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  Name:Gender:  M DOB:  1981-05-24 TOB:  15:00:00 Place:  Mahabubabad Near By City:  Warangal Country:  India Query Type:  N/A Current Occupation: Manager Marital Status: SingleDear Sir,I would like to know the below details1) When will i get married) When will m! inanical problems sol#e$) When will i change the current %ob&egards Year Ahead 2010 : Your Mahadasha & Antardasha Trends : I ha#e tried to understood !our problems and on the basis o birth details m! repl! is as under' (ou are a nati#e o Makar &ashi, an!a lagna and * Sadha +akshatra' Currentl! !ou are passing through &ahu Maghadasha and enus antardasha' -his period will last till 1.'/1'/1$' 0s this is a long period I pre er anal!sis b! doing the prat!antar dasha stud!' &ahu in Cancer has become !our enem! but being in 11 th  place this has become maraka or !ou' owe#er, 11 th  place &ahu makes !ou in luential and gi#es !ou pleasure  pleasure in the compan! o riends and associates' 0ntardashanath enus is a !ogakaraka  planet or !ou or both the angles lagna as well as horoscope' 2eing in risha# it is in it3s own house' 0lso in 4 th  house it has special signi icance' 0s regards 5uestion o marriage  please note that !ou are Manglik as because Mars is placed in /6 th  house in !our horoscope' 2ut Mars being in 0ries is in it3s own house, so !our marriage ma! be dela!ed but will be a good one' (our marriage will be solemni7ed on or be ore 1 th  8ebruar! /11ie' within the sub period o &ahu, enus and Mars' 0s regards solution o inancial  problem please note that antardasha o &ahu and etu has 9ust ended on 1 th  %anuar! /1/' etu in Capricorn in con9unction with Moon has became !our enem!' So it might land !ou in some sort o inancial trouble' -he e;penditure might ha#e gone be!ond !our control' owe#er, sub period o &ahu < en < en will last till 1='/='/1/ and will be #er! good' (ou will get good o er and ringe bene its and promotion is also possible' Sun >rat!antar will last till 1/ th  Sept' Sun being the nakshatra lord o * sadha and in !our 4 th  house in con9unction with enus will !ield a#orable results' It ma! be noted that shadbal od Sun is good at ?41' 0t the same time ill health and domestic unhappiness is  not ruled out' Moon >rat!antar will be till 1/ th  December' -his period will be positi#e or a good beginning' Moon being in con9unction with etu in . th  house matters o children needs more care' (ou will undergo Mars >rat!antar till 1 th  8ebruar! /11' Mars in 6 th  house will gi#e negati#e results and !ou need to pass on care ull! and di erence o opinion and ill health is possible' 0s regards +akshatra trends please note irst hal rom %anuar! to %une, the period is a#orable, 0ugust September are moderate, October <  +o#ember is good, December is bad' On anal!7ing !our horoscope in general I strongl! suggests !ou to take remedial measures o &ahu and enus' 0s regards !our luck! stone  please note that Mercur! being in 1/ th  house in @emini is in it3s own house' -his is a !ogakaraka planet or !our lagna as well as horoscope' -o impro#e the working conditions I strongl! suggests !ou should wear an Amerald o . ratti in gold in le t hand little inger on an auspicious Wednesda! morning ensuring career success' A Snap Shot (Moon Sign) : 8or !ou this !ear will remain a#orable' Some important e#ents ma! emerge in!our li e, the li eBstruggle ma! be more intense or ew months as also in some months!ou will pass !our da!s in careB ree 9o! and happiness' >lanets Saturn and %upiter willremain in !our a#our throughout the !ear' Saturn mo#ing in the 4 th  house will think interms o destro!ing !our enemies' -he retrograde Saturn will keep his e!es on the si;th2haa#3 wanting to #an5uish !our ad#ersaries'-he !ear will begin with much e;penditure in spite o !our a#ourable position'-he retrograde Mars sta!ing in the se#enth house on the one hand ma! producedi iculties in !our con9ugal li e while on the other hand will create impediments in !our work ront' -hough in 8ebruar! !our an;iet! ma! increase to a great e;tent, e#en then!our inancial condition will impro#e and in work ront !ou will create hea#! pressure on!our competitors' -his time !our mo#ement will increase, !ou will spend a ter un and 9o! and en9o! good ood with !our amil!' During the period %upiter, enus and Saturnwill remain in !our a#our while Saturn and etu in con9unction will work or !ou'-he second 5uarter will pass #er! brightl! when !our public relation will growrapidl!, !our talent will be applied in newer ields and !our position will grow' (our  popularit! will grow as Mercur! and enus will sta! #er! power ul in the ourth house'(our sons and daughters will abide b! !our decisions'-he third 5uarter will remain ull o e#ents when Saturn will become Maargiwhereas %upiter is on the wa! to become retrograde' (our o spring ma! ha#e to gooutside and this ma! create di erence o opinion with !ou' -he path to good