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  ASP.NET AJAX Overview Introduction Microsoft ASP.NET AJAX enables you to quickly create Web pages that inclue a rich user e!perience ith responsi#e an fa$iliar user interface %&'( ele$ents. ASP.NET AJAX pro#ies client)script libraries that incorporate cross)bro ser E*MAScript %Ja#aScript( an yna$ic +TM, %-+TM,( technologies an it integrates the$ ith the ASP.NET /.0 ser#er)base e#elop$ent platfor$. 1y using ASP.NET AJAX you can i$pro#e the user e!perience an the efficiency of your Web applications. Why Use ASP.NET AJAX? ASP.NET AJAX enables you to buil rich Web applications that ha#e $any a#antages o#er Web applications that are co$pletely ser#er)base. ASP.NET AJAX applications offer2 ← '$pro#e efficiency by perfor$ing significant parts of a Web page3s processing in the bro ser. ← 4a$iliar &' ele$ents such as progress inicators tooltips an pop)up ino s. ← Partial)page upates that refresh only the parts of the Web page that ha#e change. ← *lient integration ith ASP.NET application ser#ices for for$s authentication an user profiles. ← 'ntegration of ata fro$ ifferent sources through calls to Web ser#ices. ← A fra$e ork that si$plifies custo$i5ation of ser#er controls to inclue client capabilities. ← Support for the $ost popular an generally use bro sers hich inclues Microsoft 'nternet E!plorer Mo5illa 4irefo! an Apple Safari. ASP.NET AJAX Architecture ASP.NET AJAX consists of client)script libraries an of ser#er co$ponents that are integrate to pro#ie a robust e#elop$ent fra$e ork. 'n aition to ASP.NET AJAX you can use the ASP.NET AJAX *ontrol Toolkit an the features in the ASP.NET AJAX 4utures releases hich are both co$$unity supporte. 1  The follo ing illustration sho s the functionality that is inclue in the client)script libraries an ser#er co$ponents.ASP.NET AJAX ser#er an client architectureThe illustration sho s the functionality of the client)base Microsoft AJAX ,ibrary hich inclues support for creating client co$ponents bro ser co$patibility an net orking an core ser#ices. The illustration also sho s functionality of ser#er)base ASP.NET /.0 AJAX E!tensions hich inclues script support Web ser#ices application ser#ices an ser#er controls. ASP.NET AJAX Server Architecture The ASP.NET AJAX ser#er co$ponents consist of ASP.NET Web ser#er controls an co$ponents to $anage the &' an flo of an application an to $anage seriali5ation #aliation control e!tensibility an so on. There are also ASP.NET Web ser#ices that enable you to access ASP.NET application ser#ices for for$s authentication an user profiles. ASP.NET AJAX Server Controls The ASP.NET AJAX ser#er controls consist of ser#er an client coe that integrate to prouce AJAX)like beha#ior. The follo ing list escribes the $ost frequently use ASP.NET AJAX ser#er controls.ScriptManager Manages script resources for client co$ponents partial)page renering locali5ation globali5ation an custo$ user scripts. The ScriptManager control is require in orer to use the &patePanel &pateProgress an Ti$er controls. 2  &patePanel Enables you to refresh selecte parts of the page instea of refreshing the hole page by using a synchronous postback.&pateProgress Pro#ies status infor$ation about partial)page upates in &patePanel controls.Ti$er Perfor$s postbacks at efine inter#als. 6ou can use the Ti$er control to post the hole page or use it together ith the &patePanel control to perfor$ partial)page upates at a efine inter#al. ASP.NET AJAX We Services ASP.NET AJAX pro#ies Web ser#ices that you can use fro$ client script to ork ith ASP.NET application ser#ices for for$s authentication an user profiles. This enables you to use client script to help protect resources by using for$s authentication an to persist user)specific settings on the ser#er. 