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  VISHNU KUMAR SHARMA A-201, Sai Sankalp Society, Of Seven Bungalows, Opposite Amarnath Tower, Anheri !est, um#ai $ %000&' Contact: ('1 '00%1 )2*10+))'& %01    E-mail:ate3ame4esignation45ompany 3ame4Aress45ity, State4Su# 6osition applie 7or4ear  r/ + s/4 Surname4 This is in re7erence to the avertisement + pu#lication + telephonic conversation, 8 am writing to e9press myinterest in :oining your team as a ;3ame o7 the position</ =eview o7 creentials woul con>rm my association as Senior Acaemician an ofering performancedriven experience of over 1 !ear # in  the areas o7 curriculum evelopment, teaching, learning,training, aministration, curriculum evelopment, operation, acaemic consultancy etc/8 have success7ul track recor o7 Teaching, Aministrative Operations 6lanning ? anagement in the@ucation sector/ 8 have #een :uiciously managing the institute while ensuring smooth 7unctioning o7 ailyactivities/ 8 am a highly persona#le, sel7-motivate an iligent iniviual with e9i#ility to aapt to newsituations/!ith an innate sense o7 task prioritiation, teaching aptitue, training ? evelopment an result orienteattitue towars accelerating organiational growth an that too in a high pressure, time #oun ancompetitive environment, 8 reckon that my grooming level is apt to look outwar 7or a c$allen%in%po ition a Senior Admini trator& re'(irin% complete %ra p ) %rip of    International Sc$oolC(rric(l(m *evelopment& Sc$ool Admini tration with high level o7 pro7essional loyalty, integrity anmaturity/ A glance through my resume, attache along, shall 7amiliarie you with my creentials/ 8 am con>ent o7 >tting in the slot as well as in the team/ Cowever, shoul you esire personal interactionD 8 may #e calleupon where the possi#ility o7 our association coul #e e9plore 7urther/  Eours Sincerely Vi $n( K(mar S$armaEnc: =esume  VISHNU KUMAR SHARMA A-201, Sai Sankalp Society, Of Seven Bungalows, Opposite Amarnath Tower, Anheri !est, um#ai $ %000&' Contact: ('1 '00%1 )2*10+))'& %01    E-mail: SENI+R ,R+ESSI+NA. / IN0ERNA0I+NA. SCH++.CURRICU.UM *EVE.+,MEN0 1 2ear # ric$ experience in  elivering optimal results ? #usiness value in high-growth environmentsin the areas o7 International Sc$ool C(rric(l(m *evelopment& Sc$ool Admini tration with e9cellentacaemic #ackgroun ,R+I.E ã An am#itious, optimistic seasone pro7essional, alumnus o7 O97or Fniversity ;5ommonwealth Scholar<,FGD 8BO-iploma- E6D 8H5S@ an 85S@D traine with rich, in-epth e9perience in Teaching,Aministrative Operations 6lanning ? anagement in the @ucation sector/ e7t in Teaching, Training ?5urriculum evelopment an School Aministration ã emonstrate strengths in the process o7 8BO aIliation+authoriation+revaluationD #een part o7 Schoolauthoriation team ;6E6- E6-6< o7 leaing 8nternational JTotal 8B SchoolsK o7 8nia/ @9cellency inplanning, organiing, coorinating an monitoring all types o7 acaemic, curricular an co-curricularactivities 7or the overall evelopment personality o7 stuents ã Cighly motivate, ynamic an single-mine in pursuit o7 e9cellence with air 7or connecting with young mins an nurturing as well as 7ostering their evelopment to their utmost potential/ A keen planner with track recor o7 enhancing the international 8B-58@ schools/ =ich knowlege o7 curriculum evelopment an managing staf ã Geen strategist, aept at creating innovative strategies an 7ormulating aministrative policies 7oraccelerate growth o7 the organiation/ @9ceptional communication, aministrative, motivating skillsan a#ility to work singly or in a team/ Open mine, with a air 7or 7ruit7ul an positive interactionwith people 7rom iferent #ackgrouns ã Hreat a#ility to work uner pressure an think+act strategically to achieve win-win outcomes/ Thrive ina ealine intensive environment, multi-task, per7orm uner pressure an meet ealines/ @fectivecommunicator, writer, aministrator an stuent aviser/ @9cellent man-management, timemanagement, an leaership skillsD computer pro>cient Core Competencie   8nnovative 5urriculum