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B. Tech. Electronics (ECT-201) III Sem 2012

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  National I nstitute of Techno I og1,,. K u ruksh etra Theory Exanr ination. November 20 I 2 Number of pages used: Two Programme: B.Tech. ECE Subject: Semiconductor Devices and ApplicarionsTime Allowed: Three hours Note: Attempt FIVE questions in atl selecting at least one qr.iiini, r.o;, h f the four units. UNI'I'-I The resistivities of p-region and n-region of a step-graded ce diocle are 2 f)-cm and I f)-cm respectively. Determine the height ol'thc potential energy barrier. Given: |rp: 1800 cm2/V-S, p,: 3800 crn]/V-r, n, ,.. 2.5 * 10,-, /crn-i. slrribols used carry usual meanings. What are drift and diffusion currents in semicondLrctors'l Shorv that the injected minority carrier current under low level iniection is essentiallv diffusion uri.nt. Derive the mathematical expression for semiconductor cliocle cLu.rerlt. Analyze the effect of temperature on forbiciden encrgy gap ancl nrobilitv of charge carridrs in semiconductors. Draw and explain diode. How p-n junction diode can be used as an electrorric switch? With the help of appropriate waveforms. explain diode reverse recoverv iinrc. Fora centre tap l'ullwave r:ectifier. derive the exprcssions firr thc lollowing: (i) average current (ii) dc output voltage (iv) rectifier efficiency (v) ripple factor In the circuit shown in Fig. l. the avalanche diocle rcsularcs at 50 V over the range of diode currents from 5 to 40 mA. Dcterrninc [l ts allow voltage regulation from a load current ls= 0 upto 1,,,,. tlre maxinrunr possible value of i1. Also calculate l,nr*. R TJNI'I ITcharacteristics of an ideal diocle and a Semester-lll Course no. ECT 201 Max Marks:50 { Ir- (b)2(a) (b) 3(a) (b) a@) (b) Rt-  s(a) (b) 6(a)(b) UNIT-ITI Give the Ebers-Moll rnodel {or a p-rr-p transistor with proper labels and write down the junction voltages as lunctions ol currents. Also show that CEcharacteristics do not pass through the srcin. Draw tlie h-parameter rnodel of bipolar junction transistor at low fiequency and derive theexpression tbr voltage gain. Draw the electrical circuit diagram of the emitter follower and explain its operation. Also nrention its inrportattt fbaturcs. For the circuit shorvn in ljig.2 determine the value of V1-p. Frz'z Draw the common-source drain characteristics of an n-channel FET. How will you determine tlre pinch-ol' voltage? In the circuit shown in the Fig.3. the amplifier stage uses an n^channel FET with Ioss = lmA, Vp - -l V. cluiescent drain to ground voltage = l0 V. Determine R1. Symbols used carry usual nreanings. 7(a) (b) 8(a) (b) Fiq.3 J Show the constructional details of an enharlcement type MOSFF.-['. Also draw itsdrain characteristics and transfbr curves and explain tlrose. Give the structure and ecluivalent circuit of MOSFE1' capacitor and discuss itscharacteristics t'eatures lo'n:t UNI'T-IV
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