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ASTM E1300
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  Understanding and Using ASTM E 1300 Joseph A. Reed, P.E. Director –Engineering and Product Testing  ASTM E 1300 Standard Practice for Determining Load Resistance of Glass in Buildings Book of Standards Volume 04.11  American Society for Testing MaterialsPhiladelphia, Pennsylvania(  9/12/03 ASTM E 1300 -What is it?  Compendium of charts and tables based on experimental and analytical investigations for determining the Load Resistanceof specific glass types.  Recognized and included by reference or direct insertion with simplifications by most building codes.  Vertical or Sloped glazing.  Wind, Snow and self-weight loads.  9/12/03 ASTM E 1300 -What it is not.  Not for impact loads.  Not for blast loads or loads > 210 psf.  Not for wired, patterned, etched, sandblasted, drilled, notched or grooved glass (Although building codes address these types of glass).  Not for floors, aquariums, shelves, balustrades or structural glass.
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