Avada 3.6.2 Change Log

Avada 3.6.2 Change Log
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  -----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Version 3.6.2 - October 8th, 2014------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ NEW: global sidebar theme options for pages, blog posts, portfolio posts, woo products- NEW: mega menu column width setting, control each column width!- NEW: new builder element ªCode Blockº for adding any additional code- NEW: theme option to disable Fusion Builder- NEW: layer slider plugin 5.3.1- NEW: added infinite scroll option to all portfolio layouts- NEW: option to enable/disable first featured image for blog and portfolio posts- NEW: theme option to control light box deep linking- NEW: theme option to control text shadow on image rollover text- NEW: added functionality so short code generator can be accessed in WP Text editor- NEW: theme option to disable all rich snippets- NEW: added ªEditº button to image fields in popup window for easier editing- builder UI improvement for expand/collapse items, the entire bar will expand/collapse now- updated translation files from Transifex- Fusion Slider short code will now work on portfolio posts- fixed issue of related projects producing a warning when post has no categories assigned- added fix for gravity forms add on when used with woocommerce- added caption/alt tag to recent works SC light box- fixed issue of woo sidebars being inaccurate on archive pages- single portfolio posts now show all header background page options- fixed issue with Fusion Slider resizing issue in IE11 and issue in boxed mode- added a check for timeline layout so date boxes show if there is enough width- made adjustments so that WPML and VC do not intefere with excerpts- minor style adjustments for IE8- fixed issue of scrolling popup edit window that scrolled background instead of window- made page titlebar function pluggable- changed default site width to 1100px to match live demo- fixed issue of builder image frame alt tag messing with special chars due to wrong encoding- removed class/id attributes for fusion text, they are not needed for that element- fixed issue of woo sidebars breaking footer on boxed mode- improvements for woocommerce RTL styles- fixed issue of client slider & flip box element deleting more items than it should- improved one page parallax scrolling accuracy- improved layout when using multiple blog grid short codes on one page- adjusted css animations on dynamic generated short codes - fixed issue of boxed mode image background not expanding to full height- fixed issue of clicking cancel button in Firefox - search icon and cart icon change color on hover in menu now- rev slider button style fixes and navigation option fixes- fixed issue of sticky header menu ids duplicating when no menu is explicitly set- pricing tables will display properly in woo products- fixed issue of editing account password in woocommerce account page- fixed issue of sidebar 1 always resetting to default when saving a post- buttons with dividers can now be used in flip boxes  - fixed issue of 1/3 column box bug when moving around in builder- added xss fix for contact form-----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Version 3.6.1 - September 17th, 2014------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ NEW: layer slider plugin 5.2.1- NEW: font awesome 4.2 icon set with 40 new icons- NEW: option to enable/disable page title bar on assigned blog page- NEW: option for image frame short code, image now has a link and link target field- added styling for category/archive drop down to match others- change header phone number field to a text area for HTML links- change number of posts from a drop down to a text field in element edit window- boxed mode sticky header is contained to box width- transparent header no longer requires a slider- content box fix for child elements- category page fix due to is_shop call in header- fusion slider responsive adjustments- changed responsive size so it does not show on small desktop screens- mobile menu padding adjustments for classic style- fixed issue of mega menu resizing / centering- buttons in columns now have the text wrap on tablets- sidebar padding option now works- fixed Optimize Press issue- adjusted for main menu action hook issue- google fonts will now load in https format- fixed issue of client slider/ image carousel images changing unintended upon edit- fixed issue of button not removing in Fusion Slider- various RTL fixes- fixed issue of mailpoet text fields not being editable- fixed validation error in mega menu- changed name of jquery.cookie.js to jquery.bisquit.js to avoid host unnecessarily blocking it- sidebar 1 will be set to ªdefaultº sidebar for new blog posts- drop down styling fix on shipping and handling fields- fixed woo order drop down query string php notice- fixed issue of sermon archive post title not always showing- fixed issue of builder save as draft not keeping content- reverted left/right padding option in boxed mode to old values- added version string to js files in admin folder to avoid backend cache issues- body font now works for submenus- recent posts comment link to comment area now- fixed mobile menu padding affecting submenu dropdowns- testimonial & blockquote text is now tied to body font line-height theme option- fixed numbering issue of client slider element inside builder popup window-----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Version 3.6 - September 10th, 2014-----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------  - NEW: Fusion Builder added for drag and drop page building- NEW: full control over site width (content area and sidebars)- NEW: dual sidebar options added throughout the theme- NEW: 5-6 columns added to sliding bar, footer, mega menu, woocommerce - NEW: 5-6 column portfolio classic and text templates (main and archive pages)- NEW: 5-6 column options added to recent news, recent