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  DRAFTIssue 11/2006 ATCA-M edia G ate W ay Issued by theInformation and Communication Mobileofmannstrasse !1 1#!$ M%nchen 󰂩  &I'M'(& A) 2006 The re*roduction+ transmission or use of this document or its contents is not *ermitted ,ithout e-*ress ,ritten authority. ffenders ,ill be liable for damaes. Allrihts+ includin rihts created by *atent rant or reistration of a utility model or desin+ are resered. Technical modifications *ossible. Technical s*ecifications and features are bindin only in so far as they are s*ecifically and e-*ressly areedu*on in a ,ritten contract.  DRAFTIssue 11/2006 Table of contents: Reviewed by:____________________________________________________________________________  1 References___________________________________________________________________ 2 Indroduction_________________________________________________________________  2.1 ATCA stands for “Advanced Telecom Computin Arc!itecture________________________  _  ____ 2.2 T!e followin types of #$ confiurations are covered_____________________________  _  ____ 2.% Release Roadmap & 'vantae C # %()) *C+,-+T& #$/_____________________________  % #eneral_____________________________________________________________________ 0 Interfaces_______________________________________________________________  _  ___ ( Rac verview_______________________________________________________________  (.1 ountin conditions for t!e R: #$_________________________________________________ (.2 -R34 Rac layout for R: #$ and AA52____________________________________________  6 7rame verview_____________________________________________________________  6.1 #$ confiuration consists of:_____________________________________________________ 6.2 AA52 switc! confiuration consists of:_______________________________________________  8 odule description__________________________________________________________ 9 inimum and maimum number of boards , Redundancy , Interface , ;&umber12< Cablin for #= and +T 1 ports____________________________________________  _  __  <.1 Interaction between >R and Cable list -___________________________________________ <.2 Connection from RT I>7,+plitter >7________________________________________ <.% 7 Adapter_____________________________________________________________________ <.0 3older for t!e #= interface________________________________________________________  1) >R Impact________________________________________________________________  1).1 ATCA& #$____________________________________________________________________ 1).2 AA52 +witc!____________________________________________________________________ 11.1 Rac verview___________________________________________________________________ 11.2 3andlin of more t!en one =Telement in t!e same Rac________________________________ 11.% 7rame verview_________________________________________________________________ 11.0 =dit ? 5ist overview______________________________________________________________  12  AT___________________________________________________________________ 1% Important 5ins_____________________________________________________________  CM M( AAC T& MC 2/212!0!34!03.doc5. oschminder / (. 5ester   DRAFTIssue 11/2006 Reviewed by: &ilio+ 7ufalino &( M( )  D 7 !&erer8I.)e9mis+ &( M( )  D 7 &Faisal+ Md. asan Com CoC AAC &C T&2:iao ;u+ <in &(;7 M( M 7M &'nn+ oer&( CD (I MC & <&iefried ;ederer+ &( M( AAC T& MC =lrich+ &choe**+ &( M( )  D 7 6 Dietmar+ &truc>+ &(M( ) ;M D C  1References Functional &*ecification ;eel 2? #0#0$8A!4338A2!!8@836!$;M Functional &*ecification ;eel 2#0#0$8A##038A2!!8@8361 &u**ort from?;M / &ystems / Deelo*ment/......CM M( AAC T& MC #/212!0!34!03.doc5. oschminder / (. 5ester   DRAFTIssue 11/2006 2Indroduction 2.1ATCA stands for Advanced Teleco! Co! utin# Arc$itecture  ATCA M) has been desined for de*loyment in all ty*es of net,or>s+ since it su**orts the trans*ortof user traffic on time diision multi*le- BTDM+ asynchronous transfer mod BATM or Internet *rotocolBI based bac>bones. It features a ,ide rane of media handlin ca*abilities for *rocessin user traffic for serices as handoer+ insertion of tones/announcements+ C& data serices+ multi8*arty calles/conferencin+ etc. =ser data is also+ if necessary+ conerted bet,een the different trans*ort modes. 2.2T$e followin# ty es of MGW confi#urations are covered ã C% MGW: as an interface to radio only ã &%T' MGW:  as an interface to &T( only ã Co!bined C%(&%T' MGW  ? as interface to both radio and &T( ã AA)2 %witc$in# *Transit GW+:  ,ith an inde*endent AA;2 no dial s,itch functionality and ,ithout any control of the M&C8&erer  ã IM% MGW  Bfuture M)CF? M) Control FunctionC&CF ? Call &ession Function AA;2? ATM8Ada*tion8;ayer2&I? &ession Initiation rotocol CM M( AAC T& MC 4/212!0!34!03.doc5. oschminder / (. 5ester 
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