Reaction paper regarding the documentary film entitled Basura
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  Estante, Eros Paul V. October 15, 2014 BS ChE III Basura: Its Hazards to the Environment and the People In the documentary, a lot of people were asked where do their trash go and they just answered it without hesitation that they don’t have a single idea where is the final destination of their garbage. It seems to us that we don’t care where do our trash go as long a s we throw them in the garbage bin. We no longer practice the proper segregation of our garbage as long as we throw them. We do not know that it causes a lot of complicated things. Flood is caused by garbage trapped in the canals. Since there is no passageway for water, in effect, flood will occur. In the Philippines, since we are a tropical country and we experience a lot of typhoons every year, we cannot deny that flood is everywhere especially during rainy seasons. It affects our work and our schooling. Most of the classes and work get suspended if there is flood. In the film, it says that the last place of some garbage in Luzon is being dumped in San Mateo Landfill. Here, a large whole is being dug up and all of the trash is being deposited here. Before that, trash are being sprayed with chemical to kill the bacteria present in the garbage. There are a lot of people are against the operation in the San Mateo Landfill because it causes a lot of harm to the environment, lessen the number of investors in the area, and lowers the price value of lot. Here NIMBY or short for NOT IN MY BACKYARD protests are ongoing. It says that trash from other places must not be taken to other places to be dumped. I agree in NIMBY however when I watched the scenario in Barangay San Luis, I was quite devastated. Even that they dispose their trash in their place, it is not being properly managed. In fact a lot of tragedy happened to the place. For me, it is a nightmare being covered  by tons of trash and die because of suffocation but in fact, this did happen in Barangay San Luis. An avalanche of trash buries people scavenging trash in the dumpsite. The people managing it said that it was not their fault because they set boundaries for people not to enter the dump site. I think if the management is quite strict, and there is proper disposal of garbage, tragedy will not happen. Sun Valley community is a quite astounding community. They have this biomen  that collects trash to every household and separates it to biodegradable and non-biodegradable materials. Biodegradable materials are being turned into fertilizers and compost which the community generate income because they sell them. Also, there are people who are advocates to zero trash policy or rule. In this, no trash is generated in the household. All of the trash are being recycled in order for it to be used for another purpose. I think in is one of the effective way of minimizing trash in our county. If all of the people have this mentality, I think our world will be a cleaner place.  As I was searching on the Internet, I was quite amazed that the previous landfill in San Mateo has been planted by at least forty thousand trees says the MMDA in 2009. Jimenez, the MMDA manager during that time, said the tree-  planting is part of the agency’s contribution to the government’s National Greening Program which aims to plant 1.5 billion trees in 1.5 million hectares of land within five years. The landfill became uninhabited since 2000 and it is just right to plant trees because they give oxygen that we people need. Payatas Dumpsite is now functioning efficiently. They have upgraded and improved their disposal property and I learned that it is one of the place for people to visit in order to learn about  proper garbage disposal. Also, lots of people depends on it. It is quite true that “may pera sa  basura”. People situated near the area became its source of livelihood. Also , the dump site uses methane gas as its source of energy so people benefit from it because electricity is just given away in the people living near the area. Proper management of trash plays a very vital role in making the environment clean. With proper management, water source will not be contaminated by the trash and spread of diseases due to them will greatly be minimized if there is proper management. I think with  proper education, disciple, and practice, it will be a success making the environment clean and green.
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