work, flip boxes, blog grid, content boxes, counter boxes, pricing tables- NEW: 1/5, 2/5, 3/5, 4/5, 1/6, 5/6 column short codes added- NEW: theme option and page option for new ªboxedº layout option for portfolio text layouts- NEW: redesigned page options for easier use- NEW: theme option to set number of columns for woo products 1-6 column- NEW: theme and page option to set number of columns for related woo products- NEW: newly designed mobile menu option; toggle icon instead of large drop down box- NEW: design adjustments for iPad responsive portrait mode- NEW: several language files updated and added using transifex, 27 total languages with all or a portion of the translation completed- NEW: add official polylang support- NEW: updated revolution slider plugin to latest version- NEW: updated layer slider slider plugin to latest version- NEW: theme and page option for choosing fixed or auto size for portfolio featured images (see new doc section)- NEW: theme option for disabling date on pages and posts- NEW: left/right padding option added to full width short code- NEW: choose up to 6 different directions for image rollovers- NEW: theme option to enable/disable prettyPhoto lightbox on mobile devices- NEW: tagline box has a new content field to insert content that will display below title/description- NEW: page option for excerpt/full length setting on individual portfolio pages- NEW: google maps can now be used with coordinates- NEW: speed improvements dealing with font loading- NEW: theme option to control font extras, this helps with page speed and overall size- added style support for most popular bbPress widgets- removed portfolio sidebar position and page sidebar position page options in light of new dual sidebar options- removed full width page template in light of new dual sidebar options- cleared out any necessary items in theme check (kb post to explain the rest)- made adjustments to non-responsive boxed mode- fixed the issue with ªslideº animation for fusion slider- mobile visibility settings will now work for rev slider with Avada styles enabled- fixed issue of recent work widget in mega menu breaking portfolio & faq pages- fixed issue in call of flexslider plugin in main.js- adjusted twitter widget for s plural language forms- fixed issue of buddypress og:title breaking the tags- removed the width=800 param from the short code generator url- custom menu on main blog page is now limited to blog archives- improved mobile men sub item indentation and blog medium layouts for RTL- added support for Woo Themes Nested Category Layout plugin- added support for qtranslate custom post type translation- fixed issue with contact form 7 invalid required fields- fixed issue of WPML lang switcher not working on woo shop or archive page in main menu- fixed issue of prettyPhoto gallery not working with infinite scroll- added dynamic content fix to tabs/toggles/modals- fixed issue of auto updater not working with w3tc- fixed issue of woo checkout button when updating shipping method  - fixed issue of bbpress global sidebar not working in certain areas - style adjustments made to responsive layout- adjust portfolio columns by adding breakpoints for various screen sizes- new backend font icon for theme options, page options and builder- fixed issue of recent posts date-on-side layout not working with date format- styled bbpress notices to match our styles- fixed issue of bbpress search results page- fixed issue of blog short code displaying Categories even if tags are disabled- fixed WPML custom subheading bug- fixed issue of videos not showing for medium/medium alt blog layouts- fixed js_local_vars messing up sites using dynamic content- improved one page menu to have correct highlighted area, along with sticky header- boxed mode background patterns will now stretch all over page- added alt tags to flip box custom images- woocommerce_price is deprecated; change to wc_price- style adjustments for bbpress topic arrow alignment- fixed issue of portfolio pages not resizing in height- fixed issue of email social icon not working- check prettyPhoto and made sure http protocol is not hardcoded so it works on SSL sites- updated isotope script to latest version- fixed issue of return key / enter breaking the google map javascript- safari animations fix with text weight- pricing table style adjustments with time parameter- tabs active/inactive colors updated for dark skin- fixed issue with youtube short code and ssl sites- adjusted Facebook widget responsiveness- open social links in new window option now works with person and social links short code- added missing navigation and thumbnails for woocommerce product light boxes- fix alt= missing from image short codes- sticky header is now contained inside boxed mode- added VK to sharing box short code- add hooks to our mega menu system for nav menu roles plugin- added modal support to tagline box - added support so short codes can be used within copyright text- adjusted mega menu widget area padding on 3rd level- WPML theme options overwrite problem- added new timeline check to ensure two posts of same month but different year flow correctly- added ssl check on google map info box to avoid insecure content message on ssl sites- recaptcha api is now ssl ready- fixed issue of testimonial link falling to 2nd line when image avatar is used- all widget bottom borders are tied to the theme option color setting- button styles adjusted so they display in mega menu widget sections- default page template comments won't work when woocommerce is enabled- fixed issue of author page being wrong when author has no posts created- WPML 3.1.7 bug fix for language selector- fixed security issue with WPML options (spamming issue)- improved loading by not loading webfonts.js when no google font is loaded and font awesome is disabled-----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Version 3.5.3 - July 28th, 2014
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