Basic Upsr Vocab

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  BOOK 2 AN INTRODUCTIONTO KBSR / UPSR  VOCABULARY (WORD LEVEL) 0 NAME: AGE: FATHER’S NAME: MOTHER’S NAME:   FREE  BASIC KBSR / UPSR VOCABULARY (WORD LEVEL)Anim! n# T$%i& Y'nA#!* nim! Young A#!* nim! Young antbearbutterfycatdogduckeagleelephantfyoxroggoatgoosehorsekangaroo grubcubcaterpillar kitten puppy ducklingeaglet calf maggot cubtadpolekidgoslingfoal joey  chickencockroachcowdeerlionmosquitoowlpigsealsheepswantigerwaspwhalewol  chick nymphcalf fawncublarvaowlet  piglet calf lambcygnet cubgrubcalf cub S'm% +'mm'n mmm! bear bualo cat dog elephant ox goat horse lion monkey rabbit rat sheep tiger whale S'm% +'mm'n ,i&#  crow duck eagle goose parrot rooster swallow swan S'm% +'mm'n - $% eelpiranhasalmonshark S'm% +'mm'n &%.*i!% 1  crocodilelizardsnaketortoise S'm% +'mm'n m.$i,in frog salamander  S'm% +'mm'n in %+*  ant bee butterfy cockroach grasshopper mosquito moth termite M'&% mmm! beavercameldolphindonkeygiraeguinea pighippopotamuskangarooleopardottermousedeerorang-utanrhinocerostapirwolzebra M'&% ,i&#   budgerigarcanaryhawkmynahostrichpeacockseagullturkey M'&% &%.*i!% crocodilechameleonpythonturtle M'&% in %+* dragonfygrasshopperlousepraying mantis O*$%& nim! caterpillarcentipedecrablobster !
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