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Open College of the Arts Tutor report Student name COLIN DEARING Student number 512413 Course/Module TAOP Assignment number 1 Overall Comments You have made a really encouraging start, it’s clear that you are thinking of alternative ways to approach your learning and how you wish to progress your photography. t’s noted that some of the images su!mitted for the assignment are from your archive and have !een chosen to represent the assignment !rief. sing older images for this first
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  Open College of the Arts Tutor report Student name COLIN DEARING Student number 512413 Course/Module TAOP Assignment number 1 Overall Comments You have made a really encouraging start, it’s clear that you are thinking of alternative ways to approach your learning and how you wish to progress your photography. t’s noted that some of the images su!mitted for the assignmentare from your archive and have !een chosen to represent the assignment!rief. sing older images for this first assignment is accepta!le and as youare aware this assignment is more of a diagnostic and isn’t formally assessedat the end of your course. #owever, in future assignments it is e$pected thatyou will produce new work specifically for the assignment. Your log%!log iscoherent and for the most part well laid&out and informative. 'he assignmentimages could pro!a!ly !e initially displayed !etter,  think you (ust need to getused to working with the !log layout. )tart to include references to your reading and research. You appear to !e motivated and focused, thisassignment is a very good start to your learning. Assessment potential (after Assignment 1) You may want to get credit for your hard work and achievements with the*+ !y formally su!mitting your work for assessment at the end of themodule. -ore and more people are taking the idea of lifelong learningseriously !y su!mitting their work for assessment !ut it is entirely up to you.e are (ust as keen to support you whether you study for pleasure or to gain/ualifications. 0lease consider whether you want to put your work forward for assessment and let me know your decision when you su!mit ssignment 2. can then give you feed!ack on how well your work meets the assessmentre/uirements. Feedback on assignment Demonstration of technical and Visual Skills !ualit of Outcome Demonstration of Creativit You have successfully completed the assignment and su!mitted images thatfit in with the contrast assignment. 'he images are interesting in that at timesyou have tried to represent the contrasts’ with an alternative approach. 'he  approach you have taken doesn’t (ust rely upon the physical connection !utone that asks the reader to consider the image with more depth. 'his is aninteresting and encouraging approach and one that suggests that you areconsidering ideas of metaphor and connotation. You allude to this within your reflection of the assignment so  think that your willingness to take thesenotions on !oard and consider them at this stage is really positive. 'heimages all appear to !e technically proficient and well e$posed, although their presentation may re/uire some alterations. t would !e good to see theimages !igger and !etter laid&out within the !log,  know that we can openthem !igger !ut it will help the presentation and access of the log%!log. )ome of the images such as straight   and curved   are pretty straightforwardand rely upon the visual connection along with black   and white . 'he image of the !urnt toast is good,  like your approach, it’s not so o!vious and thisdemonstrates an alternative way of seeing. High  and Low   are appropriateimages and give the viewer a sense of the effects, again these work on a veryphysical level along with Many, Few and Diagonal/Rounded  . 'he image for  Strong   of elson -andela works on a different level in that this image comeswith our e$periences and knowledge of society and culture. ust the name of -andela suggests a strong powerful individual, and your image of thestatue%fist reinforces this idea, it’s a good image that works on several levels.'he weak image is also interesting in that it is su!tler, the reader has todeconstruct the image and consider it in order to realise the significance of thenail and what this does to the idea. Liquid   also asks the viewer to consider theimage further, again it’s encouraging that you have attempted to get !eyondthe image surface. n this case though, it’s a little tenuous, it may !e askingtoo much of the viewer to connect this with li/uid and would rely upon usresorting to stereotypes of the rish and drinking. Solid   is a sound image, it’sinteresting and does a good (o! of illustrating the effect.  think Much and Little are pro!a!ly the weakest images here in that without the titles we’d !e hardpressed to identify the re/uired effect. 'he images oppose themselves somuch and the image of the lady is loaded with other connotations and asks anawful lot of the viewer.  know that you have thought a!out the socialimplementations of the images !ut it’s difficult to recognie the gap !etweenpoverty and wealth. icely produced images though, and a good start to thecourse. #earning #ogs or $logs%Critical essa s Conte& t  Your learning log is clear and well laid&out. 'he information is easilyaccessi!le and well signposted. )tart though to produce and evidence your e$ercises as you logically work through the assignment. You don’t want to getinto a position where you have a !acklog of e$ercises to complete anddocument !efore handing in for the final assessment. 'he e$ercises alsoinform your assignments. n future include technical information along withyour assignment images, such as shutter speed, aperture and film speed etc,this will help with your understanding of the process of image making.+ontinue with your self&reflections !ut e$pand upon these, the reflections can!e very personal and should reflect upon the positives and negatives of your image making. You have made a section for research and reflection so do  start to populate this folder with evaluations of your reading, including the*+ course reading and any independent research you undertake. )tart tolook at photographers that inspire you, the artists that are referenced withinyour tutor reports and any e$hi!itions or !ooks that you read. n fact you canreference anything that inspires your work and ideas. +onsider how youpresent the assignment images. lthough the images open up the thum!nailimages are hard to navigate, you can have the images larger on the log. Suggested reading%vie'ing Conte& t  6efer to the essential reading list paying particular attention to7ells, 8i, 92::;<. 0hotography7  critical introduction, 6outledge.+otton, +harlotte, 92::;<. 'he 0hotograph as +ontemporary rt, 'hames and #udson.'hese pu!lications will offer you a good introduction into photographic de!ates, artists and photographic genres within contemporary photography. ointers for the ne&t assignment =eep the momentum and enthusiasm that you have clearly developed for thisassignment. )tart to consider the course reading material and evidence thisand any other research on your learning log%!log. 'his will help you further with understanding of conte$t and contemporary photography andsurrounding de!ates. >ocument any other references and inspiration thatinforms your photography. >o look at the way that your assignment imagesare presented on your log. +ontinue with your reflections upon your work andmethodology, critical engagement with the course is an essential part of studying at ? level.'utor name7 +hris +oekin>ate 22%11%2:13e$t assignment due31%:1%2:14


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