Bed and Breakfast Sec. 31-504

Stillwater Bed and Breakfast ordinance.
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   Stillwater, Minnesota, Code of Ordinances Page 1 Sec. 31-504. Bed and breakfast. Subd. 1.  The city council recognizes that bed and breakfasts are an asset to the community and help the preservation of historic homes because the expense of owning and maintaining historic homes has made them less suitable for single-family dwellings. Conversion of historic houses into multifamily uses is usually determined by the neighborhood where it is located. It is therefore the intention of the city to limit bed and breakfast uses to those homes where the use would benefit the surrounding area by allowing appropriate adaptive reuse of historic dwellings. Bed and breakfasts are permitted in the RCL district and allowed with a special use permit in RB and RCM zoning districts as regulated in this Section 31-504 subject to the following conditions: (a) At least two off-street parking spaces must be provided onsite for the owner or manager and one parking space for each room bed and breakfast unit. The parking spaces must be signed and the parking plan approved by the community development director. (b) The dining facilities must not be open to the public and must be used exclusively by the registered guests unless allowed as a separate permitted or special use. (c) Bed and breakfast uses in residential areas must be located at least 900 feet apart (approximately three blocks). (d) An identification sign not exceeding four square feet may be located on the site. The sign must match the architectural features of the structure. (e) Bed and breakfast establishments are prohibited in all other districts. (f) The bed and breakfast structure must be at least 100 years old or show proof of historic significance to the city.  _____ (g) The maximum of five bed and breakfast guestrooms may be established in a structure. The following lot and structure size criteria determines the number of guestrooms allowed: Max. Number Guestrooms Permitted Original Number of Bedrooms Max. Gross House Size, Not Including Basement, in Square Feet Min. Zoning Lot Size in Square Feet 1 2 Up to 2,499 7,500 2 3 2,500 — 2,999 10,000 3 4 3,000 — 3,499 10,000 4 5 3,500 — 4,999 15,000 5 6 5,000 up 20,000   Stillwater, Minnesota, Code of Ordinances Page 2 Maximum gross house size is determined by using the total square footage of habitable living space within the structure. The number of srcinal bedrooms in the structure will determine the number of guestrooms that will be allowed. This determination will be made by the heritage preservation commission. In the case of a family with children the family's bedroom use must be determined before the number of permitted guestrooms are determined, and no family member must be displaced for a guestroom.  _____ (h) Adequate lighting must be provided between the structure and parking areas for safety contiguous to residential structures. (i) Additional external lighting is prohibited. (j) An establishment must show proof of city building, fire and planning inspections, proof of operation licenses by the county and must submit the state sales and use tax number for their business to the community development department. (k) Restoration or additions must meet the Secretary of Interior's standards for rehabilitation. (l) All bed and breakfast special use permits must be reviewed annually by the community development department. A report must be submitted to the planning commission and city council during November of each year.


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