BELVG - Full Cache User Guide

BELVG - Full Cache User Guide
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  1 store.belvg US: +1 424 253 08 01 UK: +44 131 208 3007    2 store.belvg US: +1 424 253 08 01 UK: +44 131 208 3007   Table of Contents   1.   Introduction to Full Cache 2.   How to Install 3.   How to Configure 4.   How to Use      for successful e-commerce   BelVG store.belvg US: +1 424 253 08 01 UK: +44 131 208 3007   For this extension BelVG provides free professional installation and configuration as well as one year of free support, free upgrades and 30 days money back guarantee. Try it now - you lose nothing Magento Full Cache  allows caching product, catalog and CMS pages, which makes it possible to minimize website load time for better user experience. Having the content cached will increase your site performance, as well as lower your server bandwidth requirements. Default Magento dynamic blocks as well as blocks admin configures in the extension settings are not cached. Customer information cannot be lost that way. Key features: ã   Product, catalog and CMS pages caching ã   Possibility to exclude any dynamic block from caching ã   Caching both for authorized users and guests ã   Multi-currency and multi-language stores support ã   Easy debug and placeholder adding process Overall information Caching is critical for speeding up web pages. Magento Full Cache will make your site fly like a rocket. When the page is loaded for the first time, the cache file is created and saved. On subsequent page loads it will be retrieved and sent to the requesting user. Default Magento dynamic blocks are automatically excluded from caching . It’s possible to restrict caching of any dynamic block in the extension configuration. Magento Full Cache doesn’t interfere with View as, Sort By and Show per page functionality on catalog pages because user session data about a view mode is taken into account. The extension can use either File or Memcache caching system.   1. Introduction to Full Cache    for successful e-commerce   BelVG store.belvg US: +1 424 253 08 01 UK: +44 131 208 3007   Step 1. Check Permissions. Make sure the ''app'', ''skin'' , “media” and “js”  directories of your Magento and all directories inside them have full written permissions or set permissions on each directory equal to 777 or 0777. Important Change all permissions back after installation. Read more about permissions here.  Step 2. Disable С ache. Log into Magento Admin Panel and go to System → Cache Management and disable cache. Read more about Cache Management here.  Step 3. Disable Compilation. Log into Magento Admin Panel and go to System → Tools → ompilation and disable the compilation. Step 4. Upload files Upload all files and folders from folder to the installation directory of your Magento software using an FTP client. Step 5. Re-login. Log out and back into Magento Admin Panel. Step 6. Enable extension. a) Go to System → Configuration . In the left column you will see the new tab  –    Belvg Extensions . b) Enable extension for the whole website or selected store. Now extension is installed and enabled. After this step you can change all permissions, cache and compilation settings back.   2. How to Install
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