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Copyright © 2003 by Lu Ann Crews All rights reserved. Printed in the USA. Published by Amazing Facts, Inc. P. O. Box 1058 Roseville, CA 95678-8058 Cover Design by Steve Miljatovic - Branch 7 Design Layout Design by Greg Solie - Altamont Graphics 1. Introduction 2 2. Two Requirements for Heaven 4 3. How Many Modes of Baptism? 8 4. Who Qualifies for Baptism? 15 5. Is God Particular About the Mode? 20 6. Is Rebaptism Ever Right? 25 BAPTI SM 2 1 Introduction S uppose you could survey the
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  Copyright © 2003 by Lu Ann CrewsAll rights reserved.Printed in the USA.Published by  Amazing Facts, Inc. P.O.Box 1058Roseville,CA 95678-8058Cover Design by Steve Miljatovic- Branch 7 DesignLayout Design by Greg Solie- Altamont Graphics  1.Introduction 22.Two Requirements for Heaven 43.How Many Modes ofBaptism? 84.Who Qualifies for Baptism? 155.Is God Particular About the Mode? 206.Is Rebaptism Ever Right? 25  B  APTISM  2  1 Introduction S uppose you could survey the people wholive in the hundred homes nearest to yourown house on the subject ofChristian baptism.What kind ofanswer would you get in responseto this question:“How should a person be bap-tized in order to meet the Bible requirements of salvation?”It is likely that you would get a dozen dif-ferent answers,and possibly even a hundred.Some would say that they don’t believe it is nec-essary to be baptized at all to be saved.Otherswould answer that true baptism is to go for-ward three times completely under the water.Some would contend that a few drops ofsprin-kled water on the head would constitute a validbaptism,while others would insist on pouringthe water over the candidate.A few wouldstrongly hold that a proper baptism consists of a single immersion backwards into the water.


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