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    BUSINESS RESEARCH METHOD FALL=2 17 Assignment: 01 MEMBERS NAME ID 1 Hamad Saeed Al Kaabi 171045 Instructor: Dr. WAHEED    1 | Page  TITLE: HUMAN RESOURCE MANAGEMENT INTRODUCTION The Human Resource function is a very important function in virtually all organizations. It is concerned with managing the welfare of employees who form a very vital asset to the organization since they are the pillars to most organizations. Human Resource Management thus, apart from managing the human aspect of the organization, also plays a critical role in ensuring organization success through motivation and enhancing positive employee relations. Strategic Human Resource Management therefore describes an approach that aims at managing Human resources by supporting long-term business goals and outcomes with a focus on the organization’s overall strategic framework. Strategic Human Resource Management thus essentially looks at the longer-term resourcing concerns within the confines and context of the organization’s strategic goals and work environment. This chapter provides the relevant literature that informs the topic on Strategic Human Resource Management OBJECTIVE    To understand the human resource management practices in small and medium sized enterprises in comparative analysis    To evaluate the interaction between form size and human resource practices    Evaluating the recruitment practices in medium and small sized companies. LITRATURE REVIEW The current theory has been that Strategic Human Resource Management has always  been concerned with working together with the fundamental concepts in strategy, which is often considered with how a firm can achieve profitability. Most research in strategy is thus concerned with identifying both the external and internal factors that will enable a firm to create a competitive advantage that will consequently help it achieve superior performance. The organizations therefore need to establish cost efficiencies that  2 | Page  will help them to either operate on lean margins or develop alternative strategies by for example, differentiating themselves to be in position to charge price premiums. Conclusion A company’s Human Resources can be a rich source of its competitive advantage. Based on Porter’s five forces, a firm can create competitive advantage through differentiation by offering a  product or service that is perceived by and within the industry as being unique. Competitive advantage can also be achieved via a clear focus that is, seeing a particular buyer group or  product market more effectively or efficiently than competitors. Strategic human resource management can thus be embraced by a company by differentiating its human resource funct ion to create a company’s competitive advantage in the market ( Çalişkan, 2010 ). This can be achieved by the Human Resource department investing in  people through the introduction of learning processes that aim at increasing capability and align skills to organizational needs and also by defining the behaviors required for organizational success. Strategic Human Resource management should therefore be based on the recognition that an organization can be more effective if their human resources are managed with human resource policies and practices that are aligned with the firm’s strategic goals.   CITATION:    Walsh, K., Sturman, M. C., & Longstreet, J. (2010). Key issues in strategic human resources.    Lagunas, K. (2017). Strategic Human Resources Management 101: A Primer for Success . . Retrieved 4 February 2017, from       Çalişkan, E. N. (2010). The impact of strategic human resource management on organizational performance.  Journal of Naval science and engineering  , 6  (2), 100-116. 


Aug 4, 2018
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