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Bernoullis Theorem Procedure

fluid mechanics lab report
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  6.0 METHODOLOGY / PROCEDURE 6.1 General Start-up Procedures The Bernoulli’s Theorem Demonstration (Model  : FM 24) is supplied ready for use and only requires connection to the Hydraulic Bench (Model : FM 110) as follows: 1.   Clear acrylic test section is installed with the converging section upstream and the unions are fully tighten. 2.   The apparatus are located on the flat top of the bench. 3.   A spirit level is attached to the baseboard and the unit on the top of the bench is levelled  by adjusting the feet. 4.   The water is filled into the volumetric tank of the hydraulic bench until approximately 90 % full. 5.   The flexible inlet tube is connected to the venture meter by using the quick release coupling in the bed of the channel. 6.   The flexible hose is connected to the outlet and make sure that it is directed into the channel. 7.   The outlet control valve is partially opened at the Bernoulli’s Theorem Demonstration unit. 8.   The bench flow control valve, V1, is fully closed and the pump is switched on. 9.   V1 is gradually opened to piping the water until all air has been expelled from the system. 10.   “Trapped Bubbles” in the glass tube or plastics transfer tube are checked to be remove in order to get the accuracy.  6.2 Experiment  1.   The experiment is started after the general start-up procedure has been conducted. 2.   All the manometer tubes are checked and are properly connected to the corresponding  pressure taps to remove air bubbles. 3.   The discharge valve is adjusted to the high measurable flow rate. 4.   After the levels are stabilized, the water flow rate is measured by using volumetric method. 5.   The hypodermic tube (total head measuring) is gently slided and is connected to the manometer G, so that it reached the cross section of the venturi tube A. The reading of manometer A and G are taken after several seconds 6.   Step 5 is repeated for the cross section B, C, D, E and F. 7.   Then, step 3 to 6 is repeated by using three different flow rates by regulating the venture discharge valve. 8.   The velocity of V  iB is calculate d by using Bernoulli’s equation : V  i  =      [2 x  g x (h *  - h i  )] 9.   The velocity of V  iC is calculated by using continuity equation: V  i  _con = Q av  / A i 10.   The difference between two velocities are calculated. 6.3 General Shut-down Procedures 1.   The water supply valve and venturi discharge valve are closed. 2.   The water supply pump is turned off. 3.   The water from the unit is drained off.
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