine which TG will be point person  Decide who will present the idea to the o'erall :( staff at SDM7 o Discuss TG Troop presentations, and preparations for those  Decide if time is needed in the TG meetings to discuss the Troop presentations that each TG is presenting  =nsure each TG is ta ing ownership and wor ing with the other :( staff on their  +oint presentations o At close of meeting, summary feedbac to all as a group o 0irm up ne$t meeting and focus# ad+ust if needed. ã Meeting 9! TG resentation ractice# :or on TG ro+ect o This meeting should return the focus again on all TGs practicing their presentations  *n'ite other :( staff to be present to obser'e and pro'ide feedbac    ractice Communications, and if possible, Managing Conflict  oo for transitions between pages, and le'el of preparation 1 is the TG getting morefamiliar with the content  Allow for style differences between TGs 1 not all will be the same, but in the end, they will li ely get the +ob doneE o At close of meeting, summary feedbac to all as a group o 0irm up ne$t meeting and focus# ad+ust if needed. ã Meeting 4! :or on TG ro+ect o This meeting should be dedicated to the TGs de'eloping their pro+ect o This allows for the TGs to set another meeting, if needed, to ensure completion o *t allows for a brea from the presentation practice o TGs need to come prepared with content and materials o This may need to be a longer meeting, or another meeting location used o *f re3uested, the TGs can practice any presentations by coming early and presenting to the ASM-TG and other in'ited :( staff  o At close of meeting, summary feedbac to all as a group o 0irm up ne$t meeting and focus# ad+ust if needed. ã Meeting 5! 0inal TG resentation ractice# :al through TG ro+ect  SR-917 Comments and Feedback ASM-TGs – John McCulla o This is the final meeting for TGs to practice their presentations o et them select the one they are least comfortable with o ro'ide feedbac and reassurance o eser'e time for a wal through of the TG ro+ect  >igh-le'el re'iew of the flow, content, and presentation approach  Though the ro+ect will not be fully complete, this wal through should pro'ide enough re'iew to ensure it is on trac and the 3uality will be there  =nsure all ha'e a role, and all are contributing to the de'elopment of the pro+ect o At close of meeting, summary feedbac to all as a group ã ro'ide positi'e feedbac at conclusion of the TG meetings that all is well, and the big wor is doneE ã S-F6 +umped light years with the website for staff. 0urther organi<ation of materials and a clear starting point would be helpful. o ?rgani<e TG materials by Course Day o =nsure the material pro'ided is the presentation 'ersion we want to use, 's. ha'ing multiple 'ersions S5F 's. SF6, etc./ ã ed Hac ets at rededication ceremony, Day 4 1 would loo great at that campfire, and would not ta e away from seeing them the morning of Day 5.

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Jul 23, 2017
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