Atmosphere of Eid in Arabic

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  Atmosphere of Eid in Arabic Ramadan came to an end as well. Day victory Eid ready welcome, happy day for those who perform fasting during this month. Friendship, mutual Greetings ready to spread world wide. The tradition of hospitality is not merely the property of Indonesia. In some Arab countries, traditions come together and give each other forgiveness also conducted among family and friends. What kind of atmosphere of Eid in Arab countries? Quoted from Arab News, after following the worship Al-Mashhad or Id prayers in major mosques nearby, they usually gather in the house of the oldest families to stay in touch. They also have a tradition of friendship with neighbors and some relatives while saying congratulations series Eid. During the last Eid gathering, all doors are usually unlocked intentionally to facilitate relatives, neighbors or relatives who want to visit. They also prepared a complete table with  paper and pen near the door to greet guests who can not meet the host. If during a visit no one in the house, they would put a box gifts like candy, cake, or a set of perfume on the table that has been prepared. Then record the Eid message on paper that has been provided.    Divide the money The tradition of giving money - or angpao in Chinese tradition, also made the Arabs. Here called Eidiyah. We give the children toys or money as a thank you for fasting during Ramadan, and encourage them to want to fast again next year and in the future, said Barazanji, a resident of Saudi Arabia. Eidiyah tradition was also maintained in many countries with different names. In Malaysia called Duit Raya. Highway money envelopes are available in various colors and designs. The package can be obtained easily from banks, shops, supermarkets, and other commercial places. In the Arabian Peninsula, in addition to the appearance of the body, they also have a tradition of beautifying the home as well as spraying the perfume house with local 'Oud' or Bakhoor, a kind of scented bricks or woodchips were burned as incense, perfume specifically for the home. If there is a diamond in Indonesia and opportunistic chicken, Arab countries also have a special menu that seems to have become obligatory menu on every Eid. Menu specialties that include debyaza, sort of apricot pudding; Halawa Turkey, a traditional Turkish pudding, and ta'teema, typical snacks with a selection of cheese, butter, jam and eggs are cooked.  Some of the food is usually prepared from three days before Lebaran. Halawa Turkey Debyaza and processing takes a long time because there is a cooling process to create a sweet and viscous. This food is usually stored in the refrigerator until Lebaran arrived, said Hanan Mohammed, 47, a housewife in Arabic.    New tradition: chocolate snack The younger generation in Saudi recently began to start putting in the dish Eid chocolate snack for entertaining guests. This is a new tradition for the kids today generally do not like regular candy, so we  began offering chocolates to everyone, said Aminah Sadeg, a housewife, aged 70 years. Each house usually has a variety of dishes or baskets containing different types of chocolate.
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