esign+evelopment   Stuent @valuation+Assessment   5lassroom anagement   6rogress onitoring   Stuent evelopment   @9tra 5urricular Activities   5o-orination   School Aministration   5lassroom anagement ;repeat<    6arental 8nvolvement   StuentAssessment   evelopment Schemes   Staf anagement   5risis anagement   6resentation Skills!onering i7 you can a organiing career talkD stuentsL counselingD 8B authoriation process ,R+ESSI+NA. E3,ERIENCE AN* ACC+M,.ISHMEN0S R4K E*UCA0I+NA. INS0I0U0I+NS& MUM4AI ince 5(n 6711Head / +peration 8Admini tration ã Overall ownership 7or monitoring all aministrative an operational activities, #uget+purchase ? C= o7 @ucation sector o7 Ganakia Hroup ã Selects, inucts, supports, evaluates an retains high Muality teaching an non teaching staf  ã Spearhea operations, creating systems ? processes 7or smooth 7unctions o7 =BG 8nstitutions ã @fectively liaise with all State @ucation epartments an complete the statutory ocumentation ã Actively engage in 7unamental eucation research #e7ore selecting new sites 7or school ã Accounta#le 7or auiting the systems implemente an making changesD coorinating systems 7orli#rary, la#s, purchase, transportation etc/ ã @fectively maintain seamless coorination with school mem#ers an assist the teachers in e9ecuting7unctions  ã Accounta#le 7or 6lanning o7 Amission Scheules, 5oorinating with anagement 7or conucting8nterview, @9ams an Selection, =eceiving various applications an processing, =egistrations o7 stuents, allotting 8nterview ate ? Time, =escheuling ? arranging interviews 7or Outstation5aniates an others ã 6ivotal in assisting stuents with amission an registration, provie guiance in course selection inkeeping with the stuentNs interests, values an a#ilities ã  uiciously manage an run the institute while ensuring smooth 7unctioning o7 aily activities ã esign, evelop an implement systems+policies+proceures 7or smooth an efective aministration Ke! Ac$ievement 9Since t$e e are m! %eneral profe ional ac$ievement & and not excl( ivel!it$ t$i ;o<& folloin% point $o(ld move from $ere& to eit$er <efore or after corecompetencie = ã 6ioneer in the process o7 8BO aIliation+authoriation+revaluationD #een part o7 School authoriationteam ;6E6- E6-6< o7 leaing 8nternational JTotal 8B SchoolsK o7 8nia ã istinction o7 receiving various covete scholarships an awars, vi/ 5ommonwealth Scholarship inFG, 85A=- unior =esearch Pellowship, 85P=@+P=8-=esearch Pellowship an 3B6H=-=esearch Pellowship ã =ecognie as a 3ational topper ;ranke 2n< o7 85A=-unior =esearch Pellowship @9amination-1''* ã Caving creential o7 #eing as Muali>e 8nian Agricultural =esearch Scientists ;A=S<+3ational @ligi#ility Test ;3@T< 7or Qectureship+Teaching in Fniversities ;accreite #y FH5< ã 8nitiate automation o7 reviewing, testing an implementation o7 Training System an process ã esigne ? evelope moules, customie curriculum #ase on the stuentsL skills ? eIciency R4K IN0ERNA0I+NA. ACA*EM2 9I4=& MUM4AI 5(l 6717 to Ma! 6711 *ean ã e>ne ? implemente school an 8BO policiesD 7ostere environment conucive to learning ã esigne, evelope an coorinate policies an proceures relative to all stuent activitiesRSupervise the annual prouction o7 parent-stuent han#ook an other ocuments pertaining tostuents ã Organie university visits, career talks, health check-ups an school calenar o7 events in con:unctionwith School Cea ã Huie an coorinate with School section coorinators an principal on 8BO- E6-6E6 authoriation ã Shoulere the responsi#ility as CO Science an traine teachers on 8BO reMuirements o7 Sciences ã Pull accounta#ility as Assistant 8B-iploma coorinator - traine an guie teachers on 8BO+su#:ectreMuirements ã Actively involve as 5ollege+Fniversity counselor ã Assiste new amissions in school #y counseling parents+stuents on 8B+8H5S@ programs ã Huie 5AS 5oorinator in planning activities Ke! Ac$ievement ã e7tly acte as a teacher as 7acilitator, using 85T in classroom ã 8ntrouce Stuent council an house systems, 6u#lishe Stuent-parent han#ook+certi>cates, anstuentsL iscipline system ã =evise whole school 8B curriculum EC+.E M+N*IA.E >+R.