Ayn Rand Two Column Notes

Ayn Rand Two Column Notes
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  Ayn Rand Two Column Notes Alex Riehm 1) Dates of her life:Birth: February 2 1! #Death: $ar%h & 1!'22) (la%e of BirthDeath:Birth: (etro*rad +,enin*rad) Russia Death: New -or. City New -or. /) 0du%ation:a) tudied history and hilosohy at 3ni4ersity of ,enin*rad b) 0du%ation under o4iets de4eloed method of abstra%t thou*ht and* in rin%ials678) 9iftedness:a) readin* and writin* by a*e six b) tory about a British offi%er triumhin* o4er an ndian Ra;ah made a stron* imression at the a*e of se4en%) <i%tor =u*o and Dostoe4s.i made a lar*e imression on her showin* %hara%ters of both extremes > *ood and e4ild) Determined to be%ome writer at a*e of ninee) At a*e thirteen too. one day to de%ide she was an atheist#) ,ife Alterin* 04ents:a) Adoles%ent durin* Russian Re4olution b) $arried Fran. ?@Conner in =ollywood in 1!2!%) ,i4ed in ,enin*rad until 1!2# and mo4ed to Chi%a*o in 1!2&$o4ed to =ollywood after only a few months in Chi%a*o,i4ed in New -or. City in the late / @s and early 8 @s and mo4ed ba%. to California in 1!8#Retired to New -or. City in 1!#1$o4ed numerous times to le%ture ?b;e%ti4ism at many hi*hrate %olle*es&) ?%%uations:a) or.ed as *uide in histori%al museum in ,enin*rad after *raduation b) or.ed as an extra and a wardrobe *irl for R? i%tures in =ollywood%) or.ed as a s%rit readerwriter   d) $ainly wor.ed on writin* and too. temorary ;obs when funds ran oute) ,e%tured her hilosohy .nown as ?b;e%ti4ism) Asso%iations:a) Reli*iously wor.ed out reasons for atheism at a*e thirteen in one day b) 5,earnin* in re4erse6 is the only way to learn* in rin%ials6:First listen %riti%ally and de%ide to a*ree or not then formulate reasons why%) 5Attended to the rationality of Aristotle6 be%ause he belie4ed that fi%tion was of *reater imortan%e than historyd) A re*istered Reubli%an suorted %amai*ns of Barry 9oldwater Ri%hard Nixon 9erald Ford and was oosed to Ronald Rea*an and his oosition to abortion') $a;or ritin*s:a) e the ,i4in* b) Anthem%) (enthouse ,e*endd) The Fountainheade) Atlas hru**ed!) Aearan%e:hort and sEuat lar*e luminous eyes hea4y Russian a%%ent formidable  resen%e in room and when ar*uin* %ause71 ) (ersonality:ense of humor but slow to lau*h admits she %annot ma.e smalltal. non*re*arious homebody 5wor.aholi%611) diosyn%rasies:%olle%ts %i*arettes and stams %hain listens to Ra%hmaninoff reads$i%.ey illane12) i*nifi%ant uotes:5Gust as a man@s wealth is selfmade so is his soul selfmade76 > Gohn 9alt5 $y hilosohy in essen%e is the %on%et of man as a heroi% bein* with his hainess as the moral urose of his life with rodu%ti4e a%hie4ement as his noblest a%ti4ity and reason his only *uide61/) Fi4e nterestin* Fa%ts:a) itnessed the erens.y Re4olution whi%h she suorted and theBolste4i. Re4olution whi%h she oosed   b) Family mo4ed to Crimea to a4oid the fi*htin*%)  Began colossal Atlas Shrugged in 1946 and it was published in1957 d) The Fountainhead was rejected by twele publishers 7e) he and her husband Fran. ?@Conner were married fifty years until his death18) 0ssentials of ?b;e%ti4isma) Con%et of man as a heroi% bein* b) ?wn hainess as moral urose of life%) (rodu%ti4e a%hie4ement as noblest a%ti4ityd) Reason as his only absolute1#) Definition of ?b;e%ti4ismnte*rated system of thou*ht that defines the abstra%t rin%ials by whi%h a man must thin. and a%t if he is to li4e the life roer to man1&) (rin%ials of ?b;e%ti4isma) metahysi%s: re;e%ts belief in suernatural and any %laim that indi4iduals or *rous %reate their own reality b) eistemolo*y: re;e%ts mysti%ism or s.eti%ism %laimin* reason isman@s only means of a%Euirin* .nowled*e%) human nature: re;e%ts determinism by any outside for%ed) ethi%s: sur4i4al as a rational bein* not hysi%al sur4i4alH *reatest a%hie4ement in life is one@s own hainessH re;e%ts altruisme) oliti%s: *o4ernment only exists to use for%e only a*ainst those who initiate hysi%al for%e for men exist as tradersf) estheti%s: the urose of art is to %on%retiIe the artist@s fundamental 4iew of existen%e7
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