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  A Day in the Life From Wikipedia, the free encyclopediaFor other uses, see A Day in the Life (disambiguation).   A Day in the Life Song by The Beatles from the album Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band  Released 1 une 1! # Recorded 1! and $% anuary and& and 1% February 1! #,' *tudios, London Genre +sychedelic rock, progressie rock,-1 baro/ue pop -$ Length 0%& Label +arlophone, 2apitol, ' Writer Lennon3c2artney Producer 4eorge artin Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band   track listingsho!#$ tracks A Day in the Life Single by The BeatlesA%side 5*gt. +epper6s Lonely 7earts 2lub 8and9With a Little 7elp from y Friends5 Released &% *eptember 1!#: &ormat #5 Label +arlophone (; %$$) The Beatles singles chronology 58ack in the <.*.*.;.5(<=>1!# ) ? 5@b>La>Di, @b>La>Da5(<*>1!# )5*gt. +epper6s Lonely 7earts 2lub 8and9With a Little 7elp from y Friends5 9 5 A Day in the Life 5(1!#:)58eatles oie edley5(1!:$)5 A Day in the Life 5 is a song by he 8eatles, the final track on the group6s 1! # album Sgt.  Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band . 2redited to Lennon3c2artney, the song comprises distinct segments Britten independently by ohn Lennon and +aul c2artney, Bith orchestral additions. While LennonCs lyrics Bere inspired by contemporary neBspaper articles, c2artneyCs Bere reminiscent of his youth. he decisions to link sections of the song Bith orchestral glissandos and to end the song Bith a sustained piano chord Bere made only after the rest of the song had been recorded.he supposed drug reference in the line 5Cd loe to turn you on5 resulted in the song initially being banned from broadcast by the 882. *ince its srcinal album release, 5A Day in the Life5 has been released as a 8>side, and also on arious compilation albums. t has been coered by other artists  including *ting, 8obby Darin, he Fall, eil Eoung, eff 8eck, he 8ee 4ees, ;obyn 7itchcock, +hish and since $%%:, by c2artney in his lie performances. he song is fre/uently listed among the greatest songs eer Britten.  'ontents  -hide ã 1 *ongBriting  ã $ ;ecording  ã $ .1 @rchestra  ã $ .$ Final chord  ã $ .& +ersonnel  ã &  edit Song!riting According to Lennon, the inspiration for the first tBo erses Bas the death of ara 8roBne, the $1> year>old heir to the 4uinness fortune and close friend of Lennon and c2artney, Bho had crashed his Lotus 'lan on 1: December 1! in ;edcliffe 4ardens, 'arls 2ourt.-& Lennon6s erses Bere adapted from a story in the 1# anuary 1! # edition of The Daily Mail , Bhich reported the coroner6s erdict into 8roBne6s death.- 5 didn6t copy the accident,5 Lennon said. 5ara didn6t bloB his mind out, but it Bas in my mind Bhen  Bas Briting that erse. he details of the accident in the song?not noticing traffic lights and a croBd forming at the scene?Bere similarly part of the fiction.5-0 he third erse contains the line 5he 'nglish Army had Gust Bon the Bar5H Lennon Bas making reference to his role in the moie  How I Won the War , released on 1: @ctober 1! #. n  Many ears !ro # ow , c2artney said about the line 56d loe to turn you on5, Bhich concludes both erse sections 5his Bas the time of im Leary6s 6urn on, tune in, drop out6 and Be Brote, 66d loe to turn you on.6 ohn and  gae each other a knoBing look 6<h>huh, it6s a drug song. Eou knoB that, don6t youI6.c2artney proided the middle section of the song, a short piano piece he had been Borking on independently, Bith lyrics about a commuter Bhose uneentful morning routine leads him to drift off into a dream.-  ohn said 5 had the bulk of the song and the Bords, but he contributed this little lick floating around in his head that he couldn6t use for anything.5-# c2artney had Britten the piece as a Bistful recollection of his younger years, Bhich included riding the bus to school, smoking, and going to class.-: he orchestral crescendos that link the erses and this section Bere conducted by c2artney and producer 4eorge artin.he final erse Bas inspired by an article in the  Daily Mail  in anuary 1! # regarding a substantial number of potholes in 8lackburn, a toBn in Lancashire. 7oBeer, Lennon had a problem Bith the Bords of the final erse, not being able to think of hoB to connect 5oB they knoB hoB many holes it takes to5 and 5the Albert 7all5. 7is friend erry Doran suggested that they Bould 5fill5 the Albert 7all.-! edit Recording he 8eatles began recording the song, Bith a Borking title 5n the Life of...5, on 1! anuary 1! #, in the innoatie and creatie studio atmosphere ushered in by the recording of 5*traBberry Fields Foreer5 and 5+enny Lane5 oer the preceding Beeks.-1% he tBo sections of the song are separated by a $&>bar bridge.-11 At first, the 8eatles Bere not sure hoB to fill this transition. hus, at the conclusion of the recording session for the basic tracks, this section solely consisted of a simple repeated piano chord and the oice of assistant al 'ans counting the bars. 'ans6 guide ocal Bas treated Bith gradually increasing amounts of echo. he $&>bar bridge section ended Bith the sound of an alarm clock triggered by 'ans. he srcinal intent Bas to edit out the ringing alarm clock Bhen the missing section Bas filled inH hoBeer it complemented c2artney6s piece BellH the first line of c2artney6s song began 5Woke up, fell out of bed5, so the decision Bas made to keep the sound.-1$ artin later said that editing it out Bould hae been unfeasible in any case. he basic track for the song Bas refined Bith remiJing and additional parts added at recording sessions on $% anuary and & February.-1$ *till, there Bas no solution for the missing $>bar middle section of the song, Bhen c2artney had the idea of bringing in a full orchestra to fill the gap.-1$ o allay concerns that classically>trained musicians Bould not be able to improise the section, producer 4eorge artin Brote a loose score for the section.-1& t Bas an eJtended, atonal crescendo that encouraged the musicians to improise Bithin the defined frameBork.-1$
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