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  BABU PUTTA Professional Summary:  Overall 12.0 years of experience in the area of new products introduction, Productdesign & Manufacturing for plastics and sheet metal, everse!engineering, wor#ed in the design of plastic and sheet metal components for various products such as $utomo%ile components and omestic appliances.  '.0 years of experience on ($ software )nigraphics*x,(atia+ in developing $utomotive (omponents, li#e -i, Plastic, (asting and sheet metal components  %y using solid modeling, drafting, assem%ling and sheet metal modules.  /.0 years of manufacturing experience in the field of machine shop floor, (*(  programming, sheet metal, igs and fixtures, press tools, material handling euipments and mechanical components. Hands On: ngineering esign xperience %y using (ad Pac#ages li#e  )nigraphics*x  (atia +  $uto (ad  Mastercam  (*( programming!Milling and 3urning Education: DegreeUniversityYear of Passing 44( 5 6th (lass7-oard of secundaryducation $ndhra Pradesh,8ydera%ad )niversity5March91::/7 *3M $3 510;2 (lass7-oard of intermediateeducation $ndhra Pradesh,8ydera%ad )niversity5March91::<7-!3ech 5Mechanical ngg7  *-= 434ri+en#ateshwara)niversity,3irupati5May920017  Exerience: Organi!ationDesignationDuration $($ nternational 9 >>(,)4$Proect engineer5129201?7 @ 5till date7Mahindra 4atyam -and @31 5Module lead7502920127 @ 5129201?7 Page 1    (omputer 4ervices >td.,hydera%adAroup of engineers,hydera%ad3eam lead501920117 @ 501920127$ithcrew ngineering 4olutionsPvt.>td.,hydera%ad4r.(ad ngineer50<92007 @ 50/9201074ampoorna Manufacturing3echnologies pvt.>td.,hydera%adesign and Mfg engineer50<920017 @ 5092007 Tec nical S#ills: H A$D%A$E (ompa, 8P & ell or#stations O PE$AT&'(  S YSTE)S indows 6P, 2000 & *3 *AD+*A) SO,T%A$E )nigraphics*x,(atia!+,$uto(ad and Mastercam. - A'(UA(ES (, D O)A&'  .  'O%-ED(E  *ew Product esign & evelopment of 4heet Metal, Plastic, casting parts and Bigs fixtures and Manufacturing support for $utomo%ile & 8ome $ppliances Parts. Trainings:   Sl /Title-ocationOrgani!ed 0yDuration 1(atia!+8ydera%ad$ithcrew?0 days2Bapanese >anguage8ydera%ad$ithcrew:0 days?$dvanced Bapanese>anguage(hina$ithcrew<0 days/ suCu standards8ydera%ad$ithcrew1/ days3eam centre engineering Bapan 4)D) Motors 1/ ays<(*( programming8ydera%ad4ampoorna?0 days Pro1ects Profile: 2Pro1ect 'ame: Engineering Design + )anufacturing Suort to Honda*lient 8onda &, )4$ Descrition 3his proect deals with xterior design group in (atia +. >i#e 4unroof,E(9>( (amera cover, oom mirror, Eront Pillar corner garnish,Eront &ear mudguards,ear rain tu%e layouts,...etc $ole P (5Person in charge7 Organi!ation $($ nternational 9 >>(, )4$ Duration 5129201?7 @ 3ill date Team Si!e  Environment3%it s#ill versions4*AD soft5are: *atia 67 Page 2    Pro1ect Descrition: 8onda & $mericas, nc, 58$7 principal %usiness is the development, manufacturingof automo%ile products and services worldwide for 8onda and $cura sales li#e 8onda!Odyssey,Pilot, idgeline etc. $cura!3>,M6,D6,etc. *ontri0ution:8 esponsi%le for  ã $nalysis and understanding of the esign guide lines and >ayout chec# points as  per 8onda & standards. ã (reating esign engineering sections for feasi%ility study %y using 4tyling data. ã Ma#ing high uality >ayouts ! (oordinating with other groups li#e esign,3est,4tyling,Eactory,etc ! OrganiCing and presenting >ayouts to 3echnical expert93eam lead93eam ã Ma#ing high uality drawings ã =eeping schedule ! (ontrolling 4uppliers and Auest engineers ! (oordinating the meetings ! (losing out all pending items li#e >ayouts, (EFs, etc. ã 4upporting Proect lead9(hief with team activities ! (ommunication and negotiation ! Ma#ing9eporting team documents ! 3rac#ing pending concern items and summariCing ã (reated solid %ody %y using (lass $ surface. ã nterference chec# with surrounding data. ã Proficiency in (atia + generative shape design 5A47,4olid,4urface,$ssem%ly and rawing modules, Proficiency in wor#ing on customiCed (atia + provided  %y the client. 9 Pro1ect 'ame: Engineering Design + )anufacturing Suort to (oodyear*lient Aoodyear 3ire & u%%er (ompany, )4$ Descrition This project deals with Die design in CATIA V5 and V4. Dies are to beresized as per the reqired size !or seg ent old casting which are sed !or tire an!actring. Inpts i.e.#TA$%& catia'V4 odels as well catia'V5(rodcts are accessible !ro csto er shared database )% arTea *.Thedata trans!er li+e inpts& !inal deli,erables to be ploaded into % artea . $oleOnsite *o8ordinator and Pro1ect -ead at *lient locationOrgani!ation Mahindra 4atyam (omputer 4ervices >imited, ndia Duration 50/920127 @ 5129201?7 Team Si!e G Page -    Environment3%it s#ill versions4*AD soft5are: *atia86; < *atia867 Pro1ect Descrition: Aoodyear principal %usiness is the development, manufacture, distri%ution and sale of tires and related products and services worldwide. Aoodyear manufactures and mar#ets numerous lines of ru%%er tires for automo%iles, truc#s, %uses, aviation, motorcycles, earthmoving and mining euipment, industrial euipment, and various other applications *ontri0ution:8 esponsi%le for  ã $nalysis and understanding of the esign guide lines provided %y the customer.Aathering and studying the nputs. ã Proficiency in ($3 $ + 4urface and Parametric Modeling Proficiency in wor#ing on customiCed ($3 $ + provided %y the client. ã ffectively using 4marteam for data transfer. ã iscussions & Eollow up with customer on new 4ervice offerings li#e -ench mar#ing 9 4hould (osting 9 +alue ngineeringHsI. ã esponsi%le for overseeing the Juality procedures related to the proect. (ommunicating with customer. ã Proect Management activities li#e regular updating of customer documents and related documentations. = Pro1ect 'ame: Engineering Design + )anufacturing Suort to Bertrandt*lient -ertrandt, Aermany Descrition 3his proect deals with nterior 3rims & xterior 3rims in )A *6G.. >i#e(hrome -eCel, Eog lamp inserts for three variants!-ase, (osmo and 4port $ole Module >ead Organi!ation Mahindra 4atyam (omputer 4ervices >imited, ndia Duration 502920127 @ 50?920127 Team Si!e  Environment3%it s#ill versions4*AD soft5are: U('>=7 Pro1ect Descrition: -ertrandt principal %usiness is the development, manufacturing of automo%ile products and services worldwide. e have to create the - class surface %y offsetting the given $ Page 4  
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