ASP Net 2005

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  Web Server Architecture Web server is software that manages web pages, provides security for the web pages,accepts http request from client, and responds with http response to the client. Hence web server is also called as http server. It also provides security for local file system on server and supportsserver side code execution for communication with other servers like database server and emailserver.Communication is possible between client and server only when both maintain standardsin the language used for communication.  set of rules to be accepted by client and server for communication is called as protocol . Hypertext transfer protocol (Http) is used for client andweb server communication. !CH tomcat web server, #ava web server, !ersonnel web server, peer web server and internet information services $II%& are available web servers. %!.net requires II% '.( andhigher while classic %! works on any web server of )icrosoft. 2.0 comes with an in built web server calle !assini an you can create aweb application in 2.0 usin ##S or !assini. #nternet #nformation Services (##S)   In case of windows *((( and windows *((+ server II% will be installed along withoperating system installation. ut in windows -! you have to install it manually and for thispurpose follow the following steps../pen dd01emove programs in control panel.*.Click on dd01emove Windows Components within dd01emove !rograms window.+.Check Internet Information %ervices $II%& and click on next.2.!rovide operating system C3 if needed.'.fter installation to check whether II% is working properly, open browser and type the 415http600localhost or http600servername and it has to display II% documentation.   $rowser !lientWeb Server Web Pa es%e&uest%esponse  7.II% installation will carry a web site called as default web site.8. web site is an application managed by web server that will provide physical location of web page.9.3efault web site is mapped to physical path !'inetpubwwwroot .:.Client will ;ust send a request to web server and will not know the physical location of webpage. !reatin A Web Pa e #nto efault Web Site (emo.Html)*Html+*$oy+*H,+-his #s y /irst Web Pa e ana e $y Web Server *H,+*$oy+*Html+ %ave this file in !'inetpubwwwroot  and then use the following 415 to run the webpage in web browser http'localhost (or) Server1ameemo.Html. !ort number is a logical one, which provides uniqueness for a particular service. <his willconnect client request with a particular service. Hence it is called as end point for communication. 3efault port number for H<<! is 9(. !lient#netinfo.exe0efault Web Site%e&uestWeb Server !'#netPubWww%ootemo.Html%esponse  3irtual irectory =irtual directory is an alias for a physical directory. <his will perform categori>ation of webpages, which will make access to web pages fast and provides security for web pages. #nternetServices ana er (#netm r.exe) is used to configure web server. Web server configurationincludes ã Creating a web site ã Creating a virtual directory ã Changing physical path of web site using properties of web site ã <o specify number of connections to a web site using properties of web site. !reatin 3irtual irectory ã Within %un  option of start menu  type #netm r and click on o4. ã 1ight click on default web site and choose new virtual directory. ã !rovide an alias name i.e. virtual directory name. ã %elect physical directory name and path. ã ?inally click on finish.Create an example web page in new virtual directory and to run specify the following 415. http'localhostvirtualirectorynameemo.html Server Sie !oe 5xecution <o execute the code towards client side scripting languages like ;ava script and = scriptare used. <he solution for executing code by the server is %!.@et. %!.net is a technologyintegrated with II%. %!.net Comes in the form of a 355 file called ASP.ll.  <his provides server side code execution.  %!.net is the technology integrated with .net framework. 3uring the installation of .netframework, a run time module called Asp1et6#sApi.ll (#nternet Server ApplicationPro rammin #nterface)  is configured with web server for communication between web server and .net framework. $rowser Http'localhostAspnet-ime.AspxWeb Server    #net#nfo.exeASP.llASP1et6#sApi.ll.1et/ramewor4   %!.net comes with two things. %cripting languages support on server machine and acollection of ob;ects called %!.net ob;ects like 1esponse, 1equest, %ession, pplication and%erver. %!.net page extension is .spx.%erver side script requires identification i.e. uniqueness and uniqueness is provided asfollows. ,. *78 Statement 7+9/or Sin le Statement2. *7 Statement,:Statement2:; 7+9/or ultiple Statements<. *Script =an ua e8>?avascriptvbscript> %unat8>server>+Statements *Script+5xample ' (-ime.Aspx)*Html+*$oy+*H2+Server -ime ' *78ateAn-ime.-imeStrin 7+*H2+*$oy+*Html+ ASP.1et Pa e 5xecution   $rowser Http'localhostAspnet-ime.Aspx#net#nfo.5xeASP.==Activates 3$: executes server sie coe an output will be copie to -emporary memory-emporary Pa eH-= -a s-emp.Pa e
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