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  Table of Contents UPPER-INTERMEDIATE ã      L     i    s     t    e    n     i    n    g     V    o    c    a     b    u     l    a    r    y     P    r    o    n    u    n    c     i    a     t     i    o    n     R    e    a     d     i    n    g Lesson Theme Grammar Points ! ea#ing !#ills 1.How’s it going?  ã Irregular verbs ã Present Perfect vs Simple Past ã for    and since ã Present Perfect short answers: Yes I have/ No, I haven’t  ã Responding to good news and bad news ã hanging the topic √√√√ 1.!ee end #un  ã $ore irregular verbs ã Present Perfect with %dverbs:   ever, yet, never, already  ã Inviting someone: Wanna,D’you want to, Let’s, how about, why don’t  ã Refusing an invitation √√√√ &.'ravel plans  ã $ore Irregular verbs ã e !oin! to  vs will ã %s ing for the meaning of words ã %s ing for and 'elling the √√√√ Page $  of %  (ate) (a*) and 'ime+.'he ,atural world ã Re-eive pronouns ã /uanti0ers: uch, any, a lot of, a little, a few, none, none of, no, ã $a ing a reuest ã %greeing to) and refusing a reuest √√√√ 2.Review 3esson  ã R45I4! 6# 7R%$$%R P6I,'S8 3essons 182 ã R45I4! 6# SP4%9I,7 S9I33S83essons 182 √√√√ .High school highs and lows ã Present and past participles ã Past ontinuous vs Simple past ã ,arrative techniues: introductor* phrases) continuing phrases √√√√ ;.'he <ob interview ã Past perfect vs simple past ã ontractions for past perfect ã Preposition combinations: with,for  ã (escribing someone:  #hysical attributes,  #ersonality characteristics, hobbies $ interests √√√√ =.'he weather  ã $atching opposites ã 4pressing low possibilit*) highpossibilit*) impossibilit* ã 7iving and receiving compliments √√√√ >.6n the phone  ã !h8 uestions and noun clauses ã %ay/said  vs tell/told ã eginning and ending an informal phone call ã 3eaving a message √√√√ @.Review 3esson  ã R45I4! 6# 7R%$$%R P6I,'S 3essons ;8@ ã R45I4! 6# SP4%9I,7 S9I33S83essons ;8@ √√√√ 1A.!hat a rushB  ã 7erund and in0nitive ã Reported speech ã %pologiCing ã 7iving forgiveness and reassurance √√√√ 11.7etting to a dinner part* ã Phrasal verbs: separable and non8separable ã %s ing for directions ã %s ing for repetition ã Receiving con0rmation √√√√ 1&.u*ing gifts  ã %ctive vs passive voice  ã %s ing to share the cost √√√√ Page &  of %  ã %d<ective word order in a noun phrase.with positive and neg. responses1+.3earning to drive ã 4pressing necessit*: have !ot to, have to, ust  ã Prohibition: must not ã %dvice: had better ã In0nitives of purpose: in order, to, for  √√√√ 12.Review 3esson  ã R45I4! 6# 7R%$$%R P6I,'S 3essons 11812 ã R45I4! 6# SP4%9I,7 S9I33S83essons 11812 √√√√ 1.#ace *our fears  ã Relative clauses: whom) who) that) which ã 4pressing than s ã Responding to than s √√√√ 1;.3earning languages ã !ord parts:  #re&'es $ su('es,verb, noun, adverb, ad)ective ã onnecting ideas: even thou!h, althou!h, because ã Interrupting a conversation ã ontinuing after an interruption √√√√ 1>.$one*) $one*) $one*B ã Real conditionals: present D future ã  'ag uestions: will/ won’t  ã Promising: aErmative) negative √√√√ 1@.7oing green  ã Fnreal conditionals: present D future ã Pronouns: possessive) ob<ect) sub<ect) possessive ad<ectives ã Possessives with of  ã #uture D imaginar* situations: ho#e, wish √√√√ &A.Review 3esson  ã R45I4! 6# 7R%$$%R P6I,'S 3essons 1;81@ ã R45I4! 6# SP4%9I,7 S9I33S83essons 1;81@ √√√√ Page %  of %

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Jul 23, 2017

Test Two Study

Jul 23, 2017
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