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   January 2002 Edition 16 elcome to another edition of the Solaris Sentinel. After last month’s edition, with its gloomy and dire hints of giving up and quieting, I was pleasantly surprised by the fan reaction that I received from you, the fans. For this, I thank you from the bottom of my heart. There are times in life when you just really feel that you need to be encouraged or at least need a helping hand. I got that last month after I published the fifteenth edition. If you sent an e-mail in with suggestions or comments, thank you. It gives me a lot more to work with as the ideas just weren’t there. Heck, they still aren’t there totally, but I think things are coming together. So, for this edition, I’m just going to  put in some stuff that will hopefully be of interest. Some of it might be old news and then some of it might be new for you. Whatever may be the case, enjoy this edition! Thanks for the support!! Ross Koga Editor and Chief The Solaris Sentinel Brush Master Contest: The Update We Have All Been Waiting For!! Oh boy, listen to this one! Remember this little contest I started up back in June/July of 2001? Well, I decided it was high time to get off my lazy rear and get this completed, if and only if to get prepared for the next one! So, here’s the scoop: I had my home computer die on me (electrocution) and lost an estimated ¼ of the pictures that had been sent. So, I’m going to type up the following guidelines. Bear with me as I get this all situated! 1)   If you are positive that you sent me a picture of you miniatures, check out the ones that I had managed to post before I got busy and let it go. If you don’t see your’s posted, that means I lost it and will need either those pics, or something else of your chosing. If you DO FIND your miniatures there, but feel you have  better work now (after all, it has been six months) e-mail me the new work and tell me which miniatures were yours so I can go delete them and add in your new minis! 2)   If you never got the change to get into the SS:Brush Master Contest, you’ve got a MONTH (March 2, 2002) to get me your pictures, with your name and the unit that your miniature belongs too! I will add them in. W  (  ) Again, I want to thank everyone for their patience. Oh, you want to know what I had in store for prizes did you? Well, I can say that for the General category, a hand-painted SLDF/Com Guard Sentinel   will be in order, and for the lance job, I am hoping to get a good House Hiritsu paint job on a Yu Huang  . And the Masters? Well, they get the satisfaction of participating and I might whip up some little web graphic for their site! So, if you haven’t yet, get to painting!! Looking forward to it! Ross Koga Editor and Chief Battle of Mount Diablo…. … the biggest demo event in the history of BattleTech! Voss-Steiner replied quickly. No, Leutnant, no need to wake him. The orders will go out over my signature. Voss-Steiner was already mentally composing the victory message he would send to the Archon-Princess when a tag on the holographic map caught his attention. What is the local name for this Hill 1253, Leutnant? The com-tech called up the data tag on his screen. Monte Diablo sir, he answered. Devil Mountain, eh? said Voss-Steiner. Well, at dawn we'll just have to introduce General Giggins to this hill's namesake… -excerpt from the text of the scenario, courtesy of ( )  That’s right, the first mass job of the Commandos, FanPro’s new Classic BattleTech and Shadow Run demo team, will be the Battle of Mount Diablo scenario. Well, what is special about this event, besides the fact that there will be hundreds of battles being run almost simultaneously around the globe? Well, you the player get to help decide the outcome for this particular planet; whether it falls to Victor Steiner-Davion or remains in the hands of his sister Katherine Steiner-Davion, that’s up to the players. The scenario will be tracked and calculated by points and then reported, to my understanding, with all of the scenarios being tallied together to determine the winner. Now, that is partial speculation on my part, so don’t take it as the whole truth. If you are in the Central Oklahoma area, come check out my game in Norman. If you don’t live in Oklahoma or extreme Northern Texas, go check out in the Events area to find a game close to you! It’s your chance to help guide the course of BattleTech history. Are you up to the challenge?  