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  The Five Limbs (Panchanga) of BalaListen, Virachamunda, to the characteriscs of jiva. t is su!reme, hole, eternal, consisng of nothing, stainless. t is the ulmate atomic !arcle, the #atha, it is su!reme $hiva, all !ervading, it is above all, it is %amsa, the soul of $ha&. t is the mind, the breath, the buddhi and the chi'a,residing in the ins!iraon and e!iraon of the breath of all living beings.  *aulajnananirna+a, V, -.This is the rst /nglish translaon of the ve limbs, or !anchanga, of the as!ect of 0oddess &no n as Bala Tri!ura. Bala means 1girl1, this as!ect of the 2ed 0oddess is the most highl+ erocof %er three as!ects, as the 3,444 names sho . Bala is an adolescent oman, Tri!urasundari a mother, and Tri!urabhairavi a oman in hom menstruaon has ceased.Bala5s root mantra is aim &lim sauh and variaons of this mantra are used in her dail+ ritual. 6an+ tantri& devatas have manuals structured along similar lines. The devata is rst visualised asresiding in the heart, then later dra n out through the breath and 1!laced1 in the +antra. 7n installaon or invocaon, various ritual accessories are o8ered, and the 3,444 adjecves (names)of the !arcular deit+ recited. The 9evi is then dra n 5bac&5 into one5s heart, and the ritual concludes ith various elements 1cleaning u!1 the area of orshi!.The ve limbs of a ritual !anchanga are Patala, Paddha, *avacha (:rmour), 3,444 #ames, and $totra. The rst gives the unfolding of the mantra, usuall+ in coded form. t also describes the meditaon image and the +antra of the devata, as ell as various o!onal rites. The second limbdescribes the ritual orshi!, including orshi! of the avarana or a'endants of the devata, hichare reall+ as!ects of the god or goddess. The &avacha is an 1armour1 used to ard o8 evil and hich ma+ either be recited or ri'en and then orn on the bod+. The fourth limb consists of the 3,444 names, of hich there are ver+ man+ sets in the tantri& literature. The ;h, the $totra,is the h+mn of !raise of the ishtadevata, the tutelar+ devata of a tantri& sadha&a.This !arcular manual comes from the 9evirahas+a, a large or& hich contains man+ other !anchangas relang to di8erent as!ects of $hiva and $ha&.Bala Patala  $eated on *ailasa $ummit is Bhagavan, s!ouse of <ma, the 0od ith a crescent 6oon as %is diadem, hose e+es are $un, 6oon and Fire, earing an ele!hant s&in, might+, orshi!!ed b+ the 0ods, bo ed to b+ hosts of 0andharvas, might+ =a&shas, and b+ gods and demons.%aving recited mantra, and having read sacred tets, rising u! and bo ing, Bhairavi >uesons the Lord.$hri Bhairavi  Lord 0od, 7cean of ?om!assion, ho reveals all :gamas, b+ =our grace  have heard of all the Vid+as, 7 $ureshvara. #o  ould li&e to hear of Bala Tri!urasundari. f this can be s!o&en of, declare the Vid+a, 7 0od 6aheshvara.$hri Bhairava  Listen 9evi,  s!ea& of the ve Limbed 6anual (Panchanga) desired b+ sadha&as, ( hich consists of) Patala, Paddha, :rmour, 3,444 #ames and *ing of %+mns. 7 6ahadevi, listen one!ointedl+. Parameshani, $hri Bala is the 0oddess besto ing both enjo+ment and Liberaon.7 6ahadevi, one ma+ give a a+ !o er, dominion, house and ealth. :ll these ma+ be given a a+, but one should never give a a+ this thing hich is the best of all. n the *ali =uga there is no other Vid+a resembling this Vid+a. t is said that $hri Bala Tri!ura gives siddhi >uic&l+.t should be !assed on to !eaceful disci!les, and to those devoted to their 0uru. 7ne should not give this Vid+a to the undevoted, 7 Parameshvari. ill s!ea& of the unfolding of the mantra, +antra, !rastara, meditaon, and the rites of the 9evi,7 6aheshvari. First, 9eveshi, listen to the unfolding of the 6antra hich besto s all fruit. t should be carefull+ concealed, hoever &no s it becomes successful ($iddha).7ne should !lace 1$ha&1 ($auh) at the end of 5Vagbhava1 (:im) and 1*amaraja1 (*lim), ending this ith #amah. 7 9evi, this is the eight le'ered 6antra of Bala. (There are) no obstacles, or im!urit+ or restricons a'ached to it, it causes one to become a $iddha, 7 6ahadevi, and is the *ing of 6antras in the *ali =uga.  9a&shinamur is the $eer, Pan& is the 6etre for !ronunciaon, the 0oddess if Tri!uraBala, 1:im1 is the $eed, 1$auh1 the $ha&. 