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  Auqaf and Religious Affairs Auqaf & Religious Department is headed by the Secretary Auqaf & Religious Affairs who is assisted by the Additional Secretary and the Deputy Secretary with their ancillary staff. Secretary Auqaf & Religious Affairs also acts as Chief Administrator, Auqaf. The Auqaf Organization is a self fund generating body. The basic funding is received from shrine donations, leases of agricultural lands and rents from commercial and residential properties. The funds generated are utilized for education, medical facilities, social welfare, academic scholarships and the upkeep of important religious monuments and holy places. The Auqaf Organization comprises of the following six Directorates: Directorate of Administration Directorate of Estate Directorate of Finance Directorate of Religious Affairs Directorate of Projects Directorate of Health Services History Mosques and Shrines have been not only a source of inspiration and spiritual guidance but also the platform of religious learning and propagation of Islam through liberal humanitarian and mutual brotherhood teaching of the saints. Undoubtedly, these humble seats of mosques and shrines of saints have a pivotal role in spreading the message of Islam. Most of these Shrines and Mosques were waqf, the management of which was with a voluntary local organization. With the passage of time, decay and deterioration set in the running affairs of these holy shrines and important mosques and there was a need to restore their sanctity. As a constitutional obligation of an Islamic state to bring about improvement in the administration and management of Waqf, Auqaf Organization was constituted as legal entity through the Punjab Waqf Properties Ordinance, 1979. Functions    Administration of the Punjab Waqf Properties Ordinance, 1979.    Mosques, shrines and other religious institutions under the control of the Chief Administrator of Auqaf, Punjab, except Historical monuments.    Religious Trusts    Central Auqaf Fund.    Muslim graveyards taken over by the Chief Administrator of Auqaf, Punjab under section 7 of the West Pakistan Waqf Properties Ordinance, 1979.    Charitable and Religious Endowments.    Preparation and implementation of religious education schemes.    Management of and repairs of Badshahi Mosque, Lahore.    Punjab Auqaf Academy, Jamia Hajveria, Markaz Maaraf e Aulia.    Religious Education Schemes.    Publication of books on Islamiat.    Printing and Publication of the Holy Quran including administration of the publication of the Holy Quran (Elimination of Printing & Recording Errors) Act, 1973.    Budget under grant No. 31-Miscellaneous-749-649-others.     Hajj Affairs coordination with the Federal Govt.    Administration of Data Darbar Hospital, Lahore.    Service matters except those entrusted to S&GAD.    Purchase of stores and capital goods for:    Ittehad Bain-ul-Muslimeen Committee    Muttehida Ulema Board    Quran Board Welfare Services Auqaf Department maintains 1 Hospital and 14 dispensaries in the Punjab. An amount of Rs. 28 million per annum is being spent on health care at Data Darbar Hospital, Lahore as well as 14 Dispensaries where poor and needy patients are treated free of cost. The Data Darbar Hospital, is a full-fledged hospital with 95 indoor beds. Dispensaries Lahore      Data Shifakhana at Darbar Hazrat Mian Mir Sahib.    Data Shifakhana at Darbar Hazrat Madhoo Lal Hussain Sahib.    Data Shifakhana at Darbar Hazrat Bibi Pak Daman.    Data Shifakhana at Darbar Hazrat Miran Hussain Zinjani Sahib.    Data Shifakhana at Darbar Hazrat Takia Lehri Shah, Ichhra.    Data Shifakhana at Darbar Hazrat Shah Abdul Maali.    Data Shifakhana at Masjid Wazir Khan.    