Evilnet BattleTech League  The Evilnet BattleTech League (EBL) is an online league that runs using IRC. BattleTech games are conducted with each side telling the other their movement, and having a dicebot randomly roll all dice required during the game. To connect to IRC you need a program such as mIRC for the PC, or ircle for the Mac. The server is, and the main channel is #battlechat. The EBL last ran from Mid-September to the end of November, with The Mini Factory providing and painting a miniature for the winner of the playoffs, which were conducted in January. The EBL will be having a new season starting mid-February, but is now offering prizes from Gamers Union, Archer's Miniatures, and again the The Mini Factory. The season will run from Mid-February to the end of March, with an April break and  playoffs in May. The EBL is free to everyone. For more information check out the EBL website at ( ) Hope to see you online, and good luck!    BATTLEFORCE SCENARIO: THE JAGUAR POUNCES  Sho-sa  Samuel Mitsuhara moved his Warhammer  into position behind the slight rise that shielded his battalion from the oncoming alien hoard. His belly burned with shame. His command was to be offered up to these “Smoke Jaguars” and their Seventh Jaguar Dragoons in hopes of delaying them long enough so that the rest of the Third  Alshain Regulars might make good their escape. He understood that the intelligence that they had gathered about the invaders  would be invaluable to the DCMS high command, but it still galled him that Tai-sa  Brookhaven was giving up Garstedt without a real fight. Mitsuhara was angry but he was not discouraged. His battalion would show these invaders what it meant to be a Samurai in the service of the Dragon. SITUATION Filmore Steppes, Garstedt , Draconis Combine 15 May 3050 Tai-sa  Alber Brookhaven and his troops holed up in Cordivas Grotto, knowing that Clan forces would have to pay a high cost to dislodge them. Rather than attacking the Third as Brookhaven had hoped, however, the Smoke Jaguar commander chose to wait out the Third Alshain Regulars. Realizing that he faced a choice between fighting or remaining trapped indefinitely by Clan Smoke Jaguar troops. Tai-sa Brookhaven scouted out the best possible avenue for retreat to the Third’s DropShips and then led his forces out of the Grotto. Tai-sa  Brookhaven charged Sho-sa  Samuel Mitsuhara and his 3 rd   battalion with keeping the Jaguars busy while the rest of the Regulars made for the Dropships. GAME SET-UP This scenario is for use with BattleForce 2  game system. Lay out BattleTech  mapsheets as shown. Use both Rolling Hills maps from BattleTech Map Set 3  and the Open Terrain maps from BattleTech Map Set 5 . All woods hexes on the Open Terrain Maps should be treated as Light Woods.  ATTACKER The attacking force consists of elements of the Smoke Jaguar’s 7 th  Jaguar Dragoons. Units marked with an asterisk (*) are command units. Each command unit’s subordinate units (its chain of command) are shown in brackets [] after the asterisk. 7 th  Jaguar Dragoons, Trinary Striker Striker Command(MH1)* [MM1, ML1] Timber Wolf   (  Mad Cat  ) A, Elite Timber Wolf   (  Mad Cat  ) C, Elite Stormcrow  (  Ryoken ) C, Veteran  Hellbringer   (  Loki ) B, Veteran Summoner   ( Thor  ) D, Elite Striker Alpha(MM1)  Nova  (  Black Hawk  ) Prime, Elite  Nova  (  Black Hawk  ) A, Elite  Nova  (  Black Hawk  ) B, Elite Viper   (  Dragonfly ) D, Elite  Ice Ferret   (  Fenris ) D, Veteran Striker Bravo(ML1)  Fire Moth  (  Dasher  ) D, Elite  Adder   (  Puma ) B, Veteran Viper   (  Dragonfly ) A, Elite Viper   (  Dragonfly ) B, Veteran  Kit Fox  ( Uller  ) A, Elite Deployment The attacker’s Striker Bravo may enter from the south edge of the map on turn one. Striker Alpha may enter from the south edge of the map on turn three, and Striker Command on turn 5.
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