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    TCS Ideation Challenge: Bank of the Future Contest Note  TCS Confidential Page | 2 Introduction Business in banks is changing every day. Banks have seen sea changes in last ten years. Traditional banking has come a long way. Internet has played a big role in this transformation. To keep up the momentum and stay ahead, bankers have to spend and do a lot of research and pave the way to undergo transformation. The latest Digital 5 Forces viz. ‘Big Data and Analytics’, ‘Mobility and Pervasive computing’, ‘Social media’, ‘Artificial Intelligence and Robotic s ’ and ‘Cloud computing’ play a vital role in bringing -in the transformations to business across industries. Banking sector is not an exception to this. The 'Bank of the Future' contest is an inter college challenge. The contest invites fresh and innovative ideas from the young talent in different domains / themes of banking. Through this contest you can come up with your own idea of ‘ Bank of the Future ’ , the way you look at the banking sector, how it will function in the digital era, its challenges and how to overcome it. You can summarize your thought process in a structured format and share with us to win exciting prizes. The Challenge ‘ Bank of the Future ’  challenge is open for 1 st  and 2 nd  year students . This is an ideation contest where interested students are expected to submit their ideas on six themes in banking viz    Retail Banking    Private Banking    Asset Management    Investment Banking    Cards and Payment services    Commercial / Corporate / Transaction Banking TCS invites out of box ideas from students on “Bank of the Future” for above themes. Students can submit their ideas for one or more of above themes. Bank of the Future - Contest Note    TCS Confidential Page | 3 The ideas should revolve around below attributes 1)   Ideas must cover all the dimensions of six domain themes, technology (Digital 5 forces) and impact i.e. Business model, products and services, customer segments, customer experience (channels), workplace (people/process) 2) The ideas should focus on the following: ã W hat is the current state, the desired future state and why is this important for the bank? ã How does the idea help in achieving the future state?   ã How can TCS assist in translating your innovative idea into action?   ã What is the estimated pay -off period for TCS, its client? ã What are the risks?  Ideas will be evaluated on creativity, leverage of the Digital 5 Forces, feasibility and impact. The challenge will be hosted on social collaboration platform of TCS for students ’  fraternity called “Campus Commu ne. ” All stages of the contest right from registration to submissions will happen through campus commune. Campus Commune is not only a knowledge sharing platform but also helps students to collaborate with other students and SMEs in the industry through its different activity centers. Path is > Campus Commune > Click on Bank of the Future banner. A detailed note on the challenge is uploaded on Campus Commune. Participants can download it once they register for the contest. Participation Students from below accredited CAT1 institutes only are eligible to participate in the contest.    IIM Ahmedabad (PGP course)    IIM Bangalore (PGP course)    IIM Calcutta (PGP course)    IIM Lucknow (PGP course)    IIM Kozhikode (PGP course)    IIM Indore (PGP course)    SP Jain institute of Management and Research (PGDM Course)    XLRI (BM course)    NITIE (PGDIE and PGDIM course)  TCS Confidential Page | 4    Jamnalal Bajaj Institute of Management (MMS course)    Xaviers Institute of Management (PGDM course)    Great Lakes institute Management (PGPM course)    MDI, Gurgaon (PGPM)    Faculty Management Studies (MBA course)    Indian institute of Foreign Trade (MBA International business)    ISB (PGP) Eligibility Criteria    Students from premier B-Schools in India mentioned above can participate in the challenge    2 nd  year students with HR specialization are not eligible to participate Contest structure There will be only two rounds in the challenge.    Round 1 - Registration and Submission  : Registrations will begin from 4 th  November 2014.  Interested candidates need to register for the challenge on Campus Commune. Once registered, they can see detailed note on the challenge. Participants have an option to submit their ideas on more than one theme. Multiple ideas on one theme are to be grouped into a single document for submission with each new idea starting on new page of the document. For each theme there will be a separate submission. Thus for each participant there will maximum 6 submissions. Participants can submit their ideas till 13 th  November 2014.    Round 2 - Finals: Top 5 candidates will be declared as winners of round 1. The final round will be conducted in one of TCS offices or through Video Conferencing. Prizes -   1 st  Prize: INR 150,000 + PPO / PPI -   2 nd  Prize: INR 100,000 + PPO / PPI -   Certificate of appreciation to remaining 3 finalists (PPO for 2 nd  year student / PPI for 1 st  year student)
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