Banking Minuets and Resolution

Banking Minuets
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  (thistoorly uncoded) of “Namele Tribe foundation” These Minutes are Confidential and Private Documents. They are not released   for any Statutory and/or non-Statutory Individual, Organiation,!overnment, andor any ntity #ithout the e$%ressed #ritten consentaneous a%%roval &y the 'oard of Trustees of the aforesaid Pure Trust.  In Rem Juris Et De Jure Nunc Dimittus Nunc Pro Tunc   (Article III, §3a, PTp) MinutesOf Namele Tribe foundationSpecial Meeting of the Board of Trustee(s) [BoT]Baning Minuets and !esolution (thistoorly uncoded) 1. A special meeting of the Board of Trustee(s) (BoT) of amele Tri!e foundation (Tf) as on (name)#### county, on the (day num!er) day of the $e%enth month of the &ear T o Thousand and T el%e. At the meeting it as discussed that the Pure Trust pro%isionsof the Tf states that the BoT of Tf may dehisce accounts in !an'ing and financialinstitutions of their choice. The account(s) are to !e opened in the Pure Trusts proper name, amele Tri!e foundation* for conducting !usiness. If pri%ate commercial loansare necessary for securing Pure Trust, land and+or assets, fidelity !onds, ill not !ereuired !y the Trustee(s) ho perform these and all other types of !usiness transactions.If the !an' has their o n trusts and do not allo pri%ate trusts opening accounts, the BoTmay dehisce a !an' trust account !y one Trustee as its manager.   -. pon motion made, seconded and carried, it as resol%ed electing, /ord 0ean arl,2olden, Trustee By4 0ean arl, Trustee, 5c 16-78+379, 5c 36:7-, to !e the Trustee toopen as ell !e on the !an' account. 3. pon recei%ing the srcinal !an' trust document and confirming their amendment clause,the Pure Trust can !e added as an amendment in the minutes and+or as a contract rider.That procedure ill secure proper legal language hilst the !an' trust ill ha%e a high   pro!a!ility of !eing an inferior statutory trust during certain social eras. If the !an's trust pro%isions do not ha%e an amendment clause, the Trustee may inuire a!out the error andsuggest an addendum ith a proper resolution motion minute in riting. If the !an' demurrers, the Pure Trust pro%isions (PTp) can !e added as a pri%ate measure. The !an' has no pri%ilege of impairing the o!ligation of contract (Art. ;I<, §3i=, Ao5 >Articles of 5onfederation ?generic@, Art. I, §1!, PTp, Art. II, §-!, c/5) and any good contract,chapter, constitution, pro%isions, agreements, etc., ill ha%e an amendment clause. If notincon%enient, perhaps researching into another !an' position ould !e prefera!le.here!y, if not possi!le and a cause of action ere resulting as of the addendum !y thePure Trust Trustee(s) !ecoming a defendant, a counterclaim may !e pursued and+or aPlea in Bar (Art. II, §C!c, PTp) issued !y the BoT. The !an' action may result upon perusal of the addendum Pure Trust and circumstances leading to ards that action is notunethical !ut necessary hen statutory go%ernment ill not acuiesce unto proper common /a PTp. The PTp are prepotent and illimita!le hilst all other trust pro%isionsare inferior, =ures et de =ure.
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