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  DEVELOPING BEGI NNING READING SKILLS: A PARENTS’ PERSPECTIVE   An Educational Research Presented to the Faculty of COLLEGE OF EDUCATION In Partial Fulfillment in the Requirements for the subject EDUC 11 Student Teaching Abangan, Shene Karla Baluyot, Janice Catipay, Kiershe Dairo, Maria Stella Loren, Ledelou Medez, Zheena Mae Parojinog, Normandell March 2013     ACKNOWLEDGEMENT We would like to acknowledge and extend our sincere appreciation to the persons who made the achievement of our research possible.    To our ever supportive parents. Who provided us financial assistance, for their encouragement, understanding, patience, uplifting support and consistent prayer throughout the year;    To our Practicum Supervisor, Prof. Jennifer P. Dequito who guided and supported us while we completed the research. We are thankful for the invaluable feedback and effort you have invested in our work;    To the College of Education (CED) dean, Dr. Bonifacio Gabales, for giving us provision to create this research paper. We appreciate your commitment to excellence.    To San Roque Central Elementary Principal, Mrs. Thelma J. Elizario, who approved by authorizing us to conduct our study.    To all teachers and parents in Grade 1, who participated in this research, we will never be able to repay you. Your willingness to pour out your thoughts, feelings and ideas in our interview sessions are something that we hold forever.    Above all, we would like to thank the Lord for giving us the strength and courage to get to where we are today. Without His guidance and constant signs of spectacular gift He has given us, we are not sure we would be on this path in life.  ABSTRACT A crucial level in the Developmental Stages of Reading is to identify the abstract on how to create strategy to enhance the development of a child. This study also created its simple base on children identified as being at-risk for reading problems, not all children in general. Research suggests the best way to approach reading development is through collaboration between schools and parents. Children won’t develop their knowledge and comprehension in reading without the support of parents and teachers. Both parents and teachers have a big role to enhance the learning style of children most especially in reading. Research could be used to find ways to help parents be involved and provide appropriate home support without needing to spend extensive time training. Parents’  informal and formal interactions can support early literacy acquisition, it did address whether or not parents were given information as to how their knowledge was helping their child.
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