Basic Mechanical

Basic Mechanical Model
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    I. POWER GENERATION AND ABSORPTION SYSTEMS Energy sources and their classification,    Renewable Energy sources    Bio-mass energy    OTEC    Solar energy    Wind energy    Geo-thermal energy    Tidal energy    Fuels and their properties  –  Coal , Oil, Gas    Nuclear power plants    Steam and its properties    Numericals Boilers and accessories :    Steam boilers    Classification    Lancashire boiler    Babcock and Wilcox boiler    boiler mountings and accessories - their locations and applications. Turbomachine  –  Power Generating    Steam turbines    Classification    Principle of operation of Impulse and reaction.    Need for Compounding of Impulse turbines    Pressure, Velocity, Pressure-velocity Compounding    Gas turbines    Classification    Open cycle GT -Working principles and Operation    Closed cycle GT -Working principles and Operation    Comparison of Open cycle and Closed cycle GT    Hydraulic turbines    Classification,    Pelton wheel - Principle and operation    Francis turbine - Principle and operation    Kaplan turbine- Principle and operation Turbomachine  –  Power Absorbing    Pumps and compressors:    Reciprocating and rotary types of pumps    Compressors Internal Combustion Engines:    Classification of I.C. Engines    Engines parts and components     Four Stroke Petrol Engine    Working principle    P-V, T-S Diagram for Otto Cycle    Efficiency    Four Stroke Diesel Engine    Working principle    P-V, T-S Diagram for Diesel Cycle    Efficiency    Comparison of four stroke Petrol and Diesel Engine    Two Stroke Petrol engine    Working principle    Comparison of two stroke and four stroke petrol engine    IC Engine performance    Indicated Power    Thermal power    Efficiency    Indicated thermal efficiency    Brake thermal efficiency    Mechanical efficiency    Volumetric efficiency    Specific fuel consumption    Heat Balance of IC Engines Refrigeration and Air conditioning    Refrigeration    What is Refrigeration , Refrigerant and Principle of RAC    Applications of Refrigeration    Performance of Refrigeration system - Refrigerating effect , Ice making capacity, Unit of refrigeration, COP, Why COP, Relative COP    Components of RAC systems    Principle and working of vapour compression refrigeration system    Principle and working of vapour absorption refrigeration system    Comparison of Vapour compression and vapour Absorption refrigeration systems    Properties of Ideal refrigerants    Air - Conditioning    Principles and applications of air conditioners    Room/window air conditioner    Automotive air conditioning system   II. Machine Tools and Machining Operations Conventional machine tools    Lathe    What is tool and machine tool    What is lathe and Principle of working of a Centre Lathe    Parts of lathe    Lathe operations     Specification of lathe    Drilling Machine    Principle of working    classification and types of drilling Machines    drilling operations    Specifications of a drilling machine    Milling Machine    Principle and Method of Milling    Types of Milling Machines    Working of Horizontal and Vertical Milling Machines    Milling Operations    Specification of Milling Machine    Grinding Machine    Principle and classification of Grinding Machines    Type of Grinding Machines    Surface Grinder    Cylindrical grinder    Centerless grinder Mechanical Power Transmission    Belt Drives    Classification and applications    Length of belt,    Velocity ratio,    Creep and slip,    Idler pulley, stepped pulley and fast & loose pulley    belt and pulley construction    Chain drive and rope drives    Gear drives    Definitions, Terminology, types and uses.    Gear Drives and Gear Trains    Simple problems on gear drives Mechanical Joints    Temporary and permanent fasteners- Threaded fasteners    Riveted joints    welded joints    Knuckle joint    cotter and pin joints    couplings


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