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  G.R. No. L-42288 February 16, 1935THE PEOPLE OF THE PHILIPPINE ISLN!S,  plaintif-appellee, vs. ORNELIO #$ON,  deendant-appellant.FACTS: At about eleven o'clock o June 5, 1! , #$ile t$e %ene&al election in t$e p&ecinct nube& , located in t$e nei%$bo&$ood o A&an%uel t$e (unicipalit) o *ila&, *&ovince o Capi+, deendant #as su&p&ised b) Jose . eside&io, #$o #as t$en t$e &ep&esentative o t$e epa&tent o nte&io& to inspect t$e %ene&al election in t$e *&ovince o Capi+, and t$e coande& o t$e Constabula&) F./ A%daa% %oin% on t$is occasion #it$ said Jose . eside&io, ca&&)in% in $is belt t$e !0 calibe& Colt &evolve&, #it$in t$e ence su&&oundin% t$e buildin% intended o& t$e said pollin% station nube& , and a distance 00 ete&s o t$at pollin% station. ediatel) Jose . eside&io #as sei+ed t$e &evolve& in uestion.  T$e deense, t$&ou%$ t$e testion) o Jose . /enli&o and iosco&us /uenvenida, t&) to establis$ t$at t$e deendant stop $e&e on t$e st&eet in &ont o t$e pollin% station #as nube& o t$is invitation and Jose . /enli&oo&de& to be% t$e said deendant to b&in% $oe to t$e vote&s o said Jose . /enli&o #$o $ad al&ead) 2nis$ed votin%, and t$at #$en t$e) a&&ived and Jose. esidie&io and t$e coande& o t$e Constabula&) F./ A%daa% , t$e deendant $e&e #as on t$e st&eet. F&o t$e pollin% station to t$e site #$e&e, acco&din% to t$e #itnesses, t$e deendant #as #$en $e took of a distance o 03 ete&s.As to t$e contention t$at t$e deendant could not leave $is &evolve& in $is autoobile #it$out t$e &isk o losin% it because $e #as alone, it is su4cient to sa) t$at unde& t$e ci&custances it #as not necessa&) o& t$e deendant to leave $is autoobile e&el) because soebod) standin% nea& t$e pollin% place $ad called $i, no& does t$e &eco&d s$o# t$at it #as necessa&) o& t$e deendant to ca&&) a&s on t$at occasion.SS: 678 deendant violated is a statuto&) p&ovision o election &ule 59 ete&s a#a) &o pollin% station;: 8o. <4ce& in pu&suin% a c&iinal= no& #ould t$e p&o$ibition e>tend to pe&sons livin% #it$in 2t) ete&s o a pollin% place, #$o  e&el) clean o& $andle t$ei& 2&ea&s #it$in t$ei& o#n &esidences on election da), as t$e) #ould not be ca&&)in% 2&ea&s #it$in t$e conteplation o t$e la#. t$at in t$e case at ba& t$e&e is no evidence t$at t$e deendant #ent to t$e election p&ecinct eit$e& to vote o& to #o&k o& t$e candidac) o an)one, but on t$e ot$e& $and t$e evidence s$o#s t$at t$e deendant $ad no intention to %o to t$e electo&al p&ecinct= t$at $e #as e&el) passin% alon% t$e &oad in &ont o t$e buildin% #$e&e t$e election #as bein% $eld #$en a &iend o $is called $i= t$at #$ile in t$e st&ict, na&&o# inte&p&etation o t$e la# t$e deendant is %uilt), it #ould be in$uan and un&easonable to convict $i. T$e intention to intiidate t$e vote&s o& to inte&e&e ot$e&#ise #it$ t$e election is not ade an essential eleent o t$e ofense. nless suc$ an ofende& actuall) akes use o $is &evolve&, it #ould be e>t&eel)di4cult, i not ipossible, to p&ove t$at $e intended to intiidate t$e vote&s. T$e&eo&e, t$e cou&t adopt t$e specious &easonin% t$at t$e appellant s$ould be acuitted because it #as not p&oved t$at $e t&ied to in?uence o& intended to in?uence t$e ind o an) vote&, an)bod) could sell into>icatin% liuo& o& $old a cock2%$t o& a $o&se &ace on election da) #it$ ipunit).


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Jul 23, 2017
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