Politics-PA Corbett “Ant and the Grasshopper” saga Rush Jim Geraghty
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  Attachments @ DD: I discounted your attack on Castille [again], adding to the list of websites where you have attacked but failed to defend. Your devoted readership will be well-advised to recognize how consistently you type wild undocumented assertions and then evade when challenged; this isn’t a benign process, for you attacked “Bob” of racism merely because he’d challenged AG -Holder  –chief defender of “Precious”– absent having quoted anything that would remotely justify this claim [despite repeated requests that you do so]. @ DD: As has been your pattern, you both totally-ignored and partially-addressed distilled challenges, eagerly awaiting the moment when the relevant article “times - out”; your homework has only grown:   1. “Guzzardi was not a legitimate candidate.” Each time you tossed -up a criterion, I showed he had satisfied it [speaking engagements, media input, palm card, thousands of signatures statewide]; your view of him as a right-winger biases your ability to maintain objectivity. Your reaction [ he ’s a crackpot + is a personal value -judgment hardly qualifies as a documented, professional response. 2. “Your attacks on Obama haven’t been correct.” Start with the universally -acclaimed lie-of-the-year [ You can keep your doctor, hospital, plan, etc. ]; again, your Dem-viewpoint biases your ability to be objective. {Ignored.} 3. “The ‘word’ has begun to ‘catch - on’ to Obama’s failures.” Note all polls and punditry, plus quotes and behavior of your fellow-Dems; again, your Dem-tilt biases your ability to be objective. {Ignored.} 4. “Even Republican governors are finally admitting that the ACA is helping people and efforts to repeal it are ridiculous.” You will not be able to unearth a corroborative quotation; again, your Dem -tinged view of ObamaDon’tCare bia ses your ability to be objective. Your observation that Kasich acquiesced to the Medicaid-component thereof hardly qualifies as a claim that efforts to repeal it are “ridiculous.”   5. “Articles that have reached page 2 have expired/timed - out.” Cite any othe r blogger who has self- defined a “dead - thread” in this fashion, ever; again, your inability to admit error biases your ability to be objective. You attempted, deftly, to shift the burden-of-proof [ demonstrate that anyone else here continues to post or rea d the dead threads +, a game that empowers me to claim “check…and mate!” because much of our back-and- forth regarding the legitimacy of Guzzardi’s petition -signatures transpired long after the parent- document (Corbett’s filing) had become buried, off of the first page…remember?  { VI…start reading on page 499.-   6. “Obama has gone after terrorists, worldwide, with drone strikes, as well as direct and indirect military action.” He can’t even define “terrorism” for, even after Harper discussed two recent events by using  that term, he claimed insufficient-data have b een ID’ed *and, of course, he still views Fort Hood as workplace violence ]; again, your adherence to extreme-ideology biases your ability to be objective. {Ignored.} 7. “I defended McCaffery only against the manner in which he was attacked.” I demonstrat ed that Castille exhibited the proper self-policing of a trusted governmental entity, initiating a process that immediately triggered McCaffery to do the opposite of your desire [dropping a defamation suit instead of filing one]; again, your Dem-loyalty biases your ability to be objective. You restated your global approach * I’ve got no loyalty to McCaffery. I’ve repeatedly said that I expect him to be convicted. But, he still deserves a fair hearing before that. ] rather than proving (due to what Castille did) he would be denied a fair hearing before the ethical-entity charged with the responsibility to oversee judicial conduct. The word “proving” was used–instead of “showing”– because you are advocating litigation that would necessitate this be demonstrated.} 8. “I’ve gone after Dems as well, criticizing their campaign strategies, priorities and motivations.” My focus is on your errors herein and not your magical ability to claim honesty elsewhere; again, your self-referential nature biases our ability to be objective. {Ignored.} I was first-board on the Cheltenham High School Chess Team [Class of '69, before you were born] and admired Bobby Fischer for his ability to play simultaneous-games; I can multitask with the best of them so, surely, you will be up-to-the-task of defending ALL your wild assertions, right? 1.   David Diano  says: October 23, 2014 at 7:14 pm  Robert- You and Guzzardi are b oth right wing crackpots. It’s fun watching you get so worked up when I don’t feel like addressing every tiny pointless remark you make, so that you feel compelled to repost. Have you been diagnosed with observe y compulsive disorder? As I pointed out, I consider you to be more foolish than the Chris Martinez parody character. I only respond for entertainment purposes and amusement, but so many of your ramblings aren’t interesting enough to bother with, or I have nothing new to add from my previous eviscerations of your claims. I  just don’t take you seriously enough to bother, unless I can use you to illustrate some point I want to make. You are merely a Simplicio to my Salviati. That fact that you would deny that efforts to repeal ACA are ridiculous goes to the core of your disconnect from reality. The House has wasted 40  –  50 votes on this. Do they think that if it gets past the Senate that Obama will sign it? That should be the new Webster’s definition of ridiculous.  1.   Robert B. Sklaroff, M.D.  says: October 23, 2014 at 8:21 pm  @ DD: Your self-marginalization-process is now complete, and your credibility is in ruins. Corbett could do it if one message get¹s distilled and communicated better:  He had the opportunity to blanket fund a lot of typically popular but unsupportable jobs creation initiatives, and chose instead to focus on some less than traditional jobs creation and education opportunities, and they panned out! Vocational education initiatives appear to have been very successful with graduates of the training actually getting good paying jobs. His higher education shift was to focus on placing resources at the service of programs that had a higher likelihood of leading to meaningful employment rather than blanket 4yr BA programs in state and state-affiliated colleges. I don¹t mean to suggest that it¹s the role of government to ignore the liberal arts and look askew towards more intellectual disciplines, I believe it ’ s more to the mission of government using taxpayer money to invest in forms of training and education that have the most immediate possibility of leading to meaningful employment. It takes leadership to recognize this difference, during a period of high unemployment. There seem to be plenty of well endowed universities that can continue to train students in archeology, anthropology, and early European comparative literature. The message in the speeches is focused on gross numbers of jobs and not on the initiatives to support the short term benefits of creating opportunities to young Pennsylvanians to enter a workforce where unmet demand exists. Both the donkeys and elephants have missed a millennial opportunity to transform this State into the energy center it could be. Leadership should cut through the issues with bold commitments to overcome the environmental concerns. Give the concerned farmers clean water pumped in from abundant aquifers to mute the fracking leakage issue. All of the small former coal towns in NE PA have water pumped in because the anthracite mining of 60- 75yrs ago polluted the water tables where drinking water came from. It works. Institute the best practices enforcement of horizontal drilling technologies and enforce the inspections. Natural gas is 1/2 the equivalent cost of petroleum based gasoline. IF we can reduce the energy cost of transporting goods and services, of commuting to work, and creating a huge export market with investment in LNG, Pennsylvania becomes the hub of a new economic metamorphosis. Next level, develop industries that convert internal combustion engines to run on natural gas. Unlike gasoline stations which require a network of moving vehicles to resupply them, the majority of homeowners have natural gas already coming to their homes. An adaptor could be made so you can gas up your car at home. How often does an opportunity present itself that allows ordinary people to improve the quality of their lives by reducing a major living expense so dramatically, without resorting to solutions only practical in the Netherlands (everyone takes to riding bicycles, flushing toilets once a day, and resorting to other tendencies of the urban commune). What other opportunity for savings in energy presents itself with an infrastructure largely in place?


Jul 23, 2017
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