baldwin commercial grade 1 mortise lock with surface mount trim Works with ALL Baldwin Houston

baldwin commercial grade 1 mortise lock with surface mount trim Works with ALL Baldwin Estate Collection lock trims Houston Any estate mortise trim + baldwin Operational grade 1 mortise lock estate
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baldwin commercial grade 1 mortise lock with surface mount trim Works with ALL Baldwin Estate Collection lock trims Houston Any estate mortise trim + baldwin Operational grade 1 mortise lock estate trim: 40+ style options to choose from entry function privacy function turn knobs: 10+ style options Roses: 50+ style and size options Bristol Levers: 40+ style options to choose from See Baldwin s Estate Pricebook or web site for a comprehensive viewing of available trim and the infinite options in converting any Handleset interior escutcheon to a Lever set. office hotel bed & breakfast = commercial hardware for any architectural style contemporary + more Lakeshore Lever Set Houston Midtown Denver Minneapolis more traditional Versailles Westminster Lakewood Mobile Fenwick modern classics french/spanish many more styles available! rustic Stanford Montpelier Pasadena baldwin levers traditional modern classics L rustic L NEW! couture LEVERS AVAILABLE June 2009 contemporary L MR L L MR L L L MR L MR L L L L L MR L L L MR L L da vinci. lake forest. california traditional contemporary rustic modern classics baldwin roses grade 1 mortise surface mount trim Works with ALL Baldwin Estate Collection lock trims Program Overview: Baldwin Hardware has long been the industry standard for decorative hardware solutions for the US /International Residential Marketplace. Baldwin expands our range of door opening solutions to include commercial applications. The aim of these product lines is to provide Architects/Designers of high-end decorative hospitality, condominium and tenant improvement projects the ability to utilize Baldwin s leadership architectural styles and finishes. Application: Commercial applications requiring Operational Grade 1 Mortise Locks. Design for use with all existing surface-mounted Baldwin Estate escutcheons, roses and levers. Product Line intended for light use commercially rated doors. mortise functions Advantages For Architects: Extend use of estate product to rated doors Rated door hardware matches w/interior hardware Program utilizes existing product nomenclature Wide distribution & readily accessible product Trim: solid forge brass or investment cast bronze Finishes: existing 19 estate finishes. 3 Pvd finishes G G DORMITORY ENTRANCE or STOREROOM EQUIVALENTS (FSE): ANSI Series: 1000-F21 G G CLASSROOM, ENTRANCE or OFFICE FSE: ANSI Series: 1000-F04 G G ENTRANCE or APARTMENT FSE: ANSI Series: 1000-F20 G G PASSAGE or CLOSET FSE: ANSI Series: 1000-F01 G G PRIVACY, BEDROOM or BATHROOM FSE: ANSI Series: 1000-F19 G G ENTRANCE or APARTMENT FSE: ANSI Series: 1000-F12 G G Single key deadlock FSE: ANSI Series: 1000-F18 G G Storeroom FSE: ANSI Series: 1000-F14 G G STOREROOM or CLOSET FSE: ANSI Series: 1000-F07 G G ENTRANCE or PUBLIC RESTROOM FSE: ANSI Series: 1000-F09 G G classroom FSE: ANSI Series: 1000-F05 G G HOTEL or MOTEL FSE: ANSI Series: 1000-F15 G G key x key deadlock FSE: ANSI Series: 1000-F16 G G Key x turn deadlock FSE: ANSI Series: 1000-F17 Product Mortise Box Specification: Lock Case: Heavy Gauge Plated Steel Backset: 2 ½ and 2 ¾ standard. Deadbolt: with Harden Steel Inserts 1 Throw Latchbolt: /Stainless Anti Friction Type ¾ Throw Armor Front: 1 ¼ x 8 Wrought brass, bronze, s/s Reversibility: Most functions are field reversible Strikes: Curved standard, long lip strikes are available to order UL: ul- 3 hour Fire Rate Other: lever hub to cylinder center spacing note: Designed to match Baldwin residential product 7.2 mm spindle on the diamond Power Pack: Robust Internal Type Prevents Lever Sag Provides Quality Feel Cylinder Assembly/Clover Leaf Cam Equivalent Cross Reference Chart Baldwin G6000/G6300 Mortise Locks designed to be used with Emhart cam. Please see below table for cross reference to Baldwin and other leading cylinder products: Company Clover Leaf Compatible Product Baldwin: (5-pin cylinder) (6-pin cylinder) or purchase EMHT cam to retrofit existing cylinder inventory Arrow: 002 Interchangeable Core Best: C161 Corbin: A01 Kaba Ilco: 19 Medeco: CT-Z00 Sargent: Schlage: B Schlage I/C: B Schlage Primus: B baldwin finishes finishes: Existing 23 Estate finishes including 3 Pvd finishes 031 Non-lacquered 030 Polished 003 Lifetime (PVD) Polished Tier 1: stainless steel hardware only new! 033 Vintage new! 034 Lacquered Vintage Polished Stainless Steel 324 Stainless Steel Stainless Steel products include 5 levers and 3 roses 060* & Brown 112* Venetian Bronze 412* Distressed Venetian Bronze distressed finishes: Not all hardware is available Distressed. In those cases the equivalent non-distressed finish will be provided. 412 = = * Aged 102 Oil Rubbed Bronze 402 Distressed Oil Rubbed Bronze 452 = 152 Antique Nickel with Matte lacquer (151 has gloss lacquer) Hardware not available distressed includes: All mortise locks, cylinders, latches, strikes 050* & Black 151* Antique Nickel 452* Distressed Antique Nickel baldwin exclusive * * hand-relieved finish variances: (038, 050, 060, 112, 151, 412, 452) Product finishes which are HAND RELIEVED may vary in luster, hue and appearance as a result of handcrafted variances in the final finishing step. 190 Black 150 Nickel 056 Lifetime (PVD) Nickel Baldwin # US # BHMA # 030 = = 3NL 040 = baldwin exclusive * 050 = = = 10B = = Polished Chrome 264 Chrome 055 Lifetime (PVD) Polished Nickel 260 = = 26D = 32D 630 Tier 1 Tier da vinci. lake forest. california
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