The Beatific Vision of Christ according to the doctrine of St. Bonaventure of Bagnoregio handed down in his Commentaria in Quatuor Libros Sententiarum by Br. Alexis Flavian Bugnolo For the Course: TP 1160: Cristologia with: Pd. Ronaldo Gomes da Silva, OFM Conv. Pontifica Facoltà di San Bonaventura: Seraphicum Primavera 2013 TABLE OF CONTENTS 3 Introduction 4 Limitations of this Study 5 Preliminary Observations: What is meant by “Beatific Vision of Christ”? 7 The Common Sentence before and
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  The Beatific Vision of Christ according to the doctrine of St. Bonaventure of Bagnoregio handed down in his Commentaria in Quatuor Libros Sententiarum  by Br. Alexis Flavian BugnoloFor the Course: TP ! : Cristologiawith:  Pd. Ronaldo Gomes da Silva, OFM Conv. Pontifica Facoltà di San Bonaventura: Seraphicum Pri#avera $ %  TAB&' (F C()T')TS *ntroduction&i#itations of this StudyPreli#inary (bservations: +hat is #eant by ,Beatific Vision of Christ-The Co##on Sentence before and after BonaventureSilence of the /i0ionario BonaventurianoTeaching of the 1agisteriu# on Christ2s en3oy#ent of the Beatific VisionCurrent 'rrors which disfavor discussion of Christ2s Beatific VisionThe 4eason for Christ2 'n3oy#ent of the Beatific VisionThe For#al Cause of Christ2s 'n3oy#ent of the Beatific VisionThe 'fficient Cause of Christ2s 'n3oy#ent of the Beatific VisionThe 1aterial Cause of Christ2s 'n3oy#ent of the Beatific VisionThe Contents of Christ2s Beatific VisionThe Soteriological Pur5ose for Christ2s en3oy#ent of the Beatific VisionThe Co#5atibility of Christ2s Beatific Vision with 6is Threefold StateThe conse7uent 1agisterial Authority of Christ the 1anConclusionBibliogra5hyBegins on Page%89;;<%89<$$$$8$  *ntroduction Vincen0o Battaglia= ordinary 5rofessor in Christology at the Pontifical >niversity of theAntonianu#= re#ar?s at the very beginning of his article on @esus Christ= in the /i0ionarioBonaventuriano= that the very center of St. Bonaventure2s theology is his Christology.   +hile heattributes this to the influence of St. Francis of Assisi and the current theological #ove#ents in theorder= it would be #ore accurate= historically= to 5oint out that Christology was already co5ri#aryin the thought in Alexander of 6ales= who was Bonaventure2s #aster at the >niversity of Paris= even before either had 3oined the (rder of Friars 1inor. $  As the /octor *rrefragabilis says in thePrologue to Boo? *** of his Su##a Theologica: % The whole disci5line of the Christian Faith 5ertains to two things: to faith andunderstanding of the Founder and to faith and understanding of the Savior.*t was after the entrance of 1aster Alexander into the (rder= that Bonaventure followed in$8!. The Sera5hic /octor would ta?e u5 his 5en= and begin to forge his own i##ortal fa#e as atheologian= only four yeas later in $9 = when he began writing his own Co##entary on theSentences of 1aster Peter &o#bard. 8  And this after reading the# under Alexander. 9  *ndeed= St.Bonaventure2s Co##entaria= which will be the 5ri#ary source for the 5resent study= was intended by the Saint as a wor? in full fidelity to Alexander2s Su##a. As the Sera5hic /octor hi#self saysin his Preface to the Second Boo? of his Co##entaria: ! But 3ust as in the First Boo? * adhered to the sentences and co##on o5inions of the#asters of theology= and #ost of all to those of our #aster and father of good#e#ory= Friar Alexander of 6ales= so in the following boo?s * will not retreat fro#their foot5rints. For * do not intend to defend new o5inions= but to ex5lain in detail theco##on and a55roved ones. )or #ay anyone a55raise= that * want to be the crafts#anof a new writingD for this * thin? and ad#it= that * a# a 5oor and feeble co#5iler.This does not #ean that St. Bonaventure #erely co5ies Alexander2s doctrine on Christ2sen3oy#ent of the Beatific Vision. *ndeed= what Alexander treats of briefly= in the < 5ages of thecritical edition of his Su##a= Bonaventure will discuss at length: % 5ages in the critical edition of    /i0ionario Bonaventuriano   = 'di0ioni Francescane= Padova= $ ;= ,*esus Christus-= 5. 