Asylum Help UK Leaflet

Asylum Help UK Leaflet
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  Asylum Helpline (Advice) for independent advice, informaon and guidance: Asylum Helpline (Support Applicaons) to make a support applicaon: Language English/ any other languageAlbanianAmharicArabicBengali Chinese MandarinFarsiFrench Punjabi Pushtu SomaliTamilTigrinyaUrduVietnamese Number 0808 8000 6300808 8000 6200808 8000 6220808 8000 6240808 8000 6260808 8000 6280808 8000 6320808 8000 6340808 8000 6360808 8000 6380808 8000 6400808 8000 6420808 8000 6440808 8000 6460808 8000 648 Number 0808 8000 6310808 8000 6210808 8000 6230808 8000 6250808 8000 6270808 8000 6290808 8000 6330808 8000 6350808 8000 6370808 8000 6390808 8000 6410808 8000 6430808 8000 6450808 8000 6470808 8000 649 Language English/ any other languageAlbanianAmharicArabicBengali Chinese MandarinFarsiFrench Punjabi Pushtu SomaliTamilTigrinyaUrduVietnamese Other translated informaon is available at www.asylumhelpuk.orgRegistered Address: Migrant Helpline Limited (trading as Migrant Help), Charlton House, Dour Street, Dover, Kent, CT16 1ATRegistered Charity (England and Wales): 1088631 Company No(England and Wales): 4172880 Registered Charity (Scotland): SC041022 ASYLUM HELPSERVICES Have you claimed or are you intending to claim asylum in the UK? Asylum Help is a range of new services to assist asylum seekers in the UK move through the applicaon system, and understand the asylum process. Asylum Help will operate from 1 April 2014, replacing all other government funded asylum advice services.  Asylum Help consists of two services:  Asylum Advice UK provides informaon and assistance at every stage of the applicaon for asylum process.   Contact:  Asylum Helpline (Advice) on 0808 8000 630 or own language number  Asylum Support Applicaon UK can assist you with applying for accommodaon and/or support and nocaon of changes to your circumstances.   Contact:  Asylum Helpline (Support Applicaons) on 0808 8000 631 or own language number. Asylum Help is part of a charity called Migrant Help, which has a long and successful history of working in this area.Asylum Help services are free of charge, and are available to anyone entering the UK and applying for refugee status, or has had refugee status refused. If you are in Home Oce inial accommodaon, Asylum Help will contact you with an appointment me. If you are staying with friends, family are homeless and want assistance with applying for support or updang your details please contact the Asylum Support Applicaon UK helpline. Other sources of help A booklet called Claiming Asylum, available from Asylum Help, explains every stage in detail, and will answer many of your quesons. There are a number of Brish charies that can give you advice and support in specialist areas, for example, if you are a vicm of human tracking or torture. For contacts, call Asylum Help on 0808 8000 630 or ask your caseworker for a referral at any me. Help in your language As you go through the asylum process, you can get any informaon you need in a language you understand. For help over the telephone in your language, please use one of the contact numbers at the back of this leaet. If your language is not listed, please use the English number and request help in your language.  Translated informaon on the asylum process and applicaons for support is available at
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