* 9I4= SCH++.& MUM4AI 5(l 677? to 5(n 6717Senior ac(lt! 9I4-*iploma and I@CSE= ã eticulously taught 8B iploma, E6-8H5S@ Biology, an 8B iploma @nvironmental Systems ? Societies ã Success7ully supervise e9tene essays ;Bio< an 5AS- sports+action activities ã Canle the tasks o7 proviing copies o7 Paculty han#ook to teachers an stuents ã O#serve the coorination or the working o7 teachers an stuents in the classroom atmosphere ã Answere teacher caniatesN Mueries pertaining to the management o7 classroom an :o# market ã Celpe teachers in planning curriculum activities 7or their classes Ke! Ac$ievement ã =eesigne the sylla#us 7or E6 Science an assiste 5ollege 5ounselor in Fniversity placements/ ã esigne innovative programs to ensure sa7ety o7 school an keep it 7ree 7rom alcohol an rugs  NAVRACHANA IN0ERNA0I+NA. 9I4= SCH++.& VA*+*ARAApr 677 to Ma! 677?Head / Science ã Henerate rules an proceures that covers #ehavioral plans 7or iniviual stuents ã Oversaw school #uget to ensure that each epartment receives suIcient an aeMuate 7uns ã Celpe teachers in planning curriculum activities 7or their classes ã 6er7orme instructional programming an conucte meetings 7or teachers-parents ã 5olla#orate with 7ellow teachers to esign course curriculum an lesson plans an per7ormeaministrative tasks/ Ke! Ac$ievement ã rawn up plans 7or teaching Biology to 8B iploma an E6-8H5S@ stuentsD supervise e9teneessays an 5AS $ sports activities an acte as a 5oorinator ;5areer an 6lacements ã @sta#lishe plan 7or smooth 7unctioning o7 the epartment o7 ScienceD implemente sciencecurriculum+activities in all three programs o7 8B ;6E6- E6-6< an 8H5S@ ã 8nepenently hanle activities as an 8n-charge 3ational Science Olympia, Hroup % pro:ect anScience Pair SE.ABUI >+R.* 9I4= SCH++.& *EHRA*UNMar 677 to Mar 677Head 9Science= and Ho( e Ma ter ã 6roactively e9plore an implemente innovative teaching techniMues to accelerate learning processamong stuents ã 5olla#orate with 7ellow lecturers on lesson plans an per7orme aministrative tasks vi/ recoringattenance, managing stuent port7olios an proviing iniviual assistance to the stuents ã aintaine e9cellent classroom management skills an guiing stuents on task per7ormance ã 6rovie preventive ? evelopmental counseling to empower stuents with the li7e skills neee toeal with pro#lems #e7ore they occur an to enhance stuentsL personal, social, an acaemic growth ã rove the eforts 7or coorination o7 activities an events to promote multi-cultural unerstaningamong the campus community an the wier worl Ke! Ac$ievement ã @sta#lishe an implemente many new ieas o7 aministrative proceure 7or saving time ã evelope stuy material 7or the stuents as per approve curriculum catering to the nees o7 thewhole a#ility range within the class ã em#er o7 school 8B $ iploma authoriation team *++N C+..E@E + A@RID ) 0ECHD& *EHRA*UN 5an 6776 to 5an 677A i tant ,rofe or ã Steere the activities as Cea o7 Porestry epartment ã eticulously taught various courses o7 Biology, Porestry, Agriculture an @nvironmental Science toB/Sc/ an /Sc/ stuents ã entore /Sc/ Stuents 7or their research pro:ect +thesis ã 8mplemente Time Ta#le an Acaemic 6lanner, Assessment o7 stuents, Supervise an conucteinternal e9ams ã @Iciently use various interactive an innovative teaching techniMues vi/ lectures, iscussions,emonstrations, auio visual ais, la#oratory work, >el trips an etc to #oost up the stuents Ke! Ac$ievement ã Caving creential o7 success7ully setting uestion 6apers an conuction o7 e9aminations 7or thestuents ã 8mplemente the concept o7 8S reporting to upate the anagement on regular #asis NA0I+NA. 4UREAU + ,.AN0 @ENE0IC RES+URCES& NE> *E.HI Apr 6777 to Sep 6777Re earc$ A ociate ã 5losely monitore all activities an ensure that all process meet the Hoo Qa#oratory 6ractices ;HQ6< stanars ã 8enti>e measures 7or process enhancement an esta#lishe proceures 7or improving operational eIciencies
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