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   July/August 2002 Edition 19 Welcome to the 19 th , and maybe the most unique edition of the Solaris Sentinel! For the first part of this Sentinel, I have lined up the first ever Swimsuit edition of the Solaris Sentinel! After that, it’s a “how to” on detailing those fine ladies, another of Pidge’s great scenarios, a look at the new Record Sheets: 3067, two ‘Mechs of the Month and a few other things as I think of them. Might even toss in another editorial and rant. Who knows? Thanks for your participation in the Sentinel! If there is something you would like to see, but don’t, send me an e-mail at! Ross “Koga” Hines Editor and Chief We are proud to take you to some of the most exotic places in the universe! Feel the radiant warmth from destroyed BattleMech reactors on the beaches of New Avalon or take a tour of the beautiful smoldering countryside in the Draconis Combine. We’ll uncover these and many more exotic mysteries as we go on location with some of the most beautiful hand painted girls to be found on the sides of BattleMechs anywhere. Our first stop will take us to Tukayyid and the elite Invader Galaxy of ComStar!     Artist  : Ross Hines  Paints : Testors Model Master and Reaper Pro Paints, selling for 1.50 to 2.50.  Brushes : Plaid 2/0 Liner  Pen : Micron .005  Photo : Ross Hines  Note: See how-to after the  swimsuit edition The scars of battle are still being healed, even 15 years after the famous series of battles that effectively saved the Inner Sphere from the threat of Clan invasion by stalling the invincible invaders and set them up for the Star League Defense Forces. With all of this  beautification going about, Adept Richard Selvy had this beautiful lady paint on the side of his captured Toyama . The word on the streets of ComStars capital is that Richard’s family was killed by Word of Blake and he went on a bloody rampage that only ended when his commander and a few other mechs from the unit escorted Richard and his captured Toyama  back to the dropships. The man has become a shell of himself and some have hinted that the woman on the side of his mech is his late wife. Richard was unavailable for comment though regarding this super sized pin up which was too bad. A lot of other pilots had plenty to say about their gorgeous women! Our next stop: the war torn region of the Peshet district in the Draconis Combine. Here we have Chu-sa Masayuki Saigo of the Eleventh Legion of Vega and his beautiful No-Dachi. The Eleventh Legion of Vega has the distinction of fielding the most No-Dachi’s in the DCMS and the Chu-sa is no exception. The beautiful woman that adorns the front of his mech is rumored to be one of his many mistresses, perhaps his favorite. For whatever the reason, recent battles between the Eleventh and elements of ComStar have shown that many warriors won’t fire on the  No-Dachi  for whatever reason. We here at the Sentinel tend to believe it’s some sort of chivalry that prevents the men pilots from opening up on the Chu-sa. The lady mechwarriors don’t have a qualm with it though and seem to even draw nearer to the Chu-sa, trying to send him to his grave. Their attempts have so far failed!  Artist: Calvin Keith  Artist  : Drew Williams  Photo : Drew Williams It seems that the newer  JagerMechs  are gaining infamy for their bold  pin up designs, with this one being no exception. This  JagerMech  III out of the 42 nd  Avalon Hussars has been painted a little different than their standard field scheme,  but the pilot, Leftenant Calvin Richards, assures us that the scheme is ment to make his  JagerMech  look less intimidating. Well, we were a bit skeptical at first, but after reviewing a pile of battle records, the good Leftenant has been able to acquire a decent amount of kills, with quite a few coming from back shots! Seems that opposing pilots can’t get enough of his pink and cream paint job or his beautiful model painted on the giant war machine. “I linked up with Jennifer a few months ago, right before the civil war ended. She was doin’ underwear commercials on New Avalon and I thought it would be nice to have  her on my mech. She agreed and I got the units painter to do the necessary photography and painting to make it happen. Best thing I’ve ever done in my life!” The other  JagerMech , this one stationed on the radioactive beaches of New Avalon right after the civil war, is apart of the Davion Heavy Guards Regimental Combat Team. Dismayed  by the ugly nature of his JM7-F  JagerMech , Sergeant Tim Waltrip had one of his friends painted on to the front torso. What happened after that is stuff of legends. Apart of the New Avalon assault, Tim accounted for near ten kills in some of the  pitched battles. All they while he had his friend, Jennifer McDougal, painted on his mech. Even when paint was running low, his  battalion painter would manage to touch up the patch worked armor before Tim’s lance was recalled out to meet the Loyalist forces. Since those chaotic days, Tim has kept Jennifer Waltrip, now his wife, painted on his JagerMech despite her protests otherwise. Our next place to visit is the outreaches of humanity, in the Taurian Concordact. This  Longbow  is part of a Pirate band and we were barely able to get any photos of it. The only story we could get out of the pirate or his comrades was that the woman on the side was his favorite prostitute. We don’t doubt that. During the interview, he had two women under his arms and cut us short after reviling that much information. Oh well, we did manage to smuggle the pictures out!
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