BDC Interview Questions

BDC Interview Questions
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  1.   SM35 transaction . How to automate BDC ? After execution of batch input program , the session created is placed in the session queqe which can be viewed using SM35 transaction executing / Releseing the session will start the transfer of the data from the session into the database tables./  2.   What is the difference between call transaction and session method? Session method: The records are not added to the database until the session is processed. sy-subrc is not returned. Error logs are created for error records. Updation in database table is always Synchronous. Call Transaction method: The records are immediately added to the database table. sy-subrc is returned to 0 if successful. Error logs are not created and hence the errors need to be handled explicitly. Updation in database table is either Synchronous or Asynchronous.  3.   In session method sy-subrc is not returned whereas in call transaction method sy-subrc is returned . what does it mean? While to transfer the data from the through if any errors occurs until the errors are the complete the data is not transfer to the SAP system. the system compulsory shows the errors. that errors are stored into the error logs (Transaction is SM35). so the session method should not return any value. In call transaction method data is directly pass to the SAP system. So its compulsory return the value. Because of the call transaction is the function. A function should return the value mandatory.  4.   Question 5:   What is the use of program RSBDCSUB?   There are two ways to process the BDC sessions: 1) Go to SM35 ---> Choose session ---> hit process. Now See Question no. 10. 2) Use program RSBDCSUB. RSBDCSUB schedules the session to be processed in background.   Let's take an example to understand this. The sessions are created at one point of time and processed at other point of time and this may create a problem: For example:  a BDC program creates a session for updating 1500 customers in SAP. However , before this session is processed via SM35 , a user inserts 100 customers in the system manually. In this case , the session will have at least 100 errors when the session is processed from SM35. One way to avoid this is to use the program RSBDCSUB in the batch input program itself so that the session is processed as soon as it is created. RSBDCSUB schedules the session to be processed in background     5.   Question 7:   What is the difference between BDC_OKCODE and BDC_CURSOR?    6.   BDC_OKCODE:  is used for storing commands during the recording. like '/00' is the command for 'ENTER' Key.  7.   BDC_CURSOR:  contains the cursor position. it contians the field in which cursor will be.  8.   Question 8:   What are the 3 methods that we use in sequence in a Batch input   session method ?   1) BDC_OPEN_GROUP  for opening the Batch Input Session   2) BDC_INSERT  for inserting the transactional data into SAP   3) BDC_CLOSE_GROUP  for closing the Batch Input Session   If there are n records , the BDC_INSERT method should be called n times. BDC_OPEN_GROUP and BDC_CLOSE_GROUP are called only once. General Information about a session is stored in table    APQI.   Transaction data for a session is stored in table    APQD.  9.  
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