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   A A A A AUTUTUTUTUTOMOOMOOMOOMOOMOTIVETIVETIVETIVETIVESERSERSERSERSERVICE VICE VICE VICE VICE  AD AD AD AD ADVISORSVISORSVISORSVISORSVISORS CALIFORNIA OCCUPATIONAL GUIDE - NUMBER 2402005 INTEREST AREA CONVENTIONAL WHAWHAWHAWHAWHAT DOES T DOES T DOES T DOES T DOES  AN  AN  AN  AN  AN  A A A A AUTUTUTUTUTO SERO SERO SERO SERO SERVICEVICEVICEVICEVICE ADVISOR DO? ADVISOR DO? ADVISOR DO? ADVISOR DO? ADVISOR DO? AUTOMOTIVE SERVICE ADVISORS workin new and used automobile dealershipsand large automobile repair shops. Theygreet customers, listen to their descriptionof the problems or service needed,determine the type of service required,and prepare service orders. If a vehiclerequires additional repairs not covered inthe srcinal order, they estimate theadded cost and telephone the customerfor permission to do the work. They alsoadvise customers on other availableservices.Automotive Service Advisors, sometimesknown as service writers handle theadministrative and customer relationsfunctions of the service department. Theirwork influences customer satisfaction andtheir willingness to do business with thedealer again.Automotive Service Advisors perform the following tasks:Advise customers about necessary service for routinemaintenance.ãHelp identify a mechanical problem by questioning thecustomer or doing a visual inspection or road test.ãConfer with customers about inspection results, recommendcorrective procedures, and prepare work order for neededrepairs.ãPrepare a repair order showing time, cost, and laborestimates for service.ãWrite a brief description of the problem on the repair orderto help the mechanic locate the problem.ãExplain the work performed and the charges to thecustomer.ãHandle customer complaints. WHAT SKILLS ARE IMPORTANT? Important skills, knowledge, and abilities for AutomotiveService Advisors include:ãTroubleshooting – Determining causes of operating errorsand deciding what to do about it.ãReading Comprehension – Understanding written sentencesand paragraphs in work-related documents.ãWriting – Communicating effectively in writing asappropriate for the needs of the audience.ãSpeaking – Talking to others to convey informationeffectively.ãActive Listening – Giving full attention to what other peopleare saying, taking time to understand the points being made,asking questions as appropriate, and not interrupting atinappropriate times.   Page 2 of 4 AUTOMOTIVE SERVICE ADVISORS Number 240 Development Department (EDD) Labor MarketInformation Division (LMID) and represents thebroad occupational group Cost Estimators whichincludes Automotive Service Advisors:Cost EstimatorsEstimated number of workers in 2002:23,800Estimated number of workers in 2012:30,100Projected Growth 2002-2012:26.5%Est. openings due to separations by 2012:5,300 These figures do not include self-employment. This occupation will grow faster than averagecompared with all occupations in California.There will be an estimated 1,160 job opportunitiesper year in this occupation during the projectionsperiod. Trends Automotive Service Advisors with broadknowledge of automotive systems will becompetitive in the job market. Also those withthe communication skills to gain customerconfidence and the sales ability to sell related andadditional services will be in demand. WHAT DOES THE JOB PAY? California Earnings The following information is from theOccupational Employment Statistics Survey of Employers by EDD/LMID and represents the broadoccupational group Cost Estimators whichincludes Automotive Service Advisors:Cost Estimators 2005 WagesHourly wages range from$21.02to$36.38Average hourly wage$29.55Average annual wage$61,474 These figures do not include self-employment  . No formal wage survey is available forAutomotive Service Advisers, but an informalsampling of jobs listed on America’s Job Bankshows wages somewhat lower than those listedhere.ãMechanical – Knowledge of machines andtools, including their designs, uses, repair, andmaintenance.ãEngineering and Technology – Knowledge of the practical application of engineeringscience and technology. This includes applyingprinciples, techniques, procedures, andequipment to the design and production of various goods and services.ãProblem Sensitivity – The ability to tell whensomething is wrong or is likely to go wrong. Itdoes not involve solving the problem, onlyrecognizing there is a problem.