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    MGT3054/BMB3302/BAB3201 Strategic Management   1 SUNWAY UNIVERSITY BUSINESS SCHOOL BACHELOR OF SCIENCE (HONS) ACCOUNTING AND FINANCE BACHELOR OF SCIENCE (HONS) BUSINESS MANAGEMENT BACHELOR OF SCIENCE (HONS) BUSINESS STUDIES  ACADEMIC SESSION : AUGUST 2014 - DECEMBER 2014 BMB3302/BAB3201/BMB3204/MGT3054: STRATEGIC MANAGEMENT/BUSINESS STRATEGY  ASSIGNMENT 2 DEADLINE: 13 TH  NOVEMBER 2014 GROUP ASSIGNMENT (3-4 members) INSTRUCTIONS TO CANDIDATES 1. There are Five (5) pages in this Assignment including the cover page. 2. This assignment will contribute 30% to your final grade. 3. This is a group assignment and students‟ are expected to participate actively and will share a group mark. Failure to submit the assignment as a group will incur mark penalties of 30% from the total assignment mark. 4. The assignment must be typewritten on double line spacing, A-4 size paper and single sided. Work should be presented in a folder, with a cover sheet, which includes your name, unit number, tutor's name, and the essay topic. Marks will be allocated for content, presentation, and referencing. IMPORTANT The University requires students to adhere to submission deadlines for any form of assessment. Penalties applied in relation to unauthorised late submissions of work are as follows:  Coursework submitted after the deadline but within 1 week will be accepted for a maximum mark of 40%.   Any coursework handed in after 7 days, and without an agreed extension will be regarded as a non-submission and marked at zero.    MGT 3054 / BMB3302/BAB3201Assignment (Q) / AUG 2014 MGT3054/BMB3302/BAB3201 Strategic Management   2 Objectives of Assignment 2: Upon completion of the assignment, students will be able to: 1. Demonstrate an understanding of the value of strategic analysis in the strategy development process (SLO 2) 2. Demonstrate an understanding and application of a range of strategic management models/concepts to real information where appropriate (SLO1) 3. Demonstrate an ability to identify environmental trends; understand its implication on the choice of appropriate strategies (SLO2) Assignment Question Conduct an in-depth strategic analysis and choice for a Malaysian firm of your choice from ONE (1) of the following industries:   Airline   Petroleum Word length : 3000  –  3500 words Format : Report Assignment Guidance The detailed strategic analysis and choice should include the following aspects:   The Malaysian macro-environment  –  justifying how and why these can impact the firm‟s performance and strategy;     Market characteristics  –  size, growth and shares;   Industry and competitive environment  –  analyzing the extent to which these factors inf  luence the firm‟s strategy ;   Firm specific issues  –  major investments, objectives, profitability, capabilities, competences, trends and their long term competitiveness and   Development of strategic options available to the firm and justification of the strategy chosen. You are expected to provide a comprehensive analysis and evaluation based on the appropriate theories and concepts to support your contentions.    MGT 3054 / BMB3302/BAB3201Assignment (Q) / AUG 2014 MGT3054/BMB3302/BAB3201 Strategic Management   3 Some overall points of guidance Your introduction should include a general introduction to the paper as a whole and a guide to its structure. It should also include a summary of your chosen firm and you should supplement this with a more comprehensive company profile in an appendix. Suggested Report Structure: This assignment is a report so it should be formal in structure with the use of the following headings:   Title page   Executive Summary   Contents page   Introduction   Main Body (with logical sections with clear headings)   Conclusion   Recommendation   Reference list   Appendix 1  –  Company Profile   Any other appendices Journal references  A minimum of 12 (twelve) journal references is expected. Non-peer reviewed online sources of information such as „Wikipedia‟ and „‟ are not acceptable references. Plagiarism It is unfair to honest students that other students cheat or plagiarise. Sunway University takes a serious view of plagiarism and such form of cheating will be treated with the utmost seriousness. The university reserves the right to electronically scan students‟ assignments for the purposes of verifying srcinality.  Plagiarism consists of a person using the words or ideas of another as if they were his or her own, that is, using, or attempting to use, another person‟s work without acknowledgement. The important message here is that if you use the work of another person then it must be acknowledged. T he phrase „using another person‟s work‟ includes, but is not limited to:      using study guide material without acknowledgement;    paraphrasing the work of another person;    directly copying any part of another person‟s work;      summarising the work of another person;    MGT 3054 / BMB3302/BAB3201Assignment (Q) / AUG 2014 MGT3054/BMB3302/BAB3201 Strategic Management   4    using or developing an idea or theme derived from another person‟s work;      using experimental results obtained from another person‟s work; and      in the collaborative projects, falsely representing the individual contributions of the collaborating students where individual contributions are to be identified. Collusion Collusion, whether inadvertent or deliberate, shall include the following:    Submitting an “individual assignment” that was jointly prepared by the candidate and any other third party, e.g. other students, family, professionals, or tutors/lecturers.    Submitting a “group assignment” that was jointly prepared by the group and any external party, e.g. family, students from other courses, or professionals.    Copying each other‟s work and passin g it off as an individual effort. Submission to Turnitin You must submit your Assignment to Turnitin. Please attach the similarity report at the end of your assignment. The details of the Turnitin submission, that is, the Class ID and the Enrolment Password, will be provided to you in due course. Note that the turnitin report will not be generated immediately. Allow 30 minutes to 1 hour for similarity report generation, in the first submission.
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