Automatic Share Transaction .Net Application

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  A PPROJECT REPORT ON AUTOMATIC SHARE TRANSACTION SYSTEM ORGANIZATION PROFILE Software Solutions is an IT solution provider for a dynamicenvironment where business and technology strategies converge.Their approach focuses on new ways of business combining ITinnovation and adoption while also leveraging an organization’s currentIT assets. Their work with large global corporations and new productsor services and to implement prudent business and technologystrategies in today’s environment. Xxxxxxx’s   RANGE OF EXPERTISE INCLUDES: ã Software Development Services ã Engineering Services ã Systems Integration ã ustomer !elationship anagement ã #roduct Development ã Electronic ommerce ã onsulting ã IT $utsourcing%e apply technology with innovation and responsibility to achieve twobroad ob&ectives'  ã Effectively address the business issues our customers face today. ã (enerate new opportunities that will help them stay ahead in thefuture. THIS APPROACH RESTS ON: ã ) strategy where we architect* integrate and manage technologyservices and solutions + we call it )I for success. ã ) robust offshore development methodology and reduced demandon customer resources. ã ) focus on the use of reusable frameworks to provide cost andtimes benefits.They combine the best people* processes and technology to achievee,cellent results + consistency. %e offer customers the advantages of' SPEED: They understand the importance of timing* of getting therebefore the competition. ) rich portfolio of reusable* modularframeworks helps &ump+start pro&ects. Tried and tested methodologyensures that we follow a predictable* low + risk path to achieve results.$ur track record is testimony to comple, pro&ects delivered within andevens before schedule.  EXPERTISE: $ur teams combine cutting edge technology skills with richdomain e,pertise. %hat’s e-ually important + they share a strongcustomer orientation that means they actually start by listening to thecustomer. They’re focused on coming up with solutions that servecustomer re-uirements today and anticipate future needs. A FULL SERVICE PORTFOLIO: They offer customers the advantage of being able to )rchitect*integrate and manage technology services. This means that they canrely on one* fully accountable source instead of trying to integratedisparate multi vendor solutions. SERVICES: ,, is providing its services to companies which are in the fieldof production* -uality control etc with their rich e,pertise ande,perience and information technology they are in best position toprovide software solutions to distinct business re-uirements.  ABSTRACTIntr! #t$n: The ob&ective of this application is to automate the process of /uying and Selling of Shares over internet. In general we should approach the Share /rokers for these transactions and they are going to charge some minimal amount for each transaction. To avoid this payment to the /rokers the users can register to the portal directly and can do their own transaction without any other /rokers interaction.This web application is accessible for registered users only can do their own transactions over internet. 0or the transactions they need not to pay any amount to any /rokers. 1sing this web application the authorized users can buy and sell the shares. )ll these transactions will be stored as 2istory for the users reference. %hile performing the transactions the users must provide their secondary authentication details as cross verification.


Jul 23, 2017
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