income ma! be obstructed a little or e#en be stopped but in the end it ma! gi#e !ou good di#idend,though up to a certain e;tent the gain in percentage ma! be less' (ou ma! ace #er! toughresistance rom !our opponents and hal o !our energ! ma! be spent in subduing them'-his is the time when !ou ha#e to ace competition in ser#ice though the balance willremain in !our a#our' *p to midB%ul! this trend will continue though a ter that there will be problem' -ill the irst hal o 0ugust some dispute will continue though the situationma! not go be!ond control' During this time !ou ha#e to be cautions and should tr! toremain awa! rom this and i !ou are care ul in !our 9ourne!, then e#er!thing will begood or !ou' -his 5uarter ma! bring !ou sudden gains'-he last 5uarter o the !ear will pass o with a luck! note' (ou will do wonder ulthings b! blending !our knowledge and e;perience with !our toil thereb! de#eloping  !our pro essional importance' -he scope o inancial gain ma! continuall! increase in +o#ember' (ou ma! gain through tra#el outside, the high o icials will come in !our helpand coBoperation with !our relati#es and riends will be bene icial' -he end o the !ear isthe time to e;tend !our acti#ities, to in#est capital and to de#elop !our organi7ationstrateg!' During this period !ou ma! ha#e to undertake man! 9ourne!s resulting in muche;penditure' -ransit results o %upiter, Saturn, &ahu  etu : General : -ill Ma!, %upiter remaining in  nd  will gi#e !ou monetar! gains and !our prospects willremain bright in !our work ront' Ma! recei#e a new 9ob o er, though enemies or opponents ma! tr! to damage !ou without success' *sing new techni5ues andtechnologies !ou ma! enhance !our income' (ou ma! bu! #ehicle, land or an! other asset upto Ma!' 2ut between Ma! and +o#ember clashes, con rontation with the closeones is a possibilit!' 2e care ul and cautious about what !ou speak and whom !ou speak to' Health : @ood health will be maintained and !ouEll accomplish all !our important 9obs with muchcourage' Most o them will get !ou success' (ou ma! also like to help the need! ones'owe#er, some amil! memberEs ill health ma! cause !ou concern' Seasonal diseases andheart, sugar, blood pressure related problems ma! sur ace' owe#er, !ou must control!our emotions and should not take an! hast! decisions' Career Front: With hard work and dedication !ou can get o#er an! situation as a ter struggle !our #ictor! is assured' 8or !ou this !ear will be ull o challenges and struggle' ard work or >arakrama will make !ou succeed during this period' With Saturn in 1/ th , and upto %uneto December %upiter in ? th  some problems and hurdles will keep on disturbingoccasionall!, though !our ensuring cooperation o the high o icials is a must' Chances o  growth and promotion are there' (ou will manage !our inancial a airs intelligentl!, b!controlling !our e;penditure' -here will be moderate gains and monetar! in low' -rans er cannot be a#oided' 2ut !ou will be able to en9o! the atmosphere at the workBplace' (ouma! also bu! mo#able or immo#able propert!' owe#er, due to un a#orable Saturn3stransit enmit! or ailures at times can make !ou secluded or a short time in !our work  ront' 0 coBworker or colleague can conspire and cause !ou some loss' Fegal di icultiesor long 9ourne!s can add to discom orts' Friend & elations :  8or the riends  relations this will be their tr!ing and testing time' -he!Ell ha#e to pro#etheir worth and bona ides to !ou, since emotional struggles will be man!' !ourne s:    Short 9ourne!s or sightBseeing etc' are possible but the! will be e;pensi#e and tiring'%ourne! to close destination will be more' 2ut !ou ma! eel e;hausted in them' #edi$ e%edies:  Chant Ganesha Mantra daily at morning. isit and pra! at a nearb! Shi#a temple on Monda!s' al'ita e%edies:  +ot to wear 2lue clothes'Donate black seeds e#en Saturda!' Monthl e%edial Measures * Mantra e$itation : MONTHPLANETSMANTA January Venus Om Dran Drin Dron Sah Shukra!a +amah' February ahu Om 2hran 2hrin 2hron Sah &ahawe  +amah' Mar!h M##n Om Shran Shrin Shron Sah Chandramase +amah  A$ril Mur!ury Om 2ram 2rim 2rom Sah 2udha!a +amah' May ahu Om 2hran 2hrin 2hron Sah &ahawe  +amah' June Mars Om ran rin ron Sah 2hauma!a +amah' July Venus Om Dran Drin Dron Sah Shukra!a +amah'  Augus% Mur!ury Om 2ram 2rim 2rom Sah 2udha!a +amah' &e$%e'ber &un  Om ran rin ron Sah Sur!a!a +amah (!%#ber ahu Om 2hran 2hrin 2hron Sah &ahawe  +amah' N#)e'ber &un  Om ran rin ron Sah Sur!a!a +amah *e!e'ber Mars Om ran rin ron Sah 2hauma!a +amah' Yearl +lanner ,ith -ates : MonthAuspi$ious -ates.nauspi$ious -ates %anuar!1/,11,1,1,1=,/,1,?,.,1$,1?,$,?,$18ebruar!=,6,1,1$,1=,161,,4,1/,11,14,/,1,6March,=,11,1,1$,1,1=1,6,4,1/,16,14,/,=,60pril,$,?,=,6,4,1,1$,1?,$/.,,1.,1,$,?,.Ma!1,.,,4,1/,11,=,6,$,?,1,1$,1,,$/,$1%une1,,$,,=,$,?,.,6,4,$/6,4,1/,1=,16,,=%ul!$,?,.,1,,,=,$/,$1,=,1?,1.,$,?,.0ugust1,1=,16,,$,=,6,$,?,11,1,14,/,1,4,$/,$1
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