Bamboo Water Garden

Bamboo Water Garden
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   ®  PROJECT PLAN Bamboo water garden This article srcinallyappeared in The FamilyHandyman magazine. For subscriptioninformation, visit Please note that pages that appeared in the magazine as advertisements will not be included with this pdf. Page numbering may beinterrupted if an advertisement ran within the srcinal story. Addresses, phone numbers, prices, part numbers and other informationmay have changed since srcinal publication. Copyright ©2005 Home Service Publications, Inc. All rights reserved. Unauthorized reproduction, in any manner, is prohibited. The Family Handyman, Handy Hints and Great Goofs are regis-tered trademarks of RD Publications, Inc. Ask Handyman, Handyman Garage, How a House Works, Re.Do, Re.Mod, TFH Reports, The Home Improvement Authority, Using Tools,Woodworks, Wordless Workshop, Workshop Tips, You Can Fix It, You Can Grow It are trademarks of RD Publications, Inc.  50 APRIL 2002 THEFAMILY HANDYMAN  THEFAMILY HANDYMAN APRIL 2002  51 Make it from mail-orderbamboo delivered right to your door by Travis Larson I fit seems like your storybook garden is still lackingsomething, the soothing sound of running watercould be it. But you don’t have to settle for somekitschy plastic-resin waterfall for the missing ambiance.The answer may be your ownversion of this Japanese sluicemade from real bamboo. This simple weekend projectdoesn’t involve much skill ortime. In fact, I built this ver-sion the same day we tookthese photos. You too can fin-ish this project in a single day.Add another day for installingasmall pond, pump and waterplants to make this a weekendproject.You don’t have to be particularly handy or have a shopfull of tools either. About the only tools you’ll need are a jigsaw for cutting in the spout hole ( Photo 10 ), a maul forpounding in the support stakes ( Photo 5 )and a hacksaw for cutting the bamboo to length ( Photo 3 ). More  BAMBOO GARDEN  Cost$200 to $350Time1to 2 daysSkill LevelAnovice can do itToolsHacksaw, jigsaw, 3-lb. maul, 4' level, drill Project Facts SpoutSluicesPond and recirculating pump Bamboo water garden  52 APRIL 2002 THEFAMILY HANDYMAN Whereto startand end it If you already have apond in your yard, you can use it as thecatch basin for thesluice. If not, you’llneed to either installasmall pond liner (about $30 at garden or home centers) or use anabove-ground basin like a whiskey barrel or even a livestock trough. The best way to design and plan is to begin at the bottom and work your way away from the pond.Figure about a 6-in. slope on each10- to 12-ft. bamboo sluice section.Gardens on gently sloping hills arebest. If your hill has a steep slope, you’ll have to incorporate more of azigzag design to mitigate the slope;otherwise, the water will flow toofast. The sluices on steep hills workthe same way as switchback roadson a steep mountainside. Flat gardens will work too, but you’llhave to use ever-higher supports tocreate an artificial slope. However,every time you add a support, thenext sluice will be about 6 in. higher, so after just five sections, the sluice rises 2-1/2 ft., plus thestarting height. Choose sluice section lengths tosuit your yard. It’s strictly a what-looks-best, seat-of-the-pants designmethod that develops as you buildthe system. Get an idea of routingand sluice lengths by laying out sections of bamboo on the groundfirst ( Photo 2 ). You may only need Bamboowatergarden 1 DIG the pond hole slightly oversized and set the pond liner on a 2-in.bed of sand in the hole. Keep the lip of the liner slightly above the surrounding soil to keep dirt from washing into the water. Fill around the liner with sand to support the sides. 2 LAY OUT the path of thesluice with lengths of splitbamboo so the approximateslope of each is 6 to 12 in. every 10 ft.Vary lengths and angles to best fityour garden or yard. Overlap thebamboo as necessary to work outthe best bamboo lengths. 4 SPLITBAMBOO1 CRUTCHMATERIALKEEP LIPABOVEGRADE
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