'n aition ASP.NET AJAX inclues net ork co$ponents that $ake it easy to return results fro$ any Web ser#ice call. 4or infor$ation an e!a$ples see Asynchronous *o$$unication ,ayer 7#er#ie  an ASP.NET Application Ser#ices. ASP.NET AJAX Server Control E!tensiility ASP.NET AJAX enables you to create custo$ ASP.NET AJAX ser#er controls that inclue client beha#iors. 4or $ore infor$ation see the tutorials in ASP.NET AJAX E!tensibility an the Microsoft ASP.NET AJAX *ontrol Toolkit. ASP.NET AJAX Client Architecture The ASP.NET AJAX client)script libraries consist of Ja#aScript %.8s( files that pro#ie features for ob8ect)oriente e#elop$ent. The ob8ect)oriente features inclue in the ASP.NET AJAX client)script libraries enable a high le#el of consistency an $oularity in client scripting. The follo ing layers are inclue in the ASP.NET AJAX script libraries2 ← A bro ser co$patibility layer. This pro#ies co$patibility across the $ost frequently use bro sers %incluing Microsoft 'nternet E!plorer Mo5illa 4irefo! an Apple Safari( for your ASP.NET AJAX scripts. ← ASP.NET AJAX core ser#ices hich inclue e!tensions to Ja#aScript such as classes na$espaces e#ent hanling inheritance ata types an ob8ect seriali5ation. ← An ASP.NET AJAX base class library hich inclues co$ponents such as string builers an e!tene error hanling. 3  ← A net orking layer that hanles co$$unication ith Web)base ser#ices an applications an that $anages asynchronous re$ote $etho calls. ← Support for Ja#aScript libraries that are either e$bee in an asse$bly or are pro#ie as stanalone Ja#aScript %.8s( files. E$being Ja#aScript libraries in an asse$bly can $ake it easier to eploy applications an can sol#e #ersioning issues. ← Support for accessing ser#er)base for$s authentication an profile infor$ation in client script. This support is also a#ailable to Web applications that are not create by using ASP.NET as long as the application has access to the Microsoft AJAX ,ibrary. ← Support for release an ebug $oes an locali5ation support for both asse$bly)e$beean stanalone Ja#aScript files. 4or $ore infor$ation see the ASP.NET AJAX -ebugging an Tracing 7#er#ie  an ,ocali5ing 9esources for *o$ponent ,ibraries 7#er#ie . eu##in# The ASP.NET AJAX architecture pro#ies a $oel for release an ebug $oes. 9elease $oe pro#ies error checking an e!ception hanling opti$i5e for perfor$ance ith $ini$i5e script si5e. -ebug $oe pro#ies $ore robust ebugging features such as type an argu$ent checking. 'f you create ebug #ersions of custo$ client scripts or script resources ASP.NET runs the ebug #ersions hen the application is in ebug $oe. This enables you to thro e!ceptions in ebug scripts hile $ini$i5ing the si5e of release coe. A ebug helper class Sys.-ebug pro#ies $ethos for isplaying ob8ects in reaable for$ at the en of a Web page. 't also sho s trace $essages enables you to use assertions an lets you breakinto the ebugger. An e!tene Error 7b8ect ob8ect AP' pro#ies helpful e!ception etails ith support for release an ebug $oes. ← 4or $ore infor$ation see the ASP.NET AJAX -ebugging an Tracing 7#er#ie  an ,ocali5ing 9esources for *o$ponent ,ibraries 7#er#ie . $oc%li&%tion %nd 'lo%li&%tion The ASP.NET AJAX ser#er an client architecture pro#ies a $oel for locali5ing an globali5ing client script. This enables you to esign applications that use a single coe base to pro#ie &' for $any locales %languages an cultures(. 4or e!a$ple ASP.NET AJAX enables Ja#aScript coe to for$at -ate or Nu$ber ob8ects auto$atically accoring to culture settings of the user3s bro ser ithout requiring a postback to the ser#erASP.NET AJAX buils on the founation of the ASP.NET /.0 locali5ation $oel. 't pro#ies aitional support for locali5e script files that are e$bee in an asse$bly or that are pro#ie as .8s files 4
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