Data Shifakhana at Shahdara Town. (Takia Kakay Zais)    Data Shifakhana at Shah Kamal Colony (Auqaf). Dispensaries outside Lahore headed by medical officer/dispenser)      Darbar Hazrat Baba Farid-ud-Din, Pakpattan headed by medical officer    Darbar Hazrat Bahaud-din Zikria, Multan headed by medical officer    Darbar Hazrat Kh. Ghulam Farid, Kot Mithan headed by dispenser    Darbar Hazrat Ali-ul-Haque, Sialkot headed by dispenser    Mauza Bahanwala, Liaqatpur headed by dispenser    Model Mosque, Company Bagh, Sargodha headed by dispenser Jahez Committee  Hajvari Rafi Committee at the Shrine of Hazrat Data Ganj Bakhsh, Lahore provide:     Jahez to about 25 poor girls every month.    Grant of Rs.300,000/- month. Important Mosques    Badshahi Masjid, Lahore.     Jamia Masjid, Wazir Khan, Lahore.      Jamia Masjid Muslim, Outside Lohari Gate, Lahore     Jamia Masjid Nila Gumbad, Lahore     Jamia Masjid Railway road, Sheikhupura    Markazi Masjid, Usmania, Gole Chowk, Okara     Jamia Masjid Sunehri, Dabbi Bazar, Lahore     Jamia Masjid Ghousia Chowk Pakistan, Gujrat     Jamia Masjid Maulvi Muhammad Din, Gujrat     Jamia Masjid Afghana, Jhelum    Markazi Jamia Masjid, rawalpindi     Jamia Masjid Gole Chowk, Sargodha     Jamia Masjid Block No.2, Sargodha     Jamia Masjid Company Bagh, Sargodha    Shahi Masjid, Chiniot     Jamia Masjid Katcheri Bazar, Faisalabad     Jamia Masjid Nizamat Near Railway Station, Rahim Yar Khan     Jmia Masjid Bostan-e-Aziz Near Railway Station, Bahawalpur     Jamia Masjid Al-Sadiq, Bahawalpur     Jamia Masjid Nawab Ali Muhammad, Multan     Jamia Masjid Haroon Abad, Distt. Bahawalnagar     Jamia Masjid Allah Abad, Rahim Yar Khan     Jamia Masjid Do Darwaza, Sialkot     Jamia Masjid Noor-ul-Masajad, Chichawatni, District Sahiwal Important Darbars    Darbar Hazrat Data Ganj Bakhsh, Lahore    Darbar Hazrat Pir Makki Sahib, Lahore    Darbar Hazrat Baba Bulley Shah, Kasur    Darbar Hazrat Mian Mir Qadri, Lahore    Darbar Hazrat Mian Sher Muhammad, Shariqpur Sharif, District Sheikhupura    Darbar Hazrat Shah Muhammad Ghous, Circular Road, Lahore    Darbar Hazrat Aishan Sahib, Lahore    Darbar Hazrat Madho Lal Hussain, Lahore    Darbar Hazrat Shah Abual Muali, Lahore    Darbar Hazrat Nau Lakh Hazari, Shah Kot    Darbar Hazrat Shah Jamal Qadri, Lahore    Darbar Hazrat Shah Chiragh near High Court, Lahore    Darbar Hazrat Imam Ali-ul-Haq, Shah Sialkot    Darbar Hazrat Nausha Gunj Bakhsh, Ranmal Sharif, Distt. Gujrat    Darbat Hazrat Shah Daula, Gujrat    Darbar Hazrat Bhiri Shah Rehman, Distt. Gujranwala    Darbar Hazrat Jee Baba, Attock    Darbar Hazrat Bibi Pak Daman, Lahore     Darbar Hazrat Sakhi Sarwar, D.G. Khan    Darbar Hazrat Khawaja Ghulam Farid, Kot Mithan Sharif, Distt. Rajanpur    Darbar Hazrat Baba Farid-ud-Din Ganj Shakhar, Pakpattan    Darbar Hazrat Hai Sher Dewan Chawali Mashaikh, Burewala, District Vehari    Darbar Hazrat Dawood Bandgi, Shergarh, Distt. Okarak    Darbar Hazrat Badshahan, Khushab    Darbar Hazrat Kh. Noor Muhammad Moharvi, Chishtian, Distt. Bahawalnagar    Darbar Hazrat Muhammad Panah Kamir, Distt. Sahiwal    Darbar Hazrat Mahboob-e-Subhani, Uch Sharif, Distt. Bahawalpur    Darbar Hazrat Dars Mian Wadda, Lahore    Darbar Hazrat Miran Husain Zanjani, Chah Miran, Lahore    Darbar Hazrat Shah Inayat Qadri, Fatima Jinnah Road, Lahore    Darbar Hazrat Haq Bahoo, Kalar Kahar    Darbar Hazrat Abdul Qadir Jillani, Kot Sadhan District Jhang    Darbar Hazrat Baha-ud-Din Zakriya, Multan    Darbar Hazrat Darbar Hazrat Shah Rukn-e-Alam , Multan    Darbar Hazrat Musa Pak Shaheed, Multan 36.    Darbar Hazrat Shah Shams Sabzwari, Multan    Darbar Hazrat Kh. Khuda Bukhsh, Khairpur Tameali, District Bahawalpur
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