ãNumber Facility – The ability to add, subtract,multiply, or divide quickly and correctly.Good communication skills and sales ability arenecessary for success in this occupation. Advisorsneed the ability to work with customers who areconcerned about the amount and cost of the workto be done to their automobiles. They also need tobe able to sell the service of the dealership orgarage. WHAT’S THE WORK ENVIRONMENT? This job generally requires standing on one’s feetall day. Unlike the mechanic’s job, it is removedfrom dirt and grease. The work day is broken intorelatively quiet periods and extremely busy times,such as the early morning when customers bring intheir automobiles for service and repair and in theevening when they return to pick up theirautomobiles. An Automotive Service Advisor’swork may not be physically strenuous, but may beemotionally exhausting at times. They spend alarge amount of time interacting with the public.They may need to calm stressed, irate, anddissatisfied customers. Union Membership Service Advisors who are union members belongto Automotive Machinist Locals of theInternational Association of Machinists andAerospace Workers. WHAT’S THE CALIFORNIA JOB OUTLOOK? The following information is from the occupationalprojections produced by the Employment  AUTOMOTIVE SERVICE ADVISORS Number 240Page 3 of 4 Hours Service Advisors generally work from earlymorning to early evening and may be expected towork on Saturdays. Some Automotive ServiceAdvisors no longer work a traditional day shift,since some dealerships are now open on theweekends or late in the evening for customerconvenience. Benefits Fringe benefits can include vacation, sick leave,health insurance, and a retirement plan. HOW DO I PREPARE FOR THE JOB? Education and Training  Most employers prefer to hire applicants withsome automotive experience and at least a highschool education. Employers also recommendhigh school or community college courses in salesand marketing, business math, and interpersonalcommunication. Basic computer knowledge canbe useful, but data entry skills are usually learnedon the job.A driver’s license and a good driving record ismandatory. A basic mechanical background ishelpful.Automotive Service Advisors are trained on the job under the guidance of experienced ServiceAdvisors and the service manager. Trainees maybegin by helping route repair orders, computecost, and determine time required for repairs.Some trainees attend automobile manufacturertraining programs. Often trainees supplementon-the-job training with vocational courses inautomobile mechanics. Licensing and Certification Automotive Service Advisors are not required tohave a license or certificate to work in California.However, certification can help with careerdevelopment and higher pay. Contact AutomotiveService Excellence for information about testingand certification for automobile serviceconsultant. Continuing Education While continuing education is not required,Automotive Service Advisors keep up withchanges in automobile technology through on-the- job experience or employer-sponsored trainingprograms offered by automobile manufacturers. HOW DO I FIND THE JOB? Applying directly to employers remains one of themost effective job search methods. MostAutomotive Service Advisors are employed in thenew and used car dealer industry.Search these yellow page  headings for listings of private firms:ãAutomobile Dealers - New CarsãAutomobile Dealers - Used CarsãAutomotive Repairing and ServiceThe following Internet resources can be helpful tothe job search process:America’s Career InfoNetwww.acinet.orgAmerica’s Job Bankwww.ajb.dni.usCalJOBS SM Job Search and Resume Job Service Information Network (O*NET) Onlinehttp://online.onetcenter.orgOne-Stop Career Centers  Page 4 of 4 AUTOMOTIVE SERVICE ADVISORS Number 240 For statewide and local projections, wages,employers by county, and other occupationalinformation go to select Find an Occupation Profile . WHERE CAN THE JOB LEAD? In automobile dealerships and large automobilerepair shops, qualified Service Advisors canadvance to the position of service manager.Occasionally, Service Advisors establish their ownindependent repair shops. OTHER SOURCES OF INFORMATION Automotive Service ExcellenceNational Institute for Automotive Service Excellence (ASE)101 Blue Seal Drive, S.E. Suite 101Leesburg, VA 20175(703) 669-6600www.asecert.orgAutomotive Service Councils of California758 University AvenueSacramento, CA 95825(800) RELATED OCCUPATIONAL GUIDES Automobile MechanicsNo.24Parts SalespersonsNo.237 OCCUPATIONAL CODE REFERENCES SOC (Standard Occupational Classification) Cost Estimators 13-1051 O*NET   (Occupational Information Network) Cost Estimators13-1051.00 OES   (Occupational Employment Statistics) Cost Estimators21902 CU/GA 537
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