9 !. $  Costan0o Cargnoni= ,Vita e cronologia di san Bonaventura-= /i0ionario Bonaventuriano= 5. !<. %  Su##a Theologica= Collegii S. Bonaventurae= Ad Claras A7uas Euaracchi= <8;= to#e *V= 5. D the 'nglish translation given= is #y own. 8  Pietro 1arinese= ,(5ere di Bonaventurae-= /i0ionario Bonaventuriano= 5. < 9  Euaracchi 'ditors= Prologe#ena= in *. &ibru# Sententiaru#= 5. &V*= first colu#n= citing Bl. Francesco da Fabriano2s Chronica Fabrianenses. !  Praelocutio= Bonaventure C/: Vols. *= **=  ***   = The Franciscan Archive= 1ansfield= 1A= >SA= $ %= 5. . The 'nglish translation is #y own. Cf. here below= footnote .  his own Co##entaria=   and in the 8% 5ages of the critical edition of his Euaestiones /is5utatae deScientia Christi= ;  which he wrote in $98. < St. Bonaventure2s doctrine on Christ2s en3oy#ent of the Beatific Vision is ex5oundedaccording to reasons of congruence and necessity= conse7uent to the reason for the *ncarnation= thedignity of Christ the 1an as the 6ead of the Church= and the utility of this vision for #an2sre5aration.*n the 5resent study= this chain of reasons of congruence and necessity will be highlighted inthe ex5osition of the Sera5hic /octor2s teaching= which will follow the order of his own ex5osition=which study will clearly and indubitably show that the affir#ation of Christ2s en3oy#ent of theBeatific Vision is the central lin? in Bonaventure2s Christology= between the authority of the 'ternal+ord and the authority of Christ the 1an as the (ne 1aster of All. &i#itations of this Study *n this study= the doctrine of the Sera5hic /octor= as ex5ounded in his Co##entaria= will bethe ob3ect of study. This is a5t= since it is therein that he develo5s fully his theological doctrineconcerning Christ2s en3oy#ent of the Beatific Vision. 6owever= * will not o#it reference to St.Bonaventure2s Euaestiones /is5utatae de Scientia Christi= wherein= in E7.8!= he touches u5on thesa#e #atter= though in a less 5recise #anner.  Seeing that the (5era (#nia of St. Bonaventure has not yet been wholly translated into anylanguage= nor fully indexed= * will constrain #y observations in this 5a5er to the texts of hisCo##entaria in Euatuor &ibros Sententiaru#= Boo?s *= ** and ***= since these are available in'nglish= in an electronic searchable database.      (5era (#nia S. Bonaventurae= Collegii S. Bonaventurae= Ad Claras A7uas Euaracchi= Firen0e= to#us ***= ;;= 55. $<9%$!. Alexander2s treat#ent can be found on 55. !%$= in his Su##a cf. above footnote %.. ;  (5era (#nia S. Bonaventurae= to#e V= 55. 8%. <  Pietro 1arinese= ibid..   (5era (#nia S. Bonaventurae   = Ad Claras A7uas Euaracchi= ;<= to#. V= 55. 8%. )ote that all scri5tural references which follow= regard the Vulgate version of Scri5ture.   The Bonaventure C/: Vols. *= **=  ***: Contains St. Bonaventure2s Co##entaries on the The First= Second=  Third Boo?s of Sentences of 1aster Peter &o#bard= trans. Br. Alexis Bugnolo= The Franciscan Archive= 1ansfield= 1A= >SA= $ %: in ht#l for#at. This electronic edition follows 5age for 5age the Euaracchi 'dition of ;;$ se77.= and hence all 5age citations in the one are the sa#e in the other. For the sa?e of brevity= the &atin texts of Bonaventure will not be re5eated either in the text of this 5a5er nor in its footnotes. *n the 'nglish translations which follow= note= that ter#s within 5arentheses are added by the translator for clarity= confor#able to the context in which they are foundDter#s in s7uare brac?ets are those &atin ter#s used by St. Bonaventure hi#self= which corres5ond to the 'nglish words i##ediately 5receding. 4ather than atte#5t to su##ari0e Bonaventure2s /octrine= which is so refined= that any co#5rehensible su##ary would be longer than the srcinal= * will si#5ly 7uote the #ost 5ertinent sections of his Co##entaria.
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