Assessor's Manual, Volume 4, Exemption Administration

Assessor's Manual, Volume 4, Exemption Administration
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  10/18/2014Assessor's Manual, Volume 4, Exemption Administrationhttp://www.tax.ny.gov/research/property/assess/manuals/vol4/pt1/sec4_01/sec487_a.htm1/2 ssessor's Manual, Volume 4, Exemption Administration Exemption Administration Manual - Part 1Residential - Other Than Multiple DwellingsSection 4.01 - RPTL Section 487-aEnergy Conservation Improvements toCertain Residential PremisesExemption Code(s):  49510  Year Originally Enacted:  1977 Related Statutes:  Pub Serv L §135-b SUMMARY:  Energy conservation measures added to a one-, two-, three-, or four-family home that qualify for (1)financing under a home conservation plan pursuant to Pub Serv L Article VII-A or (2) any conservation-related state or federal tax credit or deduction are exempt from taxation and special ad valorem levies to the extent of any increase in theproperty's assessed value resulting from the installation of such measures. Such property is liable for specialassessments. A. ELIGIBILITY REQUIREMENTS 1. Ownership Requirements : Property must be owned by a private individual or organization.2. Property Location Requirements:  None.3. Property Use Requirements:  Eligible improvements include those qualifying for financing under a homeconservation plan pursuant to Pub Serv L Article VII-A: caulking and weatherstripping of all exterior doorsand windows; furnace efficiency modifications; furnace and boiler retrofits; furnace and boiler replacements,provided that such replacements meet minimum efficiency standards; heat pumps that meet minimumefficiency standards; clock thermostats; ceiling, attic, wall, foundation, air duct, heating pipe, and floor insulation; hot water heater insulation; storm and thermal windows and doors; solar and wind systems; loadmanagement devices and energy use meters, together with associated wiring. Also eligible are anyimprovements qualifying for any conservation-related state or federal tax credit or deduction.4. Certification by State or Local Government:  None required.5. Required Construction Start Date or Other Time Requirement:  None. B. LOCAL OPTION:  No. C. LIMITATION ON EXEMPTION:   GeneralMunicipalTaxesSchoolDistrictTaxesSpecialAd ValoremTaxSpecialAssessments1. Amount Yes*Yes*Yes*Noexemptionallowed 2. Duration NolimitNolimitNolimitNoexemptionallowed 3. Taxing Jurisdiction   a. County or CountySpecial Districts ExNAExTax The New York State Department of   Taxation and Finance  Andrew M. Cuomo - Governor  Thomas H. Mattox - Commissioner  10/18/2014Assessor's Manual, Volume 4, Exemption Administrationhttp://www.tax.ny.gov/research/property/assess/manuals/vol4/pt1/sec4_01/sec487_a.htm2/2 The New York State Department of Taxation and Finance b. City ExNANATax c. Town or TownSpecial District ExNAExTax d. Village ExNANATax e. School District NAExNANA  Ex-Exempt Tax-Taxable NA-Not Applicable * Amount limited to any increase in the property's assessed value due to the installation of energy conservationmeasures.D. PAYMENTS IN LIEU OF TAXES:  None required. E. CALCULATION OF EXEMPTION: 1. General Municipal and School District Taxes:  Increase in assessed value due to installation of energyconservation measures.2. Special Ad Valorem Levies and Special Assessments:Special Ad Valorem Levies : Increase in assessed value due to installation of energy conservationmeasures. Special Assessments : No exemption allowed.F. CODING OF EXEMPTION ON ASSESSMENT ROLL:CodeDescription of Alternative Codes Possible 49510 Assessment Roll Section(s):  Taxable (RPS Section 1). NOTE:  This code should not be used to identify property that is exempt under any of the statutes listed under Similar Exemptions below. For coding of such property, see the Exemption Profile for the statute that applies.G. FILING REQUIREMENTS (Owner or Occupant of Property):  None. H. REPORTING REQUIREMENTS (Assessor):  None. I. SIMILAR EXEMPTIONS:SubjectStatute Solar, wind, or farm waste energy systemsRPTL §487| Top of Page | | Table of Contents| | Next Page| | Assessors' Manuals |Please send general questions or comments to Orpts Solutions Center.
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