1*lim1 is the linch!in. ts a!!licaon is to ards 9harma, :rtha, *ama and 6o&sha.7ne should do (si fold) #+asa on the head, on the mouth, in the heart, on the feet, on the navellotus and in all the limbs, 7 9evi.7ne should do #+asa according to the rules doing $eer, %and and Limb n+asa, using the bijas of the mantra, 7 6aheshvari.#o  s!ea& of %er meditaon, advantageous for all sadha&as@ meditate on Bala, clothed in red, ith a digit of the 6oon as %er ornament, e8ulgent as the rising sun, ith three e+es, holding a boo& and a rosar+, sho ing the gestures of removing fear and giving, seated on a red lotus.%aving meditated in this a+ one should re!eat the mantra hich gives success. : !ure sadha&a should !re!are (the mantra b+ recing it) A44,444 mes.#o  s!ea& of the unfolding of the =antra of 6ahadevi, the 0iver of both /njo+ment and Liberaon, hich is ver+ hard to get to &no of for an+ sadha&a.Bindu, triangle, eight triangles, eight !etals, adorned ith three circles and enclosed in an earths>uare. This circle of Bala (and %er a'endants) is the 9estro+er of Pain, 7 6ountainBorn 7ne7ne should orshi! the $ha&s of the !edestal hen inscribing the =antra. The !edestal $ha&s are Cill (ccha), *no ledge (Dnana), :con (*ri+a), Lotus0irl (*amini), 0iver of $eualit+ (*amada+ini), $eual Pleasure (2a), Loving the Bliss of $eual Pleasure (2a!ri+ananda), and 6indBorn (6anonmani) lastl+. 7ne should !lace these $ha&s round the !edestal using the mantra 1V+oma Parvata Tar+a $adashiva 6aha!adam Pitha Padmasana+a #amah1. This is the  !edestal 6antra. %aving !ut, in order, these 3- s+llables around the image (=antra) one should recite the root mantra.7ne should invo&e 9evi and orshi! %er ith the ritual accessories according to the rules. %aving invo&ed the desired 9evi in the centre of the +oni, one should orshi! in the triangle, in asimilar a+ $eual Love (2a) on the le;, Pleasure (Pri) on the right, and 6indBorn (6anobhava) at the a!e. 7ne should orshi! the si Limbs inside the +oni (i.e. central triangle) starng from the $outh /ast.7utside the central +oni one should orshi!, from the /ast, in a cloc& ise direcon, the :rro 9evis. n the eight +onitriangles one should orshi! the eight $ha&s called Beauful Bhaga (BhagaEfemale seual organ), Bhaga, #ectar of Bhaga, Bhaga adorned ith Flo ers, Primordial $eual Pleasure, The Flo er of $e, the 0irdle of $e, the Bliss of $eual Love  these are the eight $ha&s.n the laments of the lotus one should orshi! Brahmi and so forth, and in the !etals themselves the (eight) Bhairavas. 7ne should also orshi!, in the !etal !s, from the /ast in a cloc& ise direcon, the $acred $ites called *amaru!a, 6ala+a, *aulagiri, ?auhara, *ulanta&a, Dalandhara and 7dd+ana  the eighth being 9evi&uta.n the bhu!ura one should orshi! in the cardinal direcons %eru&a, Tri!uranta&a, Vetala, :gnijihva, *alanta&a, *a!alini, /&a!ada, Bhimaru!a, 6ala and %ata&eshvara. (:lso) in the direcons one should orshi! ndra and the others ith the (various) ea!ons.7utside of this, in the direcons, one should orshi! Vatu&a, the =oginis, *shetra!ala and 0anesha. n the intermediate !oints one should orshi! the (eight) Vasus, the $un, and $hiva. 7ne should orshi! all the elements and then the ea!ons.First of all one should meditate on Bala in the embrace of *ameshvara in the centre : *aula should orshi! using the ve ma&aras according to the rules of *aulachara.The sadha&a s&illed in the mantra should orshi! 6ahadevi in the bindu (of the +antra) ith scent, unhus&ed rice, Go ers, incense, Game and li>uid oblaon. This is called La+anga.
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