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Basic Prosecution of the BVR Fight

Basic Prosecution of the BVR Fight
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  Basic Prosecution of the BVR FightSuccessful prosecution of the BVR engagement relies heavily on a simultaneous execution of both offensive and defensive tactics, when dealing with high threat bandits such as Su-! and i#-$S%s& Both the Flan'er and Fulcrum (Sierra) model are **-+ capable, ma'ing them the most lethal Red aircraft in the s'y& *s such, Prosecution tactics will be discussed with regards to them&he Soviet *dder indeed has a longer range than that of the * R** , however it%s less maneuverable and its radar%s cone of vision is slightly smaller than that of the * -+.& hese two deficiencies can almostentirely negate the longer range of the Soviet missile, if exploited properly& n facing the **-+ in combat, there are several primary methods each of which have their own benefits and deficiencies/he Beamhe concept of the beam is based on exploiting a flaw inherent to most modern Radar& n order to reduce ground clutter on the radar scope, modern radars filter out what they see as stationary ob0ects through the use of the 1oppler 2ffect& 3hat that this means to you as a pilot, is that if you were able to ma'e you aircraft appear stationary to the hostile radar, it will indeed filter you out 0ust as it does buildings on the ground& nitially you might thin' this not possible, however (Beaming) your bandit does exactly this&he term (Beam) refers to your 4 and $ o%cloc' lines& So following logic, to beam or the act of beaming refers to placing the ob0ect in 5uestion along that axis of your aircraft& 3hen that ob0ect is a Pulse 1oppler type radar the end result is that you have effectively 6eroed your speed relative  to the radar& he only closure the radar senses is that of its own aircraft%s speed&*t this point you are filtered out as being nothing more important to the radar than a tree& *t best this will prevent the bandit from loc'ing you solidly enough to engage, but more realistically it will ma'e their life more difficult by providing intermittent chances of loc'ing&n order to apply this techni5ue in a BVR fight the Bandit should be identified and loc'ed by no closer than a . nm range& his will give you ade5uate time to set up for a head on engagement, which is +  desirable in this situation& 3hile head on, 'eep a close eye on your range to target, his aspect, and closure rate& 7ou may launch at anywhere inside .nmand possibly ac5uire a 'ill, but generally spea'ing +-+8nm is preferred depending on closure and aspect 9aspect simply put is the number of degreesyou are off your target%s nose:& ;aunches at the longer ranges 9+8nm<: are often successful in spoo'ing the bandit 0ust enough for him to go defensive, which sometimes is an ade5uate resolution to the engagement, while ranges closer than that dramatically increase your P= 9Probability of =ill:& n any case, practice in 1ogfight type engagements setup in Falcon for BVR will allow you to find the range that you feel allows you both the highest chance of a 'ill as well as highest chance of survival& 3ith much practice that range will greatly decrease& Figure +a/ 1epicts 0ust prior to the launch and initial turn into the Beam& >otice Range/ +?nm, @eading +A+ degrees, Speed/ ? 'nots& >ear @ead Cn orientation to bandits& Dammer on& mmediately after launching on the Bandit the Beam is executed& his is performed by a high # turn either left or right, roughly $. degrees& Shouldthe Slotbac' still have his radar active, the R3R will provide an excellent reference to place the boogey on your 4 or $ line& Should his radar be intermittent or off entirely, some estimation is re5uired as you%re sure to bustgimbals 9lateral range of your radar: in this maneuver, which means you had    better been paying close attention to his headingEaspect before going into your turn& *t this point the defensive maneuvers are begun& Figure +b/ >ose down attitude, speed increasing extending from bandits& @eading, !? degrees, nearly a  perfect beam 9$4 degrees of srcinal heading of +A+:&Dammer off& f your launch range approached +8nm, it%s a safe bet that the Slotbac' has launched on you& Remember, always defeat the threat, and when a missile is launched it becomes the threat and the launching aircraft should besecondary in your mind& but still on your mind& Cnce the Bandit is Beamed several actions must be performed as 5uic'ly as possible in order to ensure survival& *ny Dammer in use GS beturned off& >egating closure rate to a radar guided missile, while ma'ing youinvisible to the missile, does nothing to hide the emissions your 2H pod is  broadcasting, and the **-+ is very capable of loc'ing on to those emissions in @CD 9@ome on Dam: mode& *t the same time a nose down 9anywhere from +.-. degrees is sufficient:, full mil to *B attitude should  be established while scanning visually for the missile and several bundles of chaff should be pumped out& his serves a couple purposes& First, it increases your energy state as you increase your speed, sometimes upwards and past A..'ts<& By this time, the missile%s motor is sure to have burned out and it is strictly an energy fight at this point& he drastic increase in your speed helps diminish the missile%s closure rate, 4  forcing it to continually lose ground in the energy fight& Remember, with less than a +. second burn time any missile%s energy is limited, while that of your 0et is relatively infinite& n addition, you%ll eventually level out at close to ground level& f you haven%t beat the missile at this point, the unfilterable ground clutter will helpmas' your presence, possibly spoofing the missile& Furthermore, radar guided missiles fly a lead pursuit 9a course that points their flight path ahead of yours for intercept:& *s a result, radar guided missiles have been 'nown tosmac' into the dec' while trying to maintain a lead pursuit on a lower level aircraft& Finally, being at a low level often allows the option to place a large ob0ect 9i&e& mountain: between you and the chasing missile&1uring your descent a slight turn into the missile helps maintain a  proper aspect for beaming& he missile flying a lead pursuit already as an inherent angle on you, small enough to negate the effect of beaming so in order help remove this advantage, a slight ban' of +.-+8 degrees often creates 0ust enough of a constant change in flight path to maintain effective  beaming&Cnce on the dec', the priority becomes visually ac5uiring that missile&he missile may not be present on your R3R, but that is not to say that you have beaten it 0ust yet& *ll too often overconfidence in the situation has  prompted a pilot to turn bac' into a missile still loo'ing for a target and found himself the target& Visual ac5uisition can be relatively difficult at this  point as the missile%s motor is spent, removing from view the very easy to spot smo'e trail& @owever, once ac5uired visually, immediate recognition of whether you are still its target is re5uired& his is done by observing its relative motion& ?
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