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  – 9– Planetary Ball Mills PM 100, PM 200 and PM 400 RETSCH planetary ball mills are usedwherever the highest degree of fineness is required. Apart from theclassical mixing and size reductionprocesses, the mills also meet all thetechnical requirements for colloidalgrindingand have the energy inputnecessary for mechanical alloyingprocesses.The extremely high centrifugal forcesof the planetary ball mills result invery high pulverization energy andtherefore short grinding times . Together with the “comfort”grinding jars these planetaryballmills offer the highest possibledegree of performance, safetyand reliability. Powerful and fast – Grinding down to the nano range RETSCH planetary ball mills pulverizeand mix soft, medium-hard to ex-tremely hard, brittle and fibrousmaterials. Dry and wet grinding canbe carried out. Minerals, ores,alloys, chemicals, glass, ceramics,plant parts, soils, sewage sludge,household and industrial wasteand many other materials can be pulverized easily, quickly andwithout loss. Planetary ball mills areused successfully in virtually allindustry and research sectors , in particular wherever the highestdemands are placed on purity,quickness, fineness andreproducibility.The main fields of application forplanetary ball mills are: ■ Agriculture ■ Biology and Biotechnology ■ Ceramics and Glass ■ Chemicals ■ Construction Materials ■ Environmental Research ■ Medicine ■ Mineralogy and Metallurgy to name just a few.Planetary ball mills are available inversions with 1, 2 and 4 grindingstations. The freely selectablemachine settings, comprehensiverange of grinding jars made fromtop-quality materials as well as thenumerous possible ball chargecombinations (number and ball size)allow individual adaptation of thegrinding parameters to theparticular size reduction task.  – 10– STARTSTOP New technology with maximum operating comfort The Planetary Ball Millsfeature averyconvenient operator guidance. All the relevant data can be enteredor called up via a graphics displaywith 1-button operation: ■ speed ■ grinding time ■ energy input ■ grinding direction reversal withselection of running and pausetimes ■ starting time ■ remaining running time ■ display of drive load factor ■ operating hours ■ clear text error messages ■ service intervals.10 combinations of speed, grindingtime and interval settings can bestored for repetitive grinding tasks. With multi-language graphicalmenu guidance. A well thought-out operatingconcept and, above all, the opti-mized safety aspects set newstandards in this product segmentand offer the user the possibility of carrying out size reduction tasks op-timally and safely. The powerful andmaintenance-free mill drive guaran-tees a constant controlled speedeven for continuous use in long-term trials and under maximum load. The planetary ball mills offer a highdegree of operating convenience,safety and versatility. Thanks to the programmable starting time grinding jobs can be started at night.If a power cut should occur duringoperation, the mills save all parame-ters including the remaining grindingtime at that point of time. When thepower supply is restored the grindingprocess can be resumed.A built-in fan with standstillmonitoring cools the grinding jarsduring operation. The extraction vol-ume per hour is greater than the 20-fold grinding chamber volume.All mills are equipped with an auto-matic cover closure which preventsthe machine from starting withoutbeing properly closed. After thegrinding process is finished, the cover unlocks automatically. It canonly be opened when the mill is at acomplete standstill. Planetary ball millsPM 100, PM 200 and PM 400 Benefits at a glance ■ Extreme speeds for particularlyhigh final fineness down to thesubmicron range ■ Different speed ratios available ■ Grinding jar volumes from 12 ml to 500 ml, in 6 differentmaterials ■ Suitable for long-term trials and continuous use ■ Automatic direction reversalhelps to avoid agglomerations ■ FFCS technology compensatesvibrations (PM 100) ■ Reproducible results due toenergy and speed control ■ Measurement of input energyhelps to optimize grindingparameters ■ 10 combinations of grindingparameters can be stored ■ Graphics display and ergonomic1-button operation ■ Automatic grinding chamberventilation ■ 2-year warranty, CE-conforming Innovative technology for increased safety  The grinding jars are arrangedeccentrically on the sun wheel of the planetary ball mill. Thedirection of movement of the sunwheel is opposite to that of thegrinding jars in the ratio 1:-2 (or 1:-2.5 or 1:-3). The grinding balls in the grinding jars are subjected to super-imposed rotational movements,the so-called Coriolis forces . The difference in speeds betweenthe balls and grinding jars pro-duces an interaction between fric-tional and impact forces, whichreleases high dynamic energies. Planetary ball mill technology The interplay between theseforces produces the high and very effective degree of sizereduction of the planetary ballmill.The PM 100 CM operates with aspeed ratio of 1:-1 (centrifugalmode). The centrifugal forcesproduced by the rotation force thesample and the grinding ballsagainst the inner wall of thegrinding jar, where size reductiontakes place primarily by pressureand friction. Benchtop instrumentsPM 100, PM 100 CM and PM 200 – 11– TypePM 100 The convenient bench-top model with1grinding station for grinding jarswith a nominal volume of 12 to 500 ml. The PM 100 features Free-Force-Compensation-Sockets (FFCS) whichensure a safe low-vibration run andminimal oscillation transfers to the laboratory bench. Type PM 100 CM The PM 100 CM operates in centrifugalmode, i.e. the speed ratio of sun wheelto grinding jar is 1:-1 (PM 100: 1:-2).This results in a different ball move-ment which leads to a more gentlesize reduction process with less abra-sion. TypePM 200 The bench-top model PM 200 with2grinding stations for grinding jarswith a nominal volume of 12 to 125 ml. The larger sun wheel diameter resultsin a higher energy input when com-pared to the PM 100. RETSCH planetary ball mills are available in different versions. Please refer to page 13for a complete overview of the different performance features. PM 100PM 100 CM PM 200  – 12–The mechanical alloying of materialsin a grinding process to form newmaterials with new properties is noproblem for RETSCH planetary ballmills. For ductile metals the speedratio of the jar to the sun wheel of 1:-2 is fully adequate in most cases,as the impact energy produced bythe ball charge is large enough toform an alloy.However, greater energy is requiredfor hard-brittle materials such ascovalently bound semiconductors.The PM 400 MAwith an increasedspeed ratio of 1:-2.5 or 1:-3.0 isavailable for such applications. The best speed ratio and all othergrinding parameters must bedetermined experimentally for thespecific product. Mechanical alloying with RETSCH planetary ball mills Floor modelsPM 400 and PM 400 MA TypePM 400 The robust floor model PM 400 with4grinding stations for grinding jarswith a nominal volume of 12 to 500 ml.It can grind up to 8 samples simultane-ously down to the submicron rangethus generating a high sample through-put. The PM 400 is also available with2grinding stations. The freely selectable speed from 30 to 400 min -1 in combination with an effective sunwheel diameter of 300 mm allow for aparticularly high energy input. Thus,the PM 400 produces samples with analytical fineness in no time . Type PM 400 MA To generate the high energy inputwhich is required for mechanical alloying of hard-brittle materials, the PM400 is available as „MA“ typewith a speed ratio of 1:-2.5 or 1:-3. PM 400
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