BG Session 2

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  Pragmatic Approach of BhagavadGita Instructor: Dr. AkhayaKumar Nayak  ..  Biology is not the Destiny:  Session 2 Knowing Ourselves  The science of self  ã Who are you? ã Are you your hands? ã Are you your legs?  ã Are you your head? ã Are your body all the parts taken together? ã Are you your name? ã Are you a daughter/son/brother/sister/student?  Dr. Harry Monsen, Professor of anatomy at Illinois College of Medicine says…. “ . In a 60 pound person, there are about….. 5 pounds of Calcium, 1 ½ pounds of Phosphate, about 9 ounces of Potassium, 6 ounces each of sulfur and sodium, 1 ounce of magnesium, and less than an ounce each of iron, copper and iodine.”
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