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  Faculty of Economics and Business Administration Master of Banking and Finance  Master of Banking and Finance Joining Forces to Understand the Complex Financial Dynamics 1 Why This Program? 2 Target Group 3 A Unique Combination of Advantages 4 Program Overview 5 Some Practical Information 7 Evaluation: a dynamic approach Course schedule Degree Tuition fee Admission Procedures Teaching Staff 8 Further Information 10 Master of Banking and Finance Table of Contents  During the last few decades the financial world has gone through a complete transformation. Deregulation of financial markets, spurred by dramatic technological evolutions, tore down the walls that had existed between domestic and international money and capital markets as well as between banks, insurance companies and stock brokers. Competition became the buzzword. World-wide finan-cial service companies began restructuring their business lines and started developing new products and markets. In Europe, the introduction of a single currency further encouraged these developments. Finally, the recent financial crisis showed the importance of understanding financial markets in detail and highlighted the necessity of a solid risk management.Undoubtedly, the entire economy benefits from these evolutions. Unfortunately, for the financial inter-mediaries life becomes ever more complex. It is therefore no wonder that they are constantly in need of specialised people: economists who understand the mechanics of financial markets will always be scarce.To accommodate this shortage the Department of Financial Economics of Ghent University introduced advanced studies in Banking and Finance. The aim of this Master program is to provide the students with in-depth knowledge of the latest developments in finance and banking and a thorough under-standing of the relevant academic literature. The target group consists of economists with previous education or working experience in the fields of finance or banking and sufficient proficiency in statis-tics and econometrics.The program ‘Master of Banking and Finance’ shows that the Department of Financial Economics at Ghent University is continuously focusing on evolutions of financial markets. By bringing together a group of moti-vated students and teachers, and by applying dynamic and multimedia teaching methods, the Department of Financial Economics is striving to increase understanding about and enthusiasm for financial develop-ments. Joining Forces to Understand the Complex Financial Dynamics 1  The goal of this specialised program in Banking and Finance is to form experts who are able to perform their analysis of financial problems and developments within a sound theoretical and quantitative framework. Their analysis should also enable them to work out or to adapt existing (company) strategies. Indeed, working in the financial sector is becoming much more demanding, but also very exiting. The deregulation of financial markets has opened many opportunities for financial service companies, investors, borrowers as well as for the government. Technological improvements in communication and information processing have decre-ased transaction costs dramatically, which altered the core business of banks completely. At the same time, these evolutions explain the huge growth rates in the number of transactions on financial markets. Investors have never before been confronted with such a broad range of investment opportunities, whereas corporate and government borrowers have flexible access to money, being able to choose the maturity, the currency and even the risk-profile of their financing. At the same time, government agencies in general and central banks more specifically can not only actively use financial markets to steer the economy, but also learn about the expectations of economic agents, to the extent that these expectati-ons are reflected in the prices of financial assets. Master of Banking and Finance Why This Program? 2 Herman Verwilst Former Chairman of the management committee of Fortis Bank. “The financial sector needs economists with a thorough micro- and macro-financial training and who have mastered quantitative manage-ment techniques for modern financial service companies. They should also be able to develop a critical vision towards the important tenden-cies and strategic choices in the financial indus-try. Young people with such a profile will be the leading executives of the future.In my opinion, the Master of Banking and Finance at Ghent University is the ideal program to acqui re this knowledge and these skills.”
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