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1. Atlas Mobile™ API for iOS iPhone | iPad | iPod Touch 2. product overview Atlas Mobile Maps API is an API for iOS (iPhone, iPad etc.) powered by all the capabilities…
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  • 1. Atlas Mobile™ API for iOS iPhone | iPad | iPod Touch
  • 2. product overview Atlas Mobile Maps API is an API for iOS (iPhone, iPad etc.) powered by all the capabilities of the Maps & search platforms by AtlasCT:  Map tiles  Address search  Local search  Multi search  Route search  Turn-by-turn navigationAtlas Mobile Maps API enables you to do all these under YOUR BRAND!(No context switching to outside your app!)
  • 3. address search Free-form (1-line address) Automatic errors correction Multiple results list Multiple languages No need to switch country Examples: “14 main avenue new york” “ny” “newyork” “main ny”
  • 4. local search Free-form (1-line search) Takes names Takes categories Automatic errors correction Suggests alternative search terms Aggregation of content from different sources inc. open and crowd-sourced datasets Examples: “mcdonalds nerby chicago” “hotel in las vegas” “shushi neaby 15th san francisco”
  • 5. route search
  • 7. Atlas MapsInternet servers that provide worldwide maps rendering and delivery• Maps Server – Delivering digital maps – Both vector and raster formats – Hybrid maps when connected to Raster Server – Standard API’s (OGS, Google, etc.) – Variety of outputs (JPEG, PNG, SVG etc.) – Different data providers (NAVTEQ®, TeleAtlas®, etc.) – Customizable design and coloring (CSS) – Less than 3-Days from data delivery to a published map• Raster Server – Delivering digital imagery (Satellite, aerial photos) – Standard API’s (OGS, Google, etc.) – Variety of outputs (JPEG, PNG, etc.) – Different data providers (Standard Geo-Tiff input) – Less than 7-Days from data delivery to a published map
  • 8. Atlas GISInternet servers that provide worldwide geo-search capabilities• Address search – Geo-coding textual address to coordinates – Free-form lookup (1-line address)• Reverse address lookup – Reverse geo-coding coordinates to the closest textual address• Routing – Calculate optimal driving/walking route – Multi-stops route• Local search – Search for points of interest / businesses around a point – Free-form interpreter (“pizza nearby berlin”)• Auto suggest – Suggest a list of most suitable continuation of a partly typed address• Meta-search (Coming soon) – Interpret any text and aggregating the results (“from heathrow to a hotel in birmingam”)
  • 9. about usOur business AtlasCT is a global leader in maps and location-based services (LBS) technologies for mobile and web. Enterprises worldwide incorporate our strong servers for Maps, Geo-services, GIS and LBS. Web and Mobile developers use our rich cloud-based API’s and developer tools for Maps, Geo-services, GIS and LBS. Home and mobile users enjoy our award- winning downloadable applications such as GPS Navigation, Social Location Sharing, Child Tracking and more.
  • 10. THANK YOU!AtlasCT - Atlas Cartographic TechnologiesAddress: 24 Ben-Gurion St. Ramat-Gan 52573, IsraelTel: +972-3-6124535 (105)Mobile: +972-54-8133463Email:
  • 11. Notes and acknowledgement:The proof of concept maps client is based on “route-me” –An Open source iPhone-native maps client under New BSDLicense ( The mapsclient, originally interacts with tilesserver was adapted to interact with Atlas servers.The turn-by-turn navigation functionality, the applicationitself and the server side (maps and search servers) are allmade and owned by Atlas.Background image used for this presentation by “MX Steel”
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