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    BEER BREWING PRODEB BREWERY BALA  Beer brewing process  One of the Method in brewing process includes mashing. The process of preparing best beer with good quality and taste requires good method following system. Hence we specify mash as one of the method for preparing beer in brewing. The previous stage which is been followed before the mash is malting which follows fermentation process for converting starches in sugar. The grain which is milled is been mixed with hot water in a mash tun which is large vessel. Now the process taking place inside the vessel is mixing up of grain and water together this ends in mash. When mash process been undergone there are few enzymes which are occurred in malt which helps in the conversion of starches in to small molecules or sugar that are present in the grain. This simple process been named as saccharification. The next process which takes place in mash tun is lautering which takes place in the bottom of the mash tun, this can also said to be the resultant process in mashing process where Wort that is known to be sugar rich liquid which is strained in to bottom of the mash tun. After the end of the process the temperature  can be raised to a certain temperature, this increment of temperature is named as mashout, this is done in order to deactivate the enzymes which are formed. After this sprinkling of additional water on the grain takes place which helps in extracting more quantity of sugar this process is named as Sparging. The process gets developed inside the mash tun in order to produce the beer. The mash process includes 1 to 2 hours, during this time there are various temperature rests that are activated depending on the malt which is been added. This activated enzymes converts starches of the grain to sugar. In the modern mashing process sugar is flowed out freely also little addition of supplementary fungal particles in order to make the process fast. Mashing gets pause at particular temperature which helps in insulation of brewing vessel with false bottom the final product which occurs in mashing process is called “mash”.    Mashing is a sleeping form that defined to act brewing process. Technically few particles are not grained properly in such case mashing is known to be sleeping stage. The process of creating malty liquid that is called as wort by breaking of starch in to grain. The two methods including mashing process is infusion mashing in that grain are heated in a single vessel where the another process is decoction mashing which proportion of the grains are boiled and gets returned to mash. Hence as the resultant we get best